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Scion of Levitica (WIP)

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Scion of Levitica (WIP) Empty Scion of Levitica (WIP)

Post by Monte on February 11th 2017, 5:24 am

Name: Scion of Levitica
FP Cost: 6
Duration: 6
Appearance: Levitica's holy symbol, a black cross, appears on the user's forehead during the duration of the form.

STR ---- +0
CON ---- +0
AGI ---- +2
SYN ---- +0
MAG ---- +10


Skill Name: Heavenly Boon
Element(s): N/A
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts.
Effects: For every 50 MP spent within the duration, the user gets a 10% buff to Strength and Con.

Spell Name: Crush
Level: 3
MP Cost: 50

Spell Name:
Level: 3
MP Cost: 250
Description: A glacial wave of energy spreads in a 25 meter radius outward from the user, trapping each independent object caught inside in layer of ice. The ice is one foot thick, and as durable as an item of the highest durability. The subjects encased are impaled with several spikes, dealing extreme damage and pinning them inside.

Keeper of the Abbey

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