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Camilia Nuri

on February 4th 2017, 12:37 am
Camilia Nuri
Title Unknown

Female | Humanoid | 19 Years

Elemental Affinity
Aero | Metal | Water | Gravity

Stat Overview
STR 2 | CON 2 | AGI 2 | SYN 2 | MAG 2


At first glance, one would be forgiven for thinking that Camilia is someone that would be cold or uncaring. However, upon interacting with her, it becomes obvious that this is not true. She is indeed a very kind individual, having a rather impressive amount of patience and tolerance towards others. She also seems to possess a great deal of curiosity, as she is usually found tinkering with something or another. And yet, she doesn't really seem to suffer from the lack of social skills that usually comes with those who are usually found tinkering with things. However, do not mistake these traits as meaning that she is incapable of anger. She is not quick to anger, but when she is angered, it can prove rather scary at times. Of course, all of these traits hide what she considers her worst trait: her impulsiveness. While yes, she can be rational at times, and considers the consequences of things, more often than not she tends to jump right into something, or changes her plans entirely on a whim. This of course leads her to be a sort of messy person, but as a whole, she manages to deal with things in her own way.


Standing at five feet and eight inches tall, Camilia is not exactly an imposing figure. She has dark red hair, usually styled in whichever way will keep it out of her face, a desire that has also caused it to be cut short, coming down to about the midpoint of her neck in the back, and touching the end of her neck on either side of her face. She also has bright blue eyes and a fairly pale complexion. The most notable part of her appearance however, is the two purple fangs seemingly tattooed onto her face. Nobody truly knows where she gets them from, as she apparently has had them since her birth.

Outside of physical aspects of her body, she tends to favor shirts that are fairly tight fitting, which usually come down to the end of her stomach, and have a contrasting color scheme of black and gold. However, she will occasionally wear loose fitting shirts, ditching the dark color scheme for a brighter one. But, when it comes to a choice between pants or any other form of clothing to cover the bottom half of her body, she always chooses pants, usually made custom to be both tight fitting, but allowing for flexibility as well.

Scanning...Additional Data Located. Uploading,..

Space Paranoids/The Grid: Upon entering the datascape, Camilia's appearance changes very little, adding only one additional piece of attire. The first piece of attire is a pair of  tight fitting black fingerless gloves onto her hands, which have trim running all along the palms that glow with a dark Emerald hue, the color of which is shared among all of her clothing's seemingly required trim.

Halloween Town: When entering Halloween Town, Camilia's appearance changes greatly, as her hair and skin lose all color, and her clothes are turned into long, flowing black and orange robes. Her blue eyes turn into a deep red as the Sclera turn into the darkest black, making the red iris's seem to glow. Because of how pale her skin has become, her veins crisscross over her entire body, appearing as a very dark blue, often confused with black.

Christmas Town: Sharing the complete tonal shift from Halloween Town to Christmas Town, Camilia's skin and hair gain their color back. However, it should be noted that she also gains green highlights running throughout her hair. Her attire changes once again, turning from the black and orange robes worn in Halloween Town to a much more snugly fitting dark green coat, lined across the hem of the sleeves, the hem of the bottom, and the hem of the neck with white fur. She also gains a pair of snugly fitting white gloves, and a pair of thick, but loose fitting jeans, and very stereotypical pointed shoes, making it very fitting for the "elf" theme that the world has decided would be her appearance in this town.

Atlantica: Atlantica affects Camilias appearance rather..interestingly. When entering this world, her upper body has no change in form or attire. However, she is also granted a mermaid tail that is covered in dark green and red scales, shimmering brightly in the light.

Pride Lands: The Pride Lands affect Camilia's appearance the absolute most out of any of the worlds. While within the pride lands, Camilia shifts into a red furred mandrill, with her prominent purple fang birthmarks still upon her face, though they shift location, turning into a color deformity in the fur along her jawline.


Born in Radiant Garden, Camilia never really knew much strife in her life, due to the general peace of the world. Of course, growing up, this general peace meant that there was a lot of boredom to assuage. When she was smaller, she managed this by tinkering with small items, taking them apart and inspecting the way they worked before putting them back together into a different form. As she got older, this tinkering scaled up in size to include tinkering with most kinds of machinery. This in turn made her kind of the local gearhead. She wasn't too good with electronics, but give her something mechanical and she could probably find several things to do with it.

Eventually however, while looking in the cities library, she stumbled across a strange, blank covered book, bound in leather rather than what the other books in the library were bound in. She brought it up to the librarian, who stated that she had no idea what it was, and had never seen it on her shelves before, and allowed Camilia to take it home with her, as a sort of repayment for having helped fix some of the automated things around the building earlier in the week. When she first opened up the book, Camilia was very much confused, as it talked about something that she was sure didn't exist: Magic. Though, she had to admit..it was definitely an interesting book.

So, in between her general time spent tinkering with things, and the times she was asked to try and fix something for someone around town, Camilia read the book, and tried her best to practice some of what was within it. At first, she could only do minor things based around moving the air around her. She could lift light objects, like one of her screwdrivers, she was able to push things around with waves of her hand, and many other minor things. Of course, the book wasn't a reliable source of knowledge on magic. Much of its content was faded, many pages were missing, and it just was in poor shape. Eventually, Camilia got through the entire book, and was just starting to grasp the basics of how to manipulate metal. Unfortunately, the book ended prematurely, as a good portion of the final pages of the book were missing. However, she found a symbol emblazoned on the inside of the back cover. It was faded, but very obviously was the symbol of the castle's scholars. Camilia was around fifteen at this time.

By this point, she felt very much like a thief. For a good year or so, she kept the book hidden, and only utilized the basics of what she knew to enhance her ability to repair things. Of course, eventually her guilt got the better of her. Eventually she did go up to the castle, and returned the damaged book to the scholars, explaining how she had happened upon it. They discussed things for several hours, and eventually there was an agreement reached, where Camilia would stay with the scholars for a set number of years, learning as much as she wanted, while also assisting several scholars in their research.

Over this series of years, Camilia picked up quite a bit in the arts of synthesis and magic, and in doing so, her physical condition improved as well. Her time with the scholars however, has recently ended. She is now free to do as she wishes, and has even managed to repair a small, strange vessel. Supposedly, it would allow for her to travel through the stars. What she will see in her adventures is unknown, but she is definitely excited to see where things go from here.

Legacy Information

Username: Takeshi

Word Count: 12,000

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Re: Camilia Nuri

on February 4th 2017, 4:41 pm

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Re: Camilia Nuri

on February 4th 2017, 5:07 pm
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Re: Camilia Nuri

on February 8th 2017, 3:01 pm
Camilia's fourth element-Cure-has been replaced with the element of Gravity.

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Re: Camilia Nuri

on February 8th 2017, 3:04 pm

Darkness | Gravity | Cure | Time
Black Bishop
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Re: Camilia Nuri

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