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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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There are five stats that define how powerful your character is. Three of them are physical stats (Strength, Constitution, and Agility) and two supernatural stats (Magic and Synthesis).

Your stats are measured by points, with the minimum 1 and the maximum 10. Magic and Synthesis are the only stats that can be at 0. You cannot surpass the maximum, meaning the most stat points you can have is 50 (10 for each stat).

Stat growth is static, meaning the increase from one stat point to the next is the same no matter how far along you are, and that a STR 5 is half as strong as a STR 10.

Stat points also determine your character level, which in itself determines other factors.

Level 1 | 00 stat points
Level 2 | 10 stat points
Level 3 | 15 stat points
Level 4 | 20 stat points
Level 5 | 25 stat points
Level 6 | 30 stat points

Strength (STR)

Strength measures how physically strong you are and not only affects how much physical damage you can do, but also how much you can lift, how high you can jump, and other such things. With each point you dedicate to STR, the more damage you can do, which is represented by ten modifiers.

For every point in strength, your character can lift one hundred lbs with ease, two hundred with some effort, and three hundred with extreme effort, but the maximum can only be lifted for a short time. When maxed out, or at STR 10, your character can easily break concrete blocks.

Below is a short explanation about how much damage a single, all out hit you can do at each level.
STR 1 - Low Minor Damage
STR 2 - Minor Damage
STR 3 - High Minor Damage
STR 4 - Low Average/Moderate Damage
STR 5 - Average/Moderate Damage
STR 6 - High Average/Moderate Damage
STR 7 - Low Major Damage
STR 8 - Major Damage
STR 9 - High Major Damage
STR 10 - Low Extreme Damage

Constitution (CON)

Constitution, or more commonly known as defense, is the stat that determines how much damage a character can take before going down and how much damage affects them. CON also isn't measured by any numbers, and it up to the judgements of you.

The list below shows a rough estimate of how many consecutive attacks it will take to take somebody down. As time goes on in a battle, and because we donít factor in stamina, a personís Constitution is slowly restored. One attack per post wonít result in their precise defeat in ten posts.

However, Constitution is also largely based on an honor system. Keep in mind that these are rough estimates, and that it is up to the member controlling the character to know when they should go down. If you feel as though your opponent is not respecting this, please message them in private and talk to them about it.
CON 1 - 1 Extreme Damage
CON 2 - 2 Extreme Damage
CON 3 - 3 Extreme Damage
CON 4 - 4 Extreme Damage
CON 5 - 5 Extreme Damage
CON 6 - 6 Extreme Damage
CON 7 - 7 Extreme Damage
CON 8 - 8 Extreme Damage
CON 9 - 9 Extreme Damage
CON 10 - 10 Extreme Damage

Agility (AGI)

Agility is how fast you are. It determines how fast you can run, or how fast you can move (throw a punch or turn your head). It also determines your reaction time and comprehension of the events around you. The higher your AGI is, the more likely you will be able to dodge a sudden attack or come up with a solution.
AGI 1 - 20MPH
AGI 2 - 25MPH
AGI 3 - 30MPH
AGI 4 - 35MPH
AGI 5 - 40MPH
AGI 6 - 45MPH
AGI 7 - 50MPH
AGI 8 - 55MPH
AGI 9 - 60MPH
AGI 10 - 65MPH

Magic (MAG)

Magic is a supernatural force that can be utilized to assist you in combat. It is one of the two stats that can be at 0 and also cannot be increased or decreased through any ability. Magic is used to create powerful spells that use Magic Points (MP).

The MAG stat determines how much MP you can commit to a single spell at a time. While your character's MP pool itself may be infinite, the amount MP that can be put into a single spell cannot exceed 250MP (i.e. you cannot have a 255MP spell).

MAG 0 - 0MP
MAG 1 - 25MP
MAG 2 - 50MP (equivalent to a STR 10 raw attack)
MAG 3 - 75MP
MAG 4 - 100MP
MAG 5 - 125MP
MAG 6 - 150MP
MAG 7 - 175MP
MAG 8 - 200MP
MAG 9 - 225MP
MAG 10 - 250MP

Synthesis (SYN)

Synthesis reflects a userís ability to create supernatural objects and utilize their abilities, as well as durability. While a character may have someone else create the object, allowing them its strongest form, they wonít necessarily have access to its abilities if they do not have a high enough stat. The stronger the ability, the more investment in synth is needed. Magic and Synthesis are parallel in concept, and the power of a Synthesis ability is relative to MP of the same stat level. A SYN 1 level ability is equal to a 25MP spell, while a SYN 10 ability is equal to a 250MP spell.

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