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Felonix Empty Felonix

Post by Felonix on February 6th 2017, 9:52 am

General Information

Name: Felonix
     Aliases: The Forgotten General, The Steward of Innovation, The Empty Lord of Castle Oblivion, Old Man Felonix (and for some effing reason, General One Eye [idk, ask JoJo])
Age: 24 Physically, 42 Mentally (Has been a Nobody for 18 years)
Sex: Male
Species: Nobody
Appearance: Felonix is approximately 6 foot 2 inches and well built. He has two different colored eyes (the right is Amber, the left is Black), with a long scar running down the side of his face over his left eye. His flowing silver hair is matched only in color by his jacket. The jacket contains many hidden pockets on the inside, and has a slightly tattered flame design on the bottom, making it look as though the base of it is on fire. His entire outfit is slightly torn and tattered showing his multiple battles. Although now lost to Darkness, Felonix still wears the Signet Ring of Castle Oblivion on his right hand ring finger.
     Space Paranoids/The Grid: (Optional)
     Halloween Town: (Optional)
     Christmas Town: (Optional)
     Atlantica: (Optional)
     Pride Lands: (Optional)
Personality: Initially, as a Nobody, Felonix had already been generally cold to many. To those few who have befriended him, he is very loyal, but sometimes he will make rash decisions leading to broken ties and chaos. Felonix is often fakes being very sarcastic, a default for his nobody, but will snap in an instant, switching to his military instincts.


      STR ---- 9
      CON ---- 9
      AGI ---- 7
      SYN ---- 5
      MAG ---- 8

Darkness, Nothingness, Fire, Time


Original History:
Growing up without a family was rough. Elonif would know. His family was mother and father were murdered when he was 7 by a group of thieves who came through his village. He was one of the few survivors. Three years after the thieves, a sole man wielding a weird weapon came to his town, offering help. He had seen the now 10 year old Elonif practicing and training alone, and took him in offering assistance. For 13 years, the Master stayed in the village, and each day Elonif got stronger and stronger. However, when he was 23, the master became corrupt with darkness and was banished from the village. In order to save himself, Elonif proved he had not followed his master and was allowed to stay as the town guardian. He hated watching the Master leave, and began drinking to quench both his guilt and his rage. When he was 25, the Master came back and attacked with revenge. The sole guardian, Elonif stood to fight back. Not wanting to injure his formal friend and Master, he accidentally let his guard down, and paid the price. A slash across his face and a strong wind spell forced Elonif off a cliff. Felonix woke at the bottom, with a Keyblade laying next to him. A note was on it. ("Take it. You've earned it. May you come to find the same darkness I once knew.") With no memory of what had happened or where he was, Felonix grabbed the mysterious blade and walked away, finding an old hermit who explained where he was and what his weapon was.

Moving on, Felonix soon joined in a war in Hollow Bastion. A few wrong moves, though, left him facing off Three against one, with Riku being one of the three. Through a painful series of events, Felonix lost his left had, and fled via Gummi Ship. His hand was replaced with a prosthetic, and he waited out the days until the battles were over. Later on, he moved from Hollow Bastion to the Realm of Darkness, befriending Lenneth, and later on, Xeremij. Deceived by promises of wealth and power, Felonix betrayed Xeremij and many others by helping Trickster with the destruction of Disney Castle. With many out to kill him and Trickster deceiving him, Felonix hid in the Realm of Darkness before apologizing to Xeremij in person and offering to help rebuild his empire any way possible. Working to regain his status, Felonix joined the Guardians of Restoration, befriending Leo in the process. But after a mysterious battle rendering him unconscious, Felonix disappeared for many months. After awaking after a mysterious battle aboard his Gummi Ship, Felonix attempted to send a distress signal to his homeland, but to no avail. Upon re-entry, his ship was shot out of the sky, the explosion throwing Felonix into the sea of darkness below him. With nearly no strength left in his body, Felonix climbed aboard a piece of the ship's wreckage, and passed out as he drifted to shore.

After being found by previous friend and mentor Lenneth, Felonix was able to regain partial memory of who he was, but felt as though he didn't belong. Eventually, he happened upon Castle Oblivion, where his old friend Xeremij (Now Jeremi) had taken over as World Leader. With his permission, Felonix was allowed to stay within the halls of the Castle.

Fast forward a few unimportant events to Onyx's War, where Steward Jeremi sacrificed his position to Felonix in an attempt for peace. The attempt was successful, and Steward Felonix rebuilt Castle Oblivion with the help of Azmot through a treaty between Castle Oblivion and Space Paranoids. After loosing contact with Azmot for a year, a Mysterious Figure attacked Castle Oblivion, tricking everyone to an escape route Felonix's lead adviser and scientist Anse had created. Trapped in BF12 of Castle Oblivion, Felonix was forced through to the new universe, leaving all of his citizens and soldiers behind.

Now, The Empty Lord of Castle Oblivion has returned, concealing himself inside the walls and shadows of Castle Oblivion, in an attempt to seek redemption by killing the Mysterious Man who laid waste to his Castle and slaughtered his people.

Current History:
After loosing Castle Oblivion to the Darkness and discovering that his experiences had only been a dream, Felonix wandered the worlds through Corridors of Darkness, expanding his knowledge and shunning those he once called friend, til everyone he had known had vanished. Now, realizing he has outlived his friends and cherished ones, Felonix has fallen into a destructive streak of disregard for life and surrounding.

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Felonix Empty Re: Felonix

Post by Hoshiko on February 6th 2017, 9:58 am


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Felonix Empty Re: Felonix

Post by Felonix on March 13th 2017, 10:38 am

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Felonix Empty Re: Felonix

Post by +/- on March 13th 2017, 10:48 am

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