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Owen Opala

on March 8th 2017, 6:06 pm

Basic Info

Name: Owen Opala
     Aliases: Newo
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Species: Undead Human
   Height: 5' 10"
   Weight: 160 lbs

STR | 1
CON | 1
AGI | 1
MAG | 3
SYN | 3


Some people call him 'moody', or 'grumpy', or 'get away from my children, you freak, you goddamned freak.'

Newo is ill-tempered with strong, stubborn opinions. His lack of self-restraint, coupled with his cynicism and misanthropic tendencies, lead him to mocking people. When he's especially agitated or annoyed, he won't hesitate to use his biting wit. Newo doesn't believe in pretense, speaking his mind whenever he sees fit. Because of his inconsiderate nature, it often appears as if he is actively instigating conflict.

If you were forced to list his redeeming qualities, after struggling for two, maybe three millennia, you'd be able to frame the adrenaline junkie as 'adventurous' and 'thrill-seeking.' He performs well under pressure, even if his outspoken, panic-y mannerisms allude otherwise.

And surprisingly enough, he works well with others. His knack for picking people apart helps him recognize their good qualities, leading to natural synergy. Even if they find him unbearably annoying.


he died. twice.

first time he was a knife point and said, 'ha what are you gonna do stab me' and proceeded to get stabbed oops

second time he

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