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Imperials and their Mangoes

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Imperials and their Mangoes

Post by Nora. on February 21st 2017, 6:33 pm

The population of the imperial city in Land of the Dragons was enough to drown out any spike of cold air, despite being so close to the mountains. Night had fallen and the city was bustling, lanterns lit the main areas while providing a nice decoration to the city. Technology in this world wasn't as caught up as the other worlds Nora had been to, it was a surprise that someone was able to get a contract to her.

She was to track down a general officer and kill him. The man had been making his way up the ranks quickly and quite frankly, someone did not like it, or him.The requirement was for the death to be clean and known about instantly, not an easy assignment but one the assassin was capable of doing. She had spent only two days in the city and she already had a profile on the target. When resting his room in the palace would be surrounded by guards, inside the room there were also guards. During the day he'd attend meetings and while not in meetings he was with his soldiers. It was almost as if he knew that someone had put a hit on him.

As cautious as he was, it wouldn't be enough to keep him alive. Leaving the palace by carriage with his wife was one of them. Guards on horses trotted alongside the carriage as it left the palace towards the marketplace. There the general sat in his carriage, across from his wife, concern stained on his face even as a guard sat next to them, his eyes shifting now and then as each of them would talk.

"Are you okay general?" His wife would ask.

"Something hasn't been right in the city these past few days. Someone isn't happy about me making it this far up the ranks and I can feel something is going to happen soon."

"Hmm, hopefully this weekend away from the city will help ease you up."

"Still, I don't like missing out on the meetings, I want to make sure my soldiers have someone to speak up for them.. A lot of those in the palace don't know what it's like out-"

He stopped, hid head perked up from the wall as he silently sat in shock. His wife's arm was held out in a right angle, in her hand a knife had slipped its way through the gap in the guards armor to pierce the man's neck. The general made his way to grabbing his dagger but before he could do so, before he could let out a single scream the woman had moved onto him. Blood gushed from the guard's neck as the knife would leave his neck and find it's way to the general's neck, to be sliced open. The same red liquid gushed out, covering the woman whom held herself over the general's body, her hand over his mouth until she could confirm he was dead. In that time her appearance would change to that of the nobody Nora. The general's eyes would open widely with shock but as his eyes would fall dead one would see some sense of relief wash over him.

The kill had been confirmed. It was now time to get out of there. The nobody's kit would prove oh so handy in these cases. She had turned invisible and her technique to avoid any form of existence apart from sight would be activated. Swiftly the assassin would open the carriage door and it would come to a halt. There was utter silence surrounding the carriage as it would seem as though the wind would slam the door shut and the nobody would walk away, into the crowd that gathered as yelling and panic erupted from the guards. "The general has been killed! Capture whoever it was!" It was too late and they knew too little to even get near the nobody.

She had gone, finding her way to a quiet alleyway before fading into existence again. The blood that covered her attire, remaining hidden due to the effects of illusion. Surveying the area for anyone around before pulling out her phone to send a text. Job's done, made known as required. The client will know soon enough.


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Re: Imperials and their Mangoes

Post by Yukina on February 22nd 2017, 12:54 am

"I look absolutely," the change room curtain flung open.

"Positively," a single leg stepped out.

"Breathtaking," she concluded, emerging in all her glory.

The striking red cheongsam fit Yukina like a glove, accentuating her slight figure in an impossibly flattering way. The Heartless could barely stand to drag her eyes away from the mirror while the two men sharing the room with her looked on. Though the shopkeeper had only 'known' her for a moment, both knew that this was their cue to compliment her or risk ending up like the other shop assistant who'd given her a dress two sizes two big. He was still there, just not breathing and stuffed into a suitcase in the corner.

"Ravishing," said Edward, her dedicated man-servant.

"Stunning," the Chinese shop owner offered, silently praying he'd be spared.

She heard them, but ignored them. At this point it was almost a formality - she knew she looked spectacular, and they wouldn't be thanked for simply stating the truth.

"I've always wanted a kimono!" She exclaimed, turning back around to face the pair.

"That's not a kimono," the shopkeeper corrected, which was met with a look of absolute disbelief from Edward. Had he not seen what had just happened to his employee?

"I always knew I'd look excellent in one," she responded, the man spared by her utter disinterest in anything he had to say - and perhaps also her cluelessness.

"Edward gather my things we're leaving," she said, before starting towards the door. He piled box upon box once again, each filled with different jewelries and clothing she'd 'bought' throughout the day.

"Uhh... the payment?" The shopkeeper dared.

"We're not going to worry about that," she said, eyes flicking to the suitcase in the corner. "I'm sure that's not a problem."

Without waiting for a response, Yukina burst through the door and back on to the busy city street. Edward lumbered behind, the pile of boxes and bags now reaching up all the way to his chin. The Heartless' eyes scanned the streets, looking for the next shop to visit before being distracted by the commotion happening not a hundred metres away. Not one to shy away from some drama, she set off in that direction, quickly gathering from the frantic screams that someone had killed a general or... something. Boring. Not even a prince? An emperor? Assassins these days just didn't know how to aim high.

The kill was fresh, she could basically taste it. His heart had stopped - a shame, she could've used a meal right about then. But then... the trail. Pushing through the crowd she followed it, around a corner and into an alleyway. And there she was, the girl texting on her phone - the killer, she presumed.

"Naughty, naughty," the Heartless teased, edging closer to the assassin. The girl had done an excellent job concealing her own scent, Yukina could sense nothing as far as that was concerned. She reeked of the slain general's blood, however - an enchanting symphony of aroma, he must've been a powerful figure.

"Some very upset people are looking for you, shall I tell them where you are?"

Edward watching on, fingers tensed around the boxes. Why did she always insist on being so antagonistic?

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Re: Imperials and their Mangoes

Post by Nora. on February 22nd 2017, 1:51 am

The sound of footsteps followed by a voice forced the nobody to lock her phone and put it away, turning to the woman who was approaching her. Nora's line of work always seemed to bring those more dangerous, yet curious types to her, a lot of them ended up in the same place as her targets so why they approached an assassin was beyond her.

As the woman spoke Nora swiftly pulled out one of her swords, she wasn't one to mess around with subtleties and it showed even more as she began walking towards the woman. For a split second Nora's eyes moved to the servant man behind the woman, he reeked of fear and rightly so. His master however, daring to ask such a question was something else.

"I'd rather you don't." She said closing the distance between them with her pace. "If you or your servant make any loud noise, I'll kill both of you."

The nobody was blunt and her tone was as serious as she was. The woman would only have a moment to answer to Nora before the assassin would be in range to attack her, which was what she was going to do unless the woman chose her words wisely.


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Re: Imperials and their Mangoes

Post by Yukina on February 22nd 2017, 5:56 am

These assassin's were all the same. Always so serious, never willing to just crack a smile. She just wanted to say hello, after all. Maybe congratulate her on a job well done? All that was out the window now - she'd threatened her, and that just wasn't acceptable. She let out a sigh as the Nobody approached, she had literally just bought this kimono. At least the stains might just blend in - wait, did Nobody's bleed?

Just when she was about to ask, she snapped back to reality and found herself toe to toe with the girl.

"You and what army?" She grinned.

Edward disappeared into a corridor of darkness, he silently thanked a higher power for her graciousness. She wouldn't have thought he'd be surprised, those clothes he was holding were expensive!

Then, right on cue, they began appearing. Shadows and soldiers, the heartless minions materialised as if from nowhere. Her friends, pets, minions - they had a habit of showing up just when she needed. Not that she needed them now, she'd have gladly ripped the Nobody piece from piece herself. I mean, she was threatening Yukina with swords. How utterly pedestrian.

She took a step backwards, the shadowy creatures occupying the space between them.

"Careful," she whispered, "wouldn't want to cause a commotion now would you?"

220 words.
764 words.

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Re: Imperials and their Mangoes

Post by Nora. on February 22nd 2017, 4:07 pm

A portal opened up and the servant disappeared into it, smart move. Nora was now certain that the person before her was not human but a heartless. All of that kind she had met so far had such overbearing personalities and they seemed so human in their tone and demeanor, it somewhat confused her how the "heartless" really did seem to have hearts. She didn't despise them as much as she did humans, after all what if it was just a show for their true lack of hearts, nobody's were known to do the same so why not the heartless. None the less the woman's kin started popping up in the alleyway, they were weak but in their numbers.. incredibly annoying.

Their leader took a step back, small soldiers filled the gap between them quickly however the nobody did not fret. She took a step forward, finishing each of the heartless off in her way with one swift slash, the darkness that made them up went up into the air, they'd be born again. It seemed the nobody would have to reveal some of her power to make the heartless back off. In truth, the nobody held no vendetta for someone jeopardizing her mission, it'd just be another number added to her sword, another person that 'got in the way,' another thing for the bored nobody to do.

In another swift action the nobody held her sword up to the woman's neck so that it would lightly touch her, another action and the heartless would find herself reborn again in the Realm of Darkness. As for the army surrounding the pair, Nora had another sword ready to be unsheathed to hold them off while she dealt with their leader.

However the heartless' threat wasn't empty in causing a commotion. It took just one, nosy, stupid human to peer down the dark alley to scream at the sight of shadows and knights sprawling out from the ground. Nora's eyes squinted a little in that moment and her dress shifted it's shape into that of the heartless before her. Following the nobody's body and face replicated that of the woman's before her. If there was going to be a commotion, the assassin wouldn't have her face known for the crime. She did enjoy having her ability to roam freely and better yet, who would be a more perfect criminal than a heartless?

More yelling and screaming occurred, followed by the sound of heavy footsteps, there was quite a few of them heading their way. A commotion was sure to happen and while it was bad for Nora, it'd be worse for the woman before her.


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Re: Imperials and their Mangoes

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