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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Drip, drop, drip drop..

The lone sound echoed through the solemn shadowy cavern walls. Crystals came out of the cracks of the cave's violet hued walls, some an emerald green and others bending in to the hue of the walls. The crystals were enormous, probably worth a lot. The floor was muddy and damp, dust and pebbles were scattered everywhere and it was no help that the dim light radiating from the crystals did not provide much of a warning. It was definitely a tripping hazard this place. Added with the wet damp floor that made shoes and other footwear hard to grip and tread upon the surface. Long cracks made rivers in the floor, luminous but eerie cerulean water flowed through these tiny cracks. In fact they looked absolutely beautiful as the patterns of the liquid reflected and floated on the cave's walls. Though as the room went on it began darker and darker until the only thing you see ahead was pitch-black darkness. The air in the cavern had a damp feeling to it, cold and wet were the words but of course anyone thinking a cave like this would be hot was probably an idiot of some sort. Unless there was actually a warm cave out there somewhere. Though there were traces of railroad tracks and old abandoned lights let to rot on the cavern floor forever, perhaps this is just an old mine shaft? Looks too interesting to be just that. This was only from just peeking inside the cave by the ladder that led up and down from the large hole in Hollow Bastion's castle. The hole was probably formed by heartless or someone that couldn't be trusted with a bulldozer. The cave contrasted the city of this world, everything outside was warm, sunny and up lifting while in the cave a mysterious dark sense seemed to linger. Waiting to be found and exploited for knowledge then sold for a high and nice price but to keep all of the good stuff for one to use.

The girl climbed back up from the ladder and slid down from the entry of the hole to take one last look at the sun before heading back down into the gloomy place. The girl was a nobody since any actual human being wears a necklace with half a nobody symbol on it. She had long crimson red hair that flowed down her back gently and neatly but her long bangs were messily over her now blue eyes and some were even sticking up from her head slightly, a little bit spiked outwards. The girl's outfit was her regular ripped used-to-be cloak but now jacket with a pattern of white flames that contrasted from the black fabric, her own personal touch to the once traditional wear of the nobody group called organization XIII that once ran the worlds with chaos just to get their hearts back. Was that the only thing that dives a nobody? To reach and obtain the heart it once had. No, not really. The organization were just a bunch of whiners that couldn't deal with the fact that they're screwed and that they had a really REALLY bad plan. The jacket was worn open to reveal the simple black tee shirt underneath; it was tight around her chest and waist. For lower garments the girl wore black jeans that like her jacket ended with a pattern of white flames that circled the bottoms of the legs. Her shoes were also a dark shade, white laces were tucked into them since the female was a little too lazy to tie them every time they got loose. The female was only fourteen years old and still rather young, much younger then most people that were usually turned into nobodies.

The girl's sea blue hued eyes watched the sky for a bit as she pondered on continuing the task of going into the cavern today. It's been something the girl has wanted to do for a while besides there could be something worth setting on fire in there. Or maybe something worth keeping as a souvenir, in any case the girl now made up her mind. Surely the creatures in the cave would be just as many as the ones out here. No problem at all. The girl pulled herself back up to her feet, slowly but surely then turned around to face the hole, she stared down at the dark shadow that led to the bottom of the cave. Sure the ladder that went down into it was safe and secure but who the hell uses a ladder when having a bit of fun? The girl balanced herself out on the ledge of the entrance; a little smile was on her lips as she looked down into the darkness of the cave. No end could be seen which was just perfect. The girl leapt and for a one second it seemed like she was floating before gravity came and took it's place sending her falling to the ground. There was and never could be any fear in a nobody, fear was an emotion which they had none. There was simply the pure essence of adrenaline that swept through her empty shell like body. It was simply a sense of extreme measures and becoming close to death, it was the highlight of any nobody's day.

The girl was lucky enough to land on her feet, though her hair was messed up even more so. The Humanoid nobody couldn't care less about her appearance though, vanity was not apart of her system. The way a person looked male or female held no reverence to their survival. Only their will to learn, live and their strength mattered in life, not the light or darkness that dwells in their heart. It only takes a soul and a will to survive, hearts are as irreverent as the beauty in that case. Alexa's light blue eyes skimmed over the surroundings of the cavern once again, examining the pure mystery that surround each wall and crystal. Her left foot moved forward as her right foot followed behind, her walk was slow and careful on the damp ground and her irises that still held the same blue hue were examining each of the crystals that were deeply buried in the walls of the cave. The girl continued walking through the path, ready for heartless or anything that came out at her in an aggressive motion.

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watching from the shadows stood a 6ft tall man in a black hooded trench coat with blood red flames along the bottom and sleeves, black loose fitting pant with the same flames aloong the bottom, no shirt, and an 8ft long blood red zanboto. 'why send me to follow this one.she don't look to dangerions.' i thought watching her. 'i should have takin the assassination job. much more fun then this.'

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This is another dead topic (the account that made it is no longer an active account either). Check the time of the last post and contact the people who were in it before if you wanna do a revival.

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