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Suggesting Banned/Limited List

on February 6th 2017, 8:09 am
Banned and Limited List, yeah.

I already see negation is going to be a thing that most synth fighters rely on, that's going to make the game a little dull. Negation in general kind of takes the fun out of a magic game if you ask me. But I'm not complaining, I just think it should be limited or something.

Same with intangibility, I think there should be slots for people who can do it. I can see a ghost character really making use of that ability, if we slot it then it can't go mainstream imo. Of course, I also think members already on site will claim the slots before anyone new can arrive.

So maybe don't allow it until after we get a larger pool of members. Just making some suggestions. The older MP system was actually pretty good about negation because it kept it reserved for stronger people. In this system something else is going to be needed.

There's no point in making the same mistakes twice. Which we all know taking away the ability to use power has done before. I'd rather see people make use of their arsenals rather a fight be drawn short because one person counter-played everything with a cheap tactic.

Staff should make a list of what they'll allow, or set limits on how many people can do so-and-so thing. Bringing this to attention now before it becomes an actual problem.

Site Owner
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Re: Suggesting Banned/Limited List

on February 6th 2017, 8:35 am
Negation is less effective than before because magic regenerates after five posts, while negating anything 125MP and above takes 5+ posts to cool down, and it requires contact to be successful (no autohit). This is allows counterplay. If negation becomes an issue, we'll nerf it accordingly.

Intangibility isn't going to be allowed because it's essentially immunity to everything, and there's no counter play to that.

Staff is periodically updating the respective topics whenever we decide something for the meta, so keep watch. I'm still currently thinking of a better way to make this information available to users, though I'm not sure about making a list for it.

Darkness | Fire | Gravity | Cure
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Re: Suggesting Banned/Limited List

on February 6th 2017, 10:21 am
I would like to add that Intangibility does have ONE thing to counter it, and that is the ability to touch intangible things. However, that forces someone to use a slot. Slots are already limited, which is why we allow them to have so much, so that's why we don't want things like that happening.
The Eldritch Horror
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Re: Suggesting Banned/Limited List

on February 6th 2017, 3:00 pm
If negation ends up too powerful, we should limit its scope. Instead of all inclusive negation effects, we narrow its targets.

Some examples are:
-Negates a spell.
-Negates a fire based ability.

This still allows a character to invest in suppression, but to capitalize, you can't half ass it.

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Black Bishop
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Re: Suggesting Banned/Limited List

on February 7th 2017, 11:23 am
Well, what about making negation things similar in scope to potions?

I was kind of thinking that, when I made my negation doubloon. I mean, the original plan was to effectively limit myself by saying it could only be used once per topic, and only have a certain amount in a pool to share. I also used all six of my slots on that ability in the beginning, which is how I read potions needed to be done, to me, at least; though you can chalk that up to me being weird about the Synthesis.
The Eldritch Horror
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Re: Suggesting Banned/Limited List

on February 7th 2017, 2:34 pm
I dislike forcing a 'once per topic' ruling on an entire meta. The meta's system revolves around the ability to reuse all the resources you have throughout the topic. And, while you may choose to have a once per topic effect to increase its power, it should not be the standard. That's not balance. If something is overpowered, we need to resolve the issue, not say: "You can use this overpowered ability X times."

Additionally, we'd have to look at the rest of suppression. Negation isn't the only meta that limits your resources. Do we eventually limit all of them to once per topic effects? If we do, not only does it show favoritism to other metas, but we aren't developing counters to the play style. If we limit suppression to once per topic effects, counterplay devolves into hoping you can survive until their abilities run out, and then attacking them when they're powerless. It's less interactive, not as fun, and doesn't resolve competitive balance.
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Re: Suggesting Banned/Limited List

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