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Vive la révolution (Open; Hosted topic, Combat opening) Empty Vive la révolution (Open; Hosted topic, Combat opening)

Post by Iraeika on February 12th 2017, 5:11 am

One could not ask for a more still scene as the night drew ever onward in its march towards the dawn. A rural town filled mostly by peasant workers and farmers was asleep under the nearly-full moon. The cloudless sky, under which the town sat, offered a serene image of  stars glistening gently in the deep dark that made up the rest of the night. On one rural wing just outside of the nearby town, were a collection of small farms adjacent to a thick wood. Not a creature could be heard save the insects of the night, no stirring of any animal that lived on these farms, be they man or beast.
The woods however, were a different tale. Deep within the chokingly thick brush lay an enclave, and within this patch of open land prowled a red fox, ready to sneak into the local farmland to steal some prey. It crept through the low brush, under thorny plant and through decayed log to it's meal. Arriving at the edge of the wood, the fox darted it's eyes frantically about the vast open tracts of land. Wary of threats, but spurned on by a deep hunger, the creature made its way slowly under cover of grass and shrub towards one of the nearby houses.
As it made it's way, it quickly perked up it's ears and remained hidden within a nearby shrub, keeping it's gaze fixed on the nearby road. The source of it's wariness was a travelling cart, pulled by four horses and travelling at high speed. The galloping was noisy and attracted the attention of nearby watchdogs and certain farm creatures alike. The cart made it's way to a farm on the edge of the village, only finally slowing down on arrival some 10 feet from the building's entrance.
The driver was a man in a black uniform, likely a serf to an official from the city. On stopping, the driver got up and rounded the cart, opening the door for another man in much more splendid attire to emerge. Along with an entourage of two guards draped in blue and decorated with elaborate white crosses, they made their way to the door of the nearby farm. It wouldn't take them long to receive a greeting however, as a man stepped forth from the abode, blade at his side and looking quite warily at the new guests, Behind the abode, a woman and three children made their way as stealthily as possible towards a neighboring farm, seeking escape while there was time to have it.

"You are Louis Gehrhardt, are you not?"
The man in the most decorated uniform proclaimed.
"I am. What brings you here, officer?"
The innocent-seeming reply was quick, but it was an obvious ploy and made in some stress. This exchange was a farce and they both knew why he'd come already. Perhaps the man sought to buy time for his family to escape, but it would avail him little.
"I suspect you know exactly why I'm here. You are charged with attempted treason, and with harboring the enemy."

At this, he signaled for his men to detain the criminal. He, of course, wasn't going without a fight. Drawing his blade, the criminal swung madly at his would-be-captor, forcing the man to back off. The rest of the musketeers drew their blades in reply. He knew this traitor wouldn't go quietly, such was the case with all those who dared defy the will of the king. At such odds, Louis was outmatched far and away, but he was not going to allow this monster to take his family, even if it meant his life. He fought in such a way as to stall the men, swinging only in defense or at very obvious openings. The leader stayed back, watching the surroundings for any other possible traitors to make their way into the fray. It would be a good night for him, if they could capture or kill a whole colony of these roaches.
The fighting awoke the animals, scaring off the fox from before, and rousing the dogs to barking. Other farmers nearby were coming to see what the fuss was about, though few dared intervene, Families stood in doorways, their silhouettes barely noticeable in the black of night. One man did eventually draw a blade and attempt to enter the fray, only to be shot by the commander, who set about reloading his weapon, In an unexpected turn, Louis managed to cut down a pair of bags filled with mortar that he'd hoisted to the upper floor window of his barn the evening prior, and dropped one atop the attackers. With one foe thoroughly unconscious, he was able to hold his own in a one-on-one duel much more readily.
The commander managed to reload his weapon, and took aim at Louis. He aimed and waited for just the right moment to shoot, and as he pulled the trigger another farmer had tackled the official, hatchet in hand. They struggled for a moment before the officer finally managed to flip the new opponent over and liberate him of his hand. At this point many many more men filed in, they weren't about to let this madness go on, and worked together to defend their families and neighbors. As they all struggled to get in and restrain the man, a darkness crept over him. A moment later, and a blast of energy emanated from his body, pushing aside all of his assailants. From his chest emerged a portal, out of which slumped out a mass of shadows. These simple heartless jittered and twitched about, eyeing the nearby crowd with hungry eyes. The men recoiled, and many of them fell back in fear,
Several of the men were eaten as they fled, their hearts being trapped by the heartless. Several more managed to escape, a few of which made it to the bell at the center of town, and rang it to signal the alarm. Slowly, one by one, nearby buildings began to flare to life, with candles lighting in many windows. Under the moonlight it was fairly easy to see the heartless running amok through the town now. Some of them even took on new forms, a few of these started throwing fireballs about at nearby town guards, who were attempting to cut them down (With little success).
The commander just lay there, back at the farms, laughing. This is what revolutionaries get, chaos and pain. Only a monarch is fit to rule, and any who dare defy them deserve naught but suffering.

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