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Celeste Kusaido Vagarosa

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Celeste Kusaido Vagarosa  Empty Celeste Kusaido Vagarosa

Post by Celeste Kusaido on February 1st 2017, 9:09 pm

General Information

Name: Celeste Kusaido Vagarosa
      Aliases: Goddess of Tactician/Goddess of Eternal Beauty
Age: 300:20 {300 in a Gods time, but converted to human age 20.}
Sex: Female
Species: God/Goddess
Celeste is a tall and very beautiful girl. People could describe her beauty as "beyond the expected beauty of this world," with "glamour surpassing humans." A goddess if you must.

Celeste's color theme is blue. She has long, straight blue hair that reaches down to her waist. She usually tied her hair into a ponytail-bun with a hair clip. She also has blue eyes and wears blue clothing. Her normal attire consists of a vest, detached sleeves, thigh-high boots, a miniskirt and a transparent underskirt.
Space Paranoids/The Grid: In this world, Celeste undergoes a transformation her usually attire now becomes an corset with trims that illuminate a azure color, that, below this dress is a sort of spandex which matches her skin color and covers her entire body, ending by her neck. On her both of her shoulder's rest armor-pads made which illuminate a bright white color, almost like a star.
     Halloween Town:Upon entering Halloween Town her attire changes it's color theme including colors such as orange and brown trims with black as the main feature.
     Christmas Town: Christmas Town, Celeste gains a short Christmas-themed dress, like an alternate version of Santa, only not fat but slim.
     Atlantica: Celeste is stripped of her clothing in Atlantica, gaining a mermaid tail, white as snow with azure seashells on her breasts, covering her nipples.
     Pride Lands:In Pride Lands, Celeste shifts into a lioness with white fur with blue tips. 
Personality: Celeste can be ambitious, romantic and a bit stubborn about any and all life matters. She possesses great devotion to any and all work, such as tasks or favors asked. She has unquestionable courage when it comes down to risking it all for her friends, or anyone she cares for in that matter. She enjoys being highly active and taking risks, she however doesn't enjoy failing or losing. Nor does she enjoy working with coward-like people but however she will tolerate them to the best of her ability. Celeste can be found trying to do competitions at times to either hone or show off her skills to show how great she is.

Celeste can be full of energy and the most sociable person as well as one of the more intelligent beings across the realms. Her intelligence doesn't just come from her books or being a previous Goddess, it comes for her natural knack of being a tactician. She will always try to find the most beneficial solution to any situation. Celeste is a trustworthy person, she will die keeping someones secret if it's of that importance. She can be enthusiastic when surrounded by the right crowd which also boosts her self-confidence. 

Celeste doesn't know it but she has a natural knack for being a leader and a visionary. A dreamer is what she is, but not just a dreamer a dream chaser, one to conquer any dreams she sets out for. 

She can self-doubt herself a lot at times, but this is a trait she tries not to show. Also she is a person to judge someones choices on certain situations like a way they went about a issue with a stranger/friend or how they fought, but her opinions are kept to herself. This is her more negative side she tends to hide from existence. 

However don't mistake this Goddess' kindness, she can be ruthless when need be. Quick to carry out a mission's requirements making sure to follow through with her orders.

Just like most Gods/Goddess' Celeste can be unpredictable when it comes to her emotions. One minute she could be perfectly fine, but then quickly introverted and refusing to communicate, depending on if she was triggered or not. An important note is, even her kindness and generosity has it's limits. If she has her eyes set on something she will do anything and everything to achieve it and throw everyone else's emotions or opinions in the trash.


      STR ---- 1
      CON ---- 1
      AGI ---- 2
      SYN ---- 1
      MAG ---- 0


  • Water
  • Gravity
  • Cure
  • Ink

History and Legacy

In a world that differed from the others ones, not even Olympus compared to the world that this Goddess was resided in. Her history all started three-hundred years ago, when a small boy had wished upon a shooting star, for a God to reveal themselves to him, it was that one wish three centuries from this day that a Goddess was born. Yes, born from a child's wish, this is what made Celeste more unique than any other God out there, she was born from the tears the boy shed and the wish he made upon a star. As his role-model.

"Why hello, child."
A blue-haired woman greeted the boy.

His eyes sparkled as he stared upon the glowing humanoid.

"Are you, God?" The boy asked, his hands clasped together as he would kneel into a prayer position. "Please, help my mother she's sick and my father...- he's losing hope in her, he thinks she's going to die... I heard him talking of leaving me if mother died..."

"There are no needs for tears, child. You may call me Celeste." Celeste smiled, hugging the child. "I shall see what I can do."

Embracing the boy in her warmth, from that day forward Celeste became the a known Goddess, her title was still just plain God, she was not known for anything, yet. Through the boy's life she helped him with any pain he experienced, she was even there for his wedding, she became like a mother for him, especially when his parents had died of old age, something she hadn't been able to prevent. Just like how she had helped him, she had helped his children, and their children.

"Celeste... please watch over my family and the generations to come." The boy who now an old man whispered to her.

Celeste's eyes began to tear-up. "Of course... anything for your Nathan..."

Nathan on his dying breathe hugged Celeste one last time to feel her warmth, just as he had done as a child. Celeste, went on with her life and continued to help his family and the generations to come.

However one day, one of Nathan's great great great grandson had gone down a dark path, he had summoned upon their world dark forces unknown to them, unlike anything anyone had seen. Shadow humanoids lashed out upon the citizens, none of them experienced in battle because it had been peaceful for the world, since it had been created. Celeste being the only one who could take on the shadow humanoids, took to arms teaching the citizens of the her world how to fight and to craft swords. In two weeks she had taught over a thousand people how to fight hand to hand, and how to craft. Those people branched out to teach the remaining population.

"Follow me into battle!"
Celeste yelled, "For I shall be your beautiful tactician! For I am the Goddess of these lands!"

Celeste had lead each soul willing to battle for their safety into battle. She lead them with brilliant plans of tacticians only true war-geniuses could come up with. As the war raged on, it all came down to a final battle between Baris, Nathan's grandson, who had some sort of dark magic.

"I see the Goddess of Tactician has made it past my whole army of underlings."
Baris smirked, "However. My Grandfather almost two centuries ago, created you; doesn't that mean I can banish what thoughts he had, since I hail from him?"

Celeste gasped, "No..." She looked at the ground, "It shouldn't."

Celeste however knew he could strip her of power that she had, so she had to act quick, leaping out at him, a staff appeared in her hand, and her left hand clutched in a fist emitted a golden aura.

"God's Fury!" Celeste yelled.

She ran at him, slamming her fist into him, and then pointing the staff at him, as an explosion went off, that covered for miles upon miles, even herself. However Baris appeared not even phased.

"You see, Goddess of Beauty... you can't harm what you promised to help, nor what has descended from your creator." Baris laughed, uncontrollably. "NOW TIME TO ENTER A NEW PHASE, YOU SHALL BE POWERLESS! FADE AWAY WITH THIS WORLD!"

Baris had casted a spell that covered the whole world in darkness, which ate at anything the world' possessed, especially the light. More so at her power, but the explosion of his spell sent her flying, with what last bit of strength she possessed she opened a portal, so she could escape the now dying realm. She would crash on Olympus, as darkness ate away at her power source. For another century the Goddess slept, one day awakening, to a circle of Demi-Gods and Demi-Goddesses around her.

"Oh good, your awake. It seems the darkness ate at you till every ounce of power you possessed was gone... I'm surprised you awoke." A gladiator informed the woman.

Celeste sighed, "I see... thank you all very much."

With that the woman left. Now the once proud and confident Goddess roamed worlds, powerless and always having self doubt in each action she made. She couldn't believe that a promise ended up being her self-destruction.
Celeste Kusaido
Celeste Kusaido

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Celeste Kusaido Vagarosa  Empty Re: Celeste Kusaido Vagarosa

Post by Jojo on February 6th 2017, 7:31 pm


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