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Drive Form: Essence of The Warrior

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Drive Form: Essence of The Warrior Empty Drive Form: Essence of The Warrior

Post by Camilia on March 5th 2017, 11:41 pm

Name: Essence of The Warrior

FP Cost: 2

Duration: 2 Posts

Appearance:  As Camilia's first and weakest Drive Form, Essence of The Warrior seems to not make a change to her appearance that much. At first glance, the only change is that her clothing seems to undergo some wear and tear, and that she seems to be wearing gauntlets. However, this is entirely incorrect. The change that is made is that from the neck down, Camilia's body becomes covered from head to toe in a shell of flexible metal that is capable of moving in any way that Camilia can. However, this Drive Form is a type of Equivalent Exchange. While utilizing this form, Camilia gains enhanced physical powers, but at the cost of locking away both her magic and her capability of utilizing the magical abilities of weapons she has made. This very temporarily gives her access to a type of power she normally would not possess, making her quite the tricky opponent.


STR ---- +4
CON ---- +4
AGI ---- +0
MAG ---- -2
SYN ---- -2


Skill Name: Essence of The Warrior: Living Armor
Element(s): Metal
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Effects: A very simple skill that Camilia Utilizes alongside this Drive Form, Living Armor describes her ability to modify the armor that covers her skin. Working in a similar vein to the Poseidon's Armory Skill, the armor that her body is covered in is actually comprised of a liquid metal that hardens on contact with air. Living Armor allows Camilia to make simple changes to the armor covering her body, mostly to allow for greater defensive capabilities, such as generating shields by projecting the metal covering her body outwards.

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