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Agnes || The Fire Elemental

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Agnes || The Fire Elemental Empty Agnes || The Fire Elemental

Post by Agnes on February 1st 2017, 10:57 pm

Anges Eldr’Brandt
Actual::One-hundred Seventy-four | Appears::Twenty-three
Female | Somebody

    > Physical Description
  • -Before-
  • -After-

    > Outfit Description
  • Having the air of punkish delinquent, Agnes has a fashion sense that is both ruggish and stylish. Dressing up any more than that, and she’d be far too noticeable. It’s all the flowing red locks. Yup. Definitely the red hair. Which is also kept in a messy, yet meticulously cared for state. On particularly cold nights, Agnes can be seen wearing her favorite army green parka with the fur trim.

In short, Agnes has a fiery temperament, in both good and bad ways. Short fused, yet passionate, she stands for what she believes in and fights for it. It wasn’t unusual for her to take the rejects of society, the unwanted, and the homeless under her wing, providing for them a means to get their foot in the door and raise themselves up. For those that dragged their feet, Agnes was known to give them a fair bit of tough love until they got out of their rut.

In recent times, the fiery elemental has become more recluse. She keeps to herself, does her odd jobs to get by, and otherwise keeps her nose out of trouble. Since losing her home, she’s been looking for a way back, though has had few leads, if any at all.

Stats and Elements
STR ---- 8 || CON ---- 6 || AGI ---- 5 || SYN ---- 3 || MAG ---- 8

Fire || Earth || Aero || Metal || Thunder

As one of the extremely rare elementals on her homeworld, Agnes grew up with many expectations placed on her shoulders to ascend her predecessor as the Fire Elemental, one of the Four Elementals. Despite that, she maintained a rather independent and level-headed personality. She didn’t allow others to persuade her opinions, and remained passionate about matters that mattered to her people.

Being that her Dominion resided in the warmer regions, such as the volcanic areas, deserts, and wastelands, it was her primary concern to get her people the supplies and water that they needed, and to ease the burden that came with the beating sun. Within her Dominion, Agnes was able to absorb the heat and convert it into energy that she could store or use. Doing so also allowed her to preserve the few waterholes that were spotted around her Dominion, preventing them from completely drying up.

It took a while, but eventually, Agnes was able to adapt to the lifestyle thrust upon her when her predecessor suddenly died - a suspected murder. Her reign lasted well over a century before the rise in darkness crept upon the world. Heartless appeared in masses, and quickly swallowed the defenseless world. They didn’t stand a chance against enemies they knew not how to fight. Try as they might, the Elementals and their people failed to fight back and fell to the darkness.

When she woke up after the ordeal, Agnes found herself in a strange, foreign place. Traverse Town, they called it. A home for those that lost theirs, they claimed. It was hard to swallow, and the loss of her Dominion left the Elemental weak and defenseless. It became easier to handle with time, but she was still left on a far lower level than she was used to. She was frustrated, irritated, and it showed.

To make a living for herself, the Elemental took on odd jobs and eventually found herself dealing in less than favorable jobs with less than favorable people. She became a runner for the underworld of Traverse Town, and periodically found herself being whisked away off world and to others. At one point, she was dropped into the arid Agrabah, which reminded her so much of home. It became a favorite spot to rest while her services weren’t needed. Though at the end of the day, she would always return to where she began. That was a promise.

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Agnes || The Fire Elemental Empty Re: Agnes || The Fire Elemental

Post by Hoshiko on February 2nd 2017, 2:44 pm


I'll be subtracting the proper word counts, as elements take away words. You won't have to worry about editing anything, though, I'll do it all.

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