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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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System Failure: Imminent. Golem Protocol > Starting....... Error.

Okay, it's all on my shoulders now.

Azmot courageously stepped up to what the crowd perceived as his execution. He was just a street rat from the Hollow to them, and there was 'no possibility' of him overcoming the tribulation at hand. His opponent was Blake Blevins, the elite pitcher from the greener pastures that were Radiant Garden. His fastballs moved so quickly, most batters (including Azmot) could only try and predict where it was going. He could hit any corner of the batters box, to a centimeter in accuracy. But Azmot's team, the Knights of Hollow Bastion, were only down by one point, with a runner on second. A long drive down field would allow their fastest runner - Alexander - to make it home. Still, that would only tie the scores, and their next runner, Cool, was an admittedly slow first-year. The cruel reality of a best-case-scenario ending in a tie would have disheartened most, but not Azmot. He would just have to do better than his best.

The teenagers relatively lean body hung over the plate firmly, tension and adrenaline putting Azmot's body into overdrive.

Seconds later, the first pitch came. The left-fielder was so overwhelmed, he tried to adjust and bunt Blake's attack, but his hesitation made him far too slow. Strike one.

Azmot didn't look, but he knew the ocher eyes of his annoying coach were drilling into him, as if he could pour knowledge directly through the gaping wound. Cowardice doesn't make a Knight. He would tell the youth.

In frustration, Azmot gritted his teeth and dug his heels into the earth below.

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The second pitch came like a bat out of hell. This time, Azmot had enough guts to swing. The ball tipped the top of the bat, sending raucous vibrations that trampled on the left-fielders nerves and muscles. He didn't even bother running - the ball flew towards the foul zone and another strike was rewarded.

This is impossible...

Azmot glanced and noticed the shine of ocher eyes. He stepped out of the batters box for a second as the pitcher readied himself, taking a deep inhale and focusing his thoughts. When he returned, the atmosphere of the game was different. Electricity crackled and the tensions of the players rose to a fever pitch.

The last pitch of the game, and it was all riding on him. The throw came. For a second, Azmot felt like he could see it. Blake was pitying him, probably, giving the left-fielder a chance. All that did was frustrate Azmot further.

Coiling in a preemptive position, the teen prepared to loose all of his strength. And then, the sky fell.

System Failure: Incipient. Loading Steward Protocol..... Initiating.... Success

First, perception fell. The world rounded so that the ground was like a tidal wave, with Azmot underneath the earthen disruption. He looked up to see his rivals, The Radiant Garden Enoch, frozen in place. One-by-one, their bodies twisted, contorted, and lost any recognizable feature, until they were floating messes of limbs and hair. Fear couldn't grace Azmot's mind before the light's went out. Suddenly, he was surrounding in a world of blackness.

Shock invaded every sense. A cacophony of distorted, digital dial tones sounded at an unbelievable volume. As his eardrums threatened to dissolve, Azmot clutched his head in agony. For some reason, at the highest moment of his life, Armageddon had come. Flashes of unfamiliar images rummaged through his mind. A behemoth made of ice. Cloaked figures shrouded in darkness. A small bead of light entered Azmot's field of vision, and grew into a circle of blinding light. It enveloped his body, and the pain subsided. For a moment, he floated.

The next, he was falling into the plush green fields of Radiant Garden.

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