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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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General Information

   Name: Josephine Dobson
         Nickname: Jojo
   Age: 12
   Sex: Female
   Species: Human
   Appearance: She stands at the height of 4'11 with a petite body shape that has a pale complexion despite spending most of her days outside under the hot island sun. She has bright blue eyes that are usually beaming with new ideas or dulled by the boredom that she may find plaguing her good vibes and good times. ("I blame society!") She always wears a white hat which may never be taken off her head. ("I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to get it off. After three days, I gave up and even forget that it's there sometimes.") she wears a white dress with blue trimmings on the sides outlining certain parts of her dress. Two sphere bracelets may always be found adorning her wrists on her feet usually from time to time she will wear rather large white shoes that blue sphere trimming around the top of them. The last but most noticeable feature about Jojo is that her hair is cut in front so they still cover her forehead however every single strand of her aside from the front comes together to form tails that have arrow pointer edges. There usually is around twelve at first glance, however it is usually hard to tell how many there are by just looking at them
         Space Paranoids/The Grid: Digital skin of current outfit.
         Halloween Town: The 'Tendrils' of her hair become octopus tenatcles and the top of her hat has a silly demon face on it.
         Christmas Town: Clothes become christmas theme in a lovely mix of red and green's with candy canes hanging off of her tendrils.
         Atlantica: Legs disappear and she gets a lovely bright blue tail that shines in the light while her dress becomes a tank top to cover her chest.
         Pride Lands: She becomes a small lion in it tweens with her long hair and hat still covering her head.
   Personality: Her personality is quite sporadic, while she is a well natured girl who usually tends to keep to herself. She is aware of the other worlds however has only been to one with her parents on a business trip. Trust is a very important matter within her life. A young girl who isn't even close to the phrase 'mature for her age' she usually tends to enjoy life on her own. Often, she will see items and or objects that she find's interesting which will make her willing to spend time focused on it. People are an entirely different matter though, most of the time she's very blunt with them. Her innocence unfortunately has also caused her to be extremely blunt while stating in public. An example: "Wow, you're really fat! Are you pregnant with twins!?...Oh you're should walk around more then and get off that scooter or else you probably die~ Take care grocery man!” A girl of asexual descent and never learning anything about romance or anything among that subject. She is considered an utter dunce when that subject is presented to her, odds being she will usually get bored and leave. Anger is usually not her strong suit due to the fact she's never really felt the emotion. She has felt annoyance and irradiation, not to mention peeved. However, she has never truly hated another creature within her life.

Jojo is not a fighter, she isn't even close to the word. Fighting or weapon play has never been a part of her life. She could barely fight her way out of a wet paper-bag even if her life depended on it. Her hair is a different matter entirely, though she can barely control when it chooses to 'act up'. The concept of magic is unknown and completely foreign to her; to this very date she is still confused to how that guy was able to pull the rabbit out of his hat at that little show they had on the island. She is only able to last so long before she takes a seat and relaxes. Pondering what her next adventure would be before returning to her playtime and having fun on the beach which is her favorite activity.


          STR ---- 10 How hard does your character hit?
          CON ---- 10 How many hits can your character take?
          AGI ---- 10 How fast is your character?
          SYN ---- 0 How skillful is your character at crafting items and weapons?
          MAG ---- 0 How adept at magic are you?


   Elements: Earth t2 Electricty t2 Fire t2
History and Legacy

She was born into a normal islander family. Her family held no secrets from her and family tree really didn't hold any strange or abnormal people. Her life is that of a usual one for a girl her age who doesn't have to worry about education or rather anything other then what to do next with her time. Around this last time last year, she came across the infamous white hat. She had gotten it from an exhibit at the local aquarium that was displaying ancient artifacts.

Truth be told the fabric on top of her head seems to be older then the very world she lives on. Once belonging to someone of past times, however Jojo never really paid attention to that that part. The fabric is completely unknown to her, however there is definitely something odd about the hat. What she thought was simply a pretty replica turned out to be the real thing, thanks to a mistake made by the security guard who was watching over the exhibit. When she initially came to the conclusion that the hat was not coming off, naturally she went to her parents. They tried their best to take it off, though despite their best efforts each attempt was met with failure. This lead them to an 'dramatic' visit to the emergency room, and even to the homes of some local priests and some well-known mages who practiced the magic arts. Finally, believing it may have been all within her they took her to a therapist.   Throughout all of these times the hat never budged once.

Jojo at first was shocked that she was stuck with the hat, however she grew to like it overtime. It kept the top of head clean and warm after all. It wasn't until a couple of weeks after she got the hat she noticed her hair had changed and now had these weird arrows all throughout the ends of her hair. It was the most amazing thing ever! She gloated to her parents who were shocked when they first saw, however they went to go make some more phone calls to the therapist thinking he was the best bet. They seemed to be doing that more and more lately.

Jojo still lives on the island with her mother and father on their home within the coastal city. She still visits the beaches to play never once really heading to the weird island in the distance simply because it was too far for her to care. Though she is interested in soon visiting worlds and considering she’s only two years underneath the proper age to go adventuring, what could possibly go wrong?

   If you are legacy character, please include the below in your template. For more information on legacy characters, refer to this topic.
         Username: Ansemthegreat
         Word Count: 60k

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