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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Scientist's Forte

Skill Lvl. 1
Name: Schemer's Vision
Effects: Chastelle is able to see the exact layout of any area within 50 feet of her, as well as silhouettes of any person within said 50 feet.  When activated ,the image is seen within Chastelle's head and is able to be solidly memorized for the active duration.
Element(s): N/A
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown: 3 posts

Skill Lvl. 2
Name: Magnet Grasp
Effects: Chastelle's Synth items not in her current possession, as well as small, lightweight metal objects, will begin slowly moving towards her (about 5MPH), dragging along the ground and climbing up walls if needed.  Effect length is 35 feet.
Element(s): Thunder/Metal
Duration: Varies, the object becomes unaffected when within 3 inches of Chastelle.
Cooldown: 4 posts

Skill Lvl. 3
Name: Built with Fortitude
Effects: Chastelle's Summons are resistant to Thunder and Metal attacks as well as any form of physical attack, and also only move quarter distance when forcefully moved.
Element(s): Metal
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Skill Lvl. 4
Name: Fade Out
Effects: Chastelle is able to make herself invisible, her footsteps silent, and her presence near non-existent.  Any sort of attack, skill, spell, summon, or form she uses while invisible ends the skill.
Element(s): Illusion/Sound
Duration: 3 posts or until listed action is made
Cooldown: 5 posts

Skill Lvl. 5
Name: Ghost Step
Effects: Chastelle leaves a hologram behind as she moves.  The hologram looks exactly like her, yet is completely intangible.  The hologram moves in the way Chastelle wants it to, and is programmed with enough sentience to be able to move without running into things - however, being a hologram, it cannot move or open objects in its path.
Element(s): Illusion
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 3 posts

Skill Lvl. 6
Name: Shock Absorber
Effects: Chastelle can transfer any phsyical damage she would take to all of her existing Summons, treating the damage as magic Thunder damage.  When Shock Absorber is active, Chastelle has a light-blue glow of her own.
Element(s): Thunder/Metal
Duration: 3 Posts, but is dismissable.
Cooldown: 3 Posts after Shock Absorber stops being active

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Skill 1: I'd say be more detailed. I suggest looking at Monte's similar skill for a better example.

Skill 3: Immunities are not allowed, both to poison and dispelling.

Skill 4: This is a bit underpowered imo, you could decrease the cool down or increase the duration if you want.

Skill 5: This is way too weak. You could do this with passive magic or synth without taking up a slot.

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