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I'm on a boat!

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I'm on a boat! Empty I'm on a boat!

Post by Jotted Down on April 4th 2009, 4:49 pm

Windbreaker tore through the sky as she barreled her way across the murky waters of this wonderful world. Everywhere Rost looked he saw beautiful nature or serene oceans lapping at the banks of islands with peaceful sandy beaches. A paradise if there ever was one. Rost eased on the thrust so he could thoroughly enjoy the view around him. However just as he did, the worlds so far flawless image, began to lose its luster. As he slowed two vessels gliding across the water began to follow him. He thought nothing off it, just coincidence, but then more ships began leaking out of every corner, every shady spot, every spot of hiding held a sloop, or a frigate, or an even larger vessel. Largest of the bunch was a titan of a ship whose bow held fifty guns on each side. Rost gulped as he attempted to speed up only to realize that after slowing down so quickly, his engines would take at least five minutes to charge up. He didn't have five minutes. He barely had thirty seconds as the massive swell of flotilla opened fire on him filling the air with bursting shells, smoke, and rushing water. Rost screamed as a lucky ball smashed into his hull sending him careening toward a nearby island, it was tiny and beyond it there looked to be a town nestled between the jungle surrounding it. Rost quickly weighed his options Get blown up here....or go to the town to possibly get blown up there. However in his thought processes he didn't realize the choice had been made for him as another shot slammed his engines. Rost looked back in his cock pit to see that already a smoking fire had formed in the interior of the ship. He slammed on the brakes and quickly splashed into the water, quenching the flames, but effectively stranding him in the middle of the rocking ocean. Hull damage quickly repaired itself as metal plates filled the holes from the fire so as to insure that his ship would continue to float....for now.

Rost was quick in action. Grabbing the control panel for when he had to steer while outside the ship he ran to the ship door and kicked it open. What he found outside was a hail of cannonade, grapeshot, and other explosive miniature models of hell. However with a slight look back as he climbed Windbreaker to it's top he realized not all the shots were being fired at him. Turning he saw the port was already showing signs of damages as wisps of smokes soon transformed into raging street fires. Knowing that the large ships of the port would inevitable retaliate Rost had a choice to make. I can either try and run away....or try my luck with the port guys. Once again however his choice was made for him as he leaned upon Big Bertha (his cannon) he had accidentally pressed his elbow to the "FIRE NAOW!?" button causing an ear smacking explosion that was only stopped from immediately deafening Rost as he wore his special metal goggles. As he fell to the ground, slightly singed from the after burn of the giant cannon. He saw that his shot had made it's way up into the air above the pirates who had stopped firing to gape in awe at the magnificent flaming projectile. However that awe turned into AHHHHHHHHH when the projectile began descending and smashed into one of the frigates whose gunpowder stores were ignited in the blast. So as the pirates watched in horror as one of their ships sank into the sea, Rost could only sheepishly turn to see a great ship before him.

On top of said ship was a man in red wearing a monocle, with a large mustache. Obviously military in looks, stature, and placement the man ordered a rope be thrown down to Rost, who quickly took it. Climbing aboard the ship Rost fell before the knees of the man saying with great passion and reverence "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Startled the monocled man looked at Rost with an examiners eye before speaking in the most eloquent tone.
"I say old chap, we should be thanking you! Your ship just blew up one of those dastard pirate vessels!" Rost looked around to see the nods from the soldiers around him. He looked to the monocled man and said. "So what should I do now?" For awhile the man said nothing, but then a great glimmer of inspiration came as he called out. "Go inspire the troops! I as their Commander Joe Picketts deem a service to the queen!" So Rost with the motivation of loyalty to rich old bad he'd never heard of marched off to do his civic duty. When he walked to the middle of the deck he realized something. I honest to god don't know what to say...

With the harsh eyes of the crew fixed on him as the battle raged Rost said the only thing that came to mind,
"I'm on a boat." For a moment the crew just looked on with little interest, but then one of the crew members began to blow air from his mouth while beating his hands to it in a box like manner. Therefore it was deemed "Beat Boxing". So as the beat boxing started Rost continued.
"I'm on a boat annnd It's goin fast annd the pirates are shootin us as much as they caaaan. Yeah" So the men began firing back in earnest with the new found strength from the rap....then the ship blew up.

Flying through the air Rost felt himself smash the ocean as he slowly drifted to the bottom. However in desperate bid for life he broke the surface and quickly found a chunk of railing. Latching on he hoped that someone might come to his aid.
Jotted Down
Jotted Down

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I'm on a boat! Empty Re: I'm on a boat!

Post by Guest on April 4th 2009, 7:04 pm

Problems, problems, problems...

Things couldn't be in such a bad state in the Caribbean seas of Port Royal... they just couldn't. At one moment, the half cat being was sleeping, covered by the sun and looking how the ships went from one place to another... Some from the East India Trading Company, and other ones were just simple merchants, coming to the port in order to sell food and other kind of things to the people living in there... But suddenly, the situation changed. By looking at his side, he saw how many troops of the East India Trading Company were running inside their ships, charging their cannons and preparing for a battle. For what he could hear from where he was, it seemed that some pirate ships were heading this way right now, probably to attack the town. At the moment that Mohon heard that, he decided to do something about this little problem that the soldiers had...

He stood up, looked at the largest ship of the group, and ran to that place. It was not really hard to sneak into the ship and hide from the guards until the action started. He just went to the powder room (Not a really wise decision) and stayed in there for a time, until the ship started moving into the direction of the horizon, preparing itself for a hard battle against some foreign pirates of the Caribbean Sea. The soldiers had enough powders in their cannons for all the fight, so it was probable that none of them was going to go down there, just to watch this barrels. Well... now that he was in the ship, there was no turning back now. There was going to be a sea fights, and Mohon didn't want to miss it by anything. Well, it was surely that the East India Trading Company was going to win... they always do. But maybe things would change this time...

After many minutes of silence in the room, the neko finally heard what he was waiting for: A shot. One of the cannons was shot by a soldier, and so the battle began. Of course, the cannon was probably not from the ship that he was, but the sound was clear enough to tell that it was from an ally ship... no, wait, from an EITC ship. He was a kind of pirate, so these guys weren't totally his allies... Another shot was heard, and after a few ones, a loud explosion was made. Maybe a ship's powder room was hit, and this was bad. Mohon could stand in there without doing anything, he wanted to see what was happening. He walked up the stairs to the desk of the ship, and saw what was around him...

First, no one of the soldiers looked at him. They were all worried about the fight that they were doing against the pirates. There was a minimum of 12 EITC ships, and some 10 Pirate ships. He looked through the borders of the desk, and saw the remains of the ship that was destroyed... Some people from there seemed to be alive, yet they have all been rescued... All excluding one. He was in a chunk of railing, and that wasn't going to resist for too long. The neko decided to save that person, and taking one boat from the ship, he went there...

The sea was unstable, and it was not easy to control the boat... It was a relief that this man in the sea was not really far from the ship, otherwise the boat was not going to stand in the water. After arriving, Mohon grabbed the arm of this man, and pulled him into the boat...

You choose really the wrong time for being thrown to the sea, budy. But it's no time to talk... right now, we gotta get inside a secure ship soon as possible... We don't want to be hit by a cannon ball.

Mohon started moving the boat to the ship from where he came, but before that he made a question:

My name is Mohon. What's yours?

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I'm on a boat! Empty Re: I'm on a boat!

Post by Jotted Down on April 5th 2009, 7:31 am

He had failed dismally. He had failed to properly lift the troops spirits, He had failed the queen, he had failed to not be not hit by a cannon ball (actually a good thing, but we're talking about failure here). Now he sat on a piece of charred railing floating above a thin strip of blue that separated him from the depths. Now I'm going to fail at drowning too! Rost thought in a sort of drunken failfest. In this stupor he did take time to notice a tiny parrot fly before him, throughout all the fire and brimstone. Unafraid it flapped passing over the pirates flag ship the captain just catching a wink of its passing. This was all he needed however to identify the bird as,
"PETEY! My little Pee Pee!" However throughout the captains cries the bird flew on, but Captain Toothloose didn't think it was because the bird didn't like him. So turning to his crew he called out, "Turn the ship around we have to get my little Petey!" So following this maddening order in the middle of pitched battle the ship turned about with surprising speed the ship of Captain Toothloose set for Pete.

As it happens to be, Pete was headed for a spot of land, but none of that hot blowy up land was good for him. He thought for a bit that he'd have to fly for another mile, but then he saw it. A nice little patch of floaty land right in the ocean. Sure there was already someone on it, but he could share. So flying down he landed right before the floating Rost. Rost himself didn't really think much of, pirates battles and all, stereotypes obligated a parrot to be present. So Rost looked up and said, "Hello little parrot." Cock eyed the bird turned it's head and replied,
"Hello little parrot! Hello little parrot!" Sighing Rost knew such mimicry antics would grow boring after a while, but he finally decided to lift his spirits so looking up to the parrot he decided to try something. Looking at the parrot he said in a singsong voice, "But baby it's cold outside." of course the parrot followed in a perfect example of his phonetic structure. So taking advantage of this he quickly threw himself into song.
"I really can't stay."
"But baby it's cold outside!"
"I've got to go way."
"But baby it's cold outside."
"This evening has been."
"RAAAAH Turn the ship around we have to get my little Petey RAAAAH." Rost quite perplexed at this ad lib looked down at the bird, knowing questioning the bird would only receive the same. However this thought process was interrupted with the arrival of...a new arrival. He told Rost clearly that they'd have to get a move on and began pulling his little railing. So in aid of this effort Rost put in some good kicks towards the port boat they were traveling towards. While doing that he heard the man introduce himself as Mohon and then inquired his title. "Name's Rost mate. I'm awful glad you came to help....oh and this bird thing....this birds things name is..." It was then that realization struck as he finished the sentence with a choked voice "Pete...." He then swiveled his head toward the direction of the pirates and sure enough his view was bombarded by its huge flagship. Turning to Mohon he said with a no nonsense desperation voice.
Jotted Down
Jotted Down

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I'm on a boat! Empty Re: I'm on a boat!

Post by Guest on April 5th 2009, 12:05 pm

Right on it, Mate!!!

By knowing the name of this man, Rost, it was going to be easier to talk with him and to tell the difference between him and the others... By looking at some moments at this man, Mohon started to wonder something... His clothes were not of an East India Trading Company soldier, yet he didn't seemed to be a pirate from his point of view. Who the heck was this guy and how did he arrived to that ship? Well, he could always use the method that Mohon used: Hide on the ship to see the battle, yet by the look of his eyes he was probably more interested on getting away from the action instead of staying and look at it. Mohon also noticed that, before he could arrive to this strange person, a parrot suddenly appeared and started to talk with him, or to imitate what he was saying. The parrot was of no importance, yet putting this guy out of danger and getting away from this dangerous battle was.

The half-cat being (Mohon) started to move the boat in direction of the ship from where he actually came from. But unfortunately, this ship was now at a far distance from where they are right now, and it was going to be hard to avoid all the cannon balls meanwhile they rushed to that ship in the middle of a sea in plain moving. But they needed to try, or the boat was going to sink... the wind was blowing fast and the sea was really unstable. It was almost like the boat was going to be turned and destroyed. Yet by staying in calm, Mohon started to navigate it very well, well enough to stand against this sea....

Yet bad luck was after them... a big Pirate Frigate was going into their direction, and if they don't rushed into a safest place, this ship was going to crush their boat.

Things can't get worse than this, eh?

The boat went at a good speed towards the East India Trading Company Ship, yet it was not sure if they were going to make it...

OOC: Sorry if its short, but I didn't had enough time...

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I'm on a boat! Empty Re: I'm on a boat!

Post by Jotted Down on April 15th 2009, 7:38 pm

Rost was frightened of cats, mainly because they in turn were frightened of water. So when the kindly helper known as Mohon showed himself to be half-cat Rost's only thought was I hope he got his natural fears from his human side Watching the ballet of ships masterfully gliding about blasting away at the rotting timbers of floating wood. Rost stared in awe until realization came in the form of a self inflicted slap to the head. Looking up at Petey he tried to shoo the bird but it just squaked and bit at his hand. Retracting the slightly bloodied finger, Rost decided to follow Mohon as his best chance for survival. Jumping aboard the rickety rig he realized no time was left for formality as the pirate ship was fast approaching. Through the rain of cannonade Rost wasn't sure if he heard the buoyant rescuer saying "Things can't get worse." or "Rings chant set purse." He assumed the second because hey, how many guys ever say something kinda weird in a life or death situation. Like my uncle Cleetus whose final words were "Pass the salad Martha." Of course we later found he starved to death... Lost in thought for a moment Rost was summoned to the world of here and now as a canon blasted closely to the ship causing it to rock in a most unsettling manner.

Turning to the direction of the pirate ship he found hope as another vessel was quick to engage the target which had left it's protective lines. However this proved to be a false assurance as the Pirate Captain's ship was more than capable of quickly destroying the much smaller vessel. Looking back to Windbreaker Rost saw that the auto pilot had engaged and short engine bursts had propelled the craft to a nearby island, either that or the tide washed it in. Knowing his ship was safe took one worry from his mind, but another soon came up as the shadow of the pirate ship began to loom over them. Turning to Mohon he shouted "I don't think were gonna mak...." His sentence was interrupted by a delighted sense of awe as a large port ship was now aside them and, he hoped would pick them up before engaging the pirates. Turning back to the ship and then Mohon he said coolly " I knew we'd make it." Then gave a thumbs up.
Jotted Down
Jotted Down

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I'm on a boat! Empty Re: I'm on a boat!

Post by Guest on April 21st 2009, 7:57 pm

You sea dogs really think you can beat the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea? Don't make me laugh!

Those were the exact words that Mohon said when he saw the pirate ship near him and his today's compannion. He usually didn't said that in a loud voice, but today he was excited and he needed to do it. It was something of tradition between pirates to shout things like this. It's been a long time since he didn't returned to the ocean... Only to find that there was a war between pirates and soldiers. Well, whatever the real conflict of this war was, it has nothing to do with him OR with the person at his side. It was probably just a problem between some pirate captain and a general, just like the legendary Jack Sparrow. Tough he wanted the pirates to win, it was better to get into a safe place before a cannon ball hits them...

Talking about cannon balls... One of those hit the water near the ship, moving their boat in a dangerous way yet making them gain more speed. They were getting close to a vesel tripulated by soldiers, soldiers that would probably put them in a safe place in the mean time of the battle. Their boat got near the ship fast enough to be caught by the soldiers. Jotte said some words, yet Mohon couldn't hear them clearly, yet he laughed a bit. A rope was sent to them by one of the soldiers, and Mohon quickly started to climb up that thing, hoping to find a better place to stay in the middle of this war. Yet, not everything resulted as planned. A surprise awaited them when they got up...

Many rifles were pointed at their necks when they were up. One of them probably recognized him as a pirate, and maybe they confused Jotted with a pirate too.

Err... Any problems, getlemen?

The only words that Mohon could speak in that situation...

OOC: Sorry if I was late.

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I'm on a boat! Empty Re: I'm on a boat!

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