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Rebuilding Damocles on a Dock [Open]

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Rebuilding Damocles on a Dock [Open] Empty Rebuilding Damocles on a Dock [Open]

Post by Snaz Laka on February 20th 2017, 12:39 am

Warm, humid, quite damp...these were conditions Snaz loved as the snake he was. The moisture was something the heat of Agrabah lacked. That desert specialized in being dry, so a change of pace and place like Port Royal was much more relaxing. Snaz no longer held a grand fortune, but he had some ties to Port Royal. Snaz had all the reasons to come back between money, comfort, and opportunity. Plenty of rats to feed on and snakes to tangle with. Underneath the high-class scaly skin of his, Snazmot was a thief among thieves. It was time for his return.

* * *

The boat had a drunken sway, water batting at its sides as the crew came within sight of the port. They had been sailing for hours now, retrieving Snaz from one of their many rendezvous spots. Everyone scurried to prepare the boat for anchoring, while Snaz rest in the Captain's Quarters. The Captain fancied him quite due to their past, so he had a free ride while his funds were sparse. He was resting for a while after being a bit exhausted from his escape to rebuild energy. A couple plates with signs of food being on them at some point were placed in various spots around the room.

Snaz played with his knife, awaiting the chants of land; that patience being paid. "LAND HOOO!" Snaz smiled, perking up before finally dragging himself from the bed. The captain came in, announcing that they were finally nearing the port. "Snaz, if you would...You know we can't be there during the day. Oh, and be careful, I've heard of spottings of sickly rats and other critters. Don't want to catch anything they're carrying." Snaz hugged and kissed the Captain goodbye, winking at her before breaking the embrace. "Oh, Shelly. Need no worries for me, this snake preys on critters. I'll take one of your deckhands to escort me to shore, so farewell my madame." More like Mistress.

Being sent ashore during the day, it seems like Port Royal was bustling with people. Bustling with filth, as well. The public, low-class grime that populates the Port along with all the English militia...it was a typical day in the port. Snaz's attire fit in thematically with the world, but was still way too well tailored to match those around him and still a tad bit exotic. Hiding his knife in his sleeve, Snaz approached a harbormaster. "Oh, dear Reginald, nice to make your acquiantance yet again!" The harbormaster saw Snaz, immediately bolting away from the Chimera.

Smirking, he casually strolled in the direction the Harbormaster ran into, vanishing into a crowd. Once they were out of sight of the militia and maybe a few protective pirates, Snaz cornered yet another rat in an alleyway. Echoing his voice throughout the damp walls as he slithered around, he taunted the man. "Oh you thought I was gone? So you aren't protecting my...ride anymore? They were so nice to offer me a trip here. But no, I had to take a filthy ferry onto the port. Tsk, tsk."

Dropping down, Snaz gripped the Harbormaster by the throat, tightening a bit but not allowing the man to suffocate. "Don't worry, I'll let you stick around, just let my people enter the harbor again and draw the militia away. Don't do it,..." Hissing before giving the man a feint bite, Snaz silently got his message across. Letting the man go, he brushed himself off and made his way for the nearest tavern. As soon as he got there, there was a silence as he approached the bar and retrieved himself some whiskey. Once the silence broke, the tavern was once again clattering. Ah, it feels good to be back.


[620 Words - 620 Words]

Sounds like Johnny Depp in Mordecai

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Snaz Laka
Snaz Laka

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Rebuilding Damocles on a Dock [Open] Empty Re: Rebuilding Damocles on a Dock [Open]

Post by Snaz Laka on March 6th 2017, 11:43 pm

Little did Snaz know, it was about to not feel good being back. As he slowly sipped away at his drink, the sound of a swinging door naturally alarmed him. It was common nature in a place like this to be wary of such things. A group of pirates, all but the apparent leader being rough and dirty, came in obviously looking for something...or someone. Snaz, scared, darted a look at the bartender and immediately made his way for the back door. He did so, trying to be as subtle as possible, but was stopped upon reaching the backdoor. A burly, bearded pirate brandishing a heavier cutlass that scraped along the wooden floor had halted him. With a light tap of the burly man's hand, he was sent tumbling back into the main room.

Another moment of silence that remained until the pirate captain broke it. "Well, chaps, I politely request the room for a quick-few...if you would." Snaz stumbled to his feet, removing his knife from its sheath. The burly pirate roared at the crowd as they were unresponsive. "OI! HE SAID CLEAR OUT!" Everyone scurried away, Snaz trying to use the crowd to his advantage. As he neared the captain, he gripped Snaz by the arm and tossed him back. "Oh, no-no-no-no-no. We are not done with you, Mr. Laka. You remember my mate here, correct?" The captain pointed at the burly pirate; who, upon inspection, was adorning an eye patch and various scars that also indicated missing bits of flesh.

"Oh, dear....It's on the tip of my tongue, mhm. Oh, sorry if that was too soon Two-Belly." Snaz sneered at the burly pirate, who yelled out, revealing his half-tongue, which contributed to his less-clear speech. Swinging his heavy cutlass, Two-Belly inadvertently buried it in the ground as Snaz tumbled away and back onto his feet and taking a defensive stance. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy skinning you!" "Well I molt, so..."

The burly pirate sluggishly removed his blade from the wood, flailing with his swings towards Snaz. With such a messy form, it was easy for the snake-chimera to weave through and slash the pirate's tendons in both his swinging arm and the leg of the same side. With a quick spin, he slashed behind both knees and the burly pirate fell to his knees. Gripping the pirate by his neck, Snaz adorned fangs and turned the burly pirate towards the captain. "Hm. I think we've been in this situation before." With the snap of his wrist, the captain had hidden pistol pop out and immediately he fired the low-caliber bullets into Snaz's shoulder.

Yelling in pain, despite it not being fatal at all, Snaz was distracted enough for the burly man to knock him away. The other goons that accompanied them, a count of three, moved to pin Snaz down. The captain reloaded the tiny pistol, walked over, and immediately shot Snaz in his right kneecap. Removing his rapier, the captain proceeded to stab the hand Snaz used to hold his knife. "Don't worry, sickness might catch you before we ship you out...but you'll certainly no longer be a problem to our business."

Snaz tried lunging towards the captain, but the three goons pinned him down pretty effectively. They bound him with cuffs and tied them together. However, before anything else, they put a muzzle on Snaz. Weaved onto the muzzle was a porcelain mask of a smile. "I added the mouth as a bit of a joke...I have to set sail the message that you are, indeed, a freak." While muffled, Snaz could still speak. "A freak? I beg to differ. You're just a whimpering child." The captain stared blankly before chuckling. "I couldn't understand a word! Now, to turn you in."

* * *

Why do I always get arrested. Snaz sat, bound and muzzled in the carriage owned by the militia governing the port city. His eyes were hazy, though he could make out figures around him, likely also being shipped. Hopefully they didn't notice him snarling and biting in his sleep, dreaming of biting a chunk out of those pirates.

[685 Words - 1305 Words]

Sounds like Johnny Depp in Mordecai

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Snaz Laka
Snaz Laka

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