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Post by re:Admin on January 31st 2017, 11:23 pm

Spells are magical attacks or counters used in the midst of battle. Because of this, as well as your magic regenerating, spells cannot be passives.

All spells are in increments of 5. People cannot create spells with costs more than their default max MP.

Each spell has one effect. Additional effects should be listed separately.

Spells usually consist of elemental magic, though it is possible to create spells that lack any elemental alignment, which is known as Arcane magic. This magic would work in a similar way as Darkness and Light.

Once your MP reaches 0 or if voluntary, it enters a cool down period. The recommended length is 5 posts, however this can be altered or even forgone at your digression.

The amount of MP you can put into a spell at once is 250MP. While your MP pool may be bigger than that, you cannot put more than that amount into a single spell.

Spells can only be powered by MP. The one exception to this is for transferring Focus Points. In that case you may use FP to transfer FP.

You do not need to use an incantation or special movements when casting a spell, and doing so won't increase the power or reduce the cost.

Spells cannot have cool downs.

The magic and synth stats cannot be buffed or debuffed, only the abilities and damage output.

Negating a synthesis ability can be determined by 25MP per SYN level (a SYN 10 ability would cost 250MP to negate).

Magic can be used in small, passive ways without taking up a slot or using MP, such as having a book levitate in front of you. Keep in mind, however, that this can be easily countered in the same manner and can't be viably used in battle.

Magical constructs can be created, which are separate beings that you can control.

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