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Amelia Cruws

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Amelia Cruws Empty Amelia Cruws

Post by Mia on March 14th 2017, 8:07 pm

Amelia [Mia] Cruws

Amelia Cruws Af2185891d113cd34764759012770808

Female | 18 | Somebody
Cure | Water | Thunder | Aero

STR | 1
CON | 1
AGI | 1
MAG | 2
SYN | 0

Mia's most dominating trait is the fact she is determined and dedicated towards anything she is passionate about and it shows when put in the right situation. Despite this determination she does have her faults. When placed in a social situation she can tend to be a bit shy and awkward, often missing social queues just to add to the awkwardness. To add to her quiet demeanor Mia isn't the most confident individual, in herself and her abilities which can sometimes cause her to brood.

Aside from her shyness and determination is the way she is towards people, though quiet she is definitely kind. Mia will do her best to befriend someone she looks up to or thinks she'll get along with. She has a curious nature which leads her to situations which may be dangerous or end in her favour, either way when something piques her interest, she will investigate.

Born into a loving family Amelia was the youngest daughter of two. Her father was working his way up the ranks to become closer to the King where as her mother was a singer. Due to the nature of Amelia's upbringing her parents encouraged their daughters to focus on performing and staying beautiful so a nice merman would want to marry them. Mia herself found more interest in what mysteries laid in the waters away from the kingdom rather than what mermen there were to marry. Her sense of adventure and curiosity was constantly getting shut down by her parents, but she never gave up on it.

It was while she was adventuring she'd stumble upon a grotto with a cauldron and all sorts of potions on shelves; it was clear the space belonged to someone but it seemed no one had been there for years. Everyday after attending school, singing and dancing lessons, the mermaid would travel to this grotto far from the kingdom to dabble in the magic she discovered. She wasn't particularly talented with magic but sometimes she'd manage to pull off things she never could have imagined. Things were going well for the mermaid, she was maintaining her image of a lovely young girl while doing what she loved when she could.

However the bliss was soon to end. When Amelia turned eighteen she was being pushed heavily to get married by her family and even others in the kingdom. The mermaid found herself at a royal gathering, something she never enjoyed but would have to go to anyway. The pressure was building up as more and more people would comment on her unmarried status and it took one merman to push Mia over the edge. The man tried forcing her to dance with him, grabbing her and holding her in place, which was when she erupted. An explosion of magical energy pushed not only the man away but others around her too. A sea of death stares and accusations came flurrying at the girl.

"She used magic!" "Witch!" "Ursula!" "Banish her!"

It wasn't the king that made the decision to make Amelia go, it was her family. Ashamed of her use of magic, ashamed that she wouldn't get married and ashamed that they couldn't raise her the "right way." Dragged away to the edge of the kingdom by her own father, he gave her some money, a bag of food and clothes, looked away, and told her to leave.

And she did.

She journeyed across the sea and beyond, reaching more places she never knew existed. After a taste of freedom the mermaid just wanted to travel more and better her knowledge of magic and worlds.

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Amelia Cruws Empty Re: Amelia Cruws

Post by Mia on March 28th 2017, 6:48 pm


actual wizzer

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Amelia Cruws Empty Re: Amelia Cruws

Post by +/- on March 28th 2017, 6:49 pm

wow this is terrible you're an awful person for making me read this

approved xx

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Amelia Cruws Empty Re: Amelia Cruws

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