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OC Note 0. Anti Black Coat Vessel (RedEyes) (WIP)

on January 30th 2017, 6:29 pm
R E D E Y E S: V E S S E L O F N I G H T M A R E S
     "Red Eyes"
Fromer: Nightmare Current: Vessel Bound Physical Entity

Highly intelligent and highly wise. Red eyes has consumed enough dark energy from Sora's dreams to have the knowledge all the way up to Kingdom Hearts 3 of past events and history.He is a clever deceiver, acting as a herald of destruction and a freelance mercenary and villain, who aids only those he deems "worthy" to ask for his wisdom and assistance. His side however..Is of his own.
      STR ---- 0
      CON ---- 0
      AGI ---- 0
      SYN ---- 0
      MAG ---- 0

The Anti Black Cloak Nightmare was a creation of Sora's nightmare, a physical manifestation that embodied all the darkness he had while in his 'stasis" of a deep sleep. He sadly lost to Riku who successfully woke him, however, he has returned in a vessel of a 17-year-old blonde male only known as "Kysar" who looks like a mix between Ventus and Roxas. The A.B.C.N now has a name of its own, it addresses itself as "Red Eyes" and is searching for the key blade wielder.


Red Eyes simply stares at you, his endless gaze of burning red eyes looks directly to you, scanning you..Watching..Waiting..

T H E  V O I D...

T H E  E M P T Y..

T H E A N T I B L A C K C O A T N I G H T M A R E..

(Red Eyes)

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