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El Diario of Seraphina Rodriguez de Princesa de la Fortuna

on February 15th 2017, 12:21 pm
La Entrada Numero Uno
Dear Journal,

Oh that man makes me angry some times. This time the bastard marooned me on an island, with naught but a bottle of rum and a peace of parchment with 'happy birthday; enjoy a day off la hija! You need one.' scrawled on it. I don't need a damned vacation, I was fine where I was, thank you very much. Besides, those damned imbeciles couldn't operate a ship correctly if their lives depended on it. My father and I both know those idiots fire those cannons simply for the sound they make. Couldn't he have left me with a sword and a pistol at least, that way I wouldn't have embarrassed myself when I came up against a darkside -on destiny islands of all places- and saved me a berating from that insufferable old man?

Maldito. Anyway, besides embarrassing myself by taking a hold of my newfound nickname, of which I will make every effort to keep away from the crew, I met some rather...interesting people. A child with an animated hairstyle, a grumpy old man, a...'thin mint'...though whatever the hell that means is really anybodies guess. I also met a fire elemental and a goddess, though I don't really know much about them...probably for the best. Everybody has their secrets.

Seraphina Rodriguez de Princesa de la Fortuna.
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