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Professor Serin
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Serin (Legacy - Full 60k) Done

on January 29th 2017, 12:17 am

Human | 81 yrs | Male

Necromancer | ♇rofessor | Mage

Curious. Creative. Caring. Conniving. Cynical. Sinister.

Wilhelm is a quaint professor, teaching different areas of magic in a college within Radiant Garden. He took this role with pride and it made him into a caring and invested man. Whenever someone entered his eye of interest, he tried to assume a fatherly role. Other than his family-man stance on teaching, he was quite the curious mind. Always experimenting different schools of magic, even more forbidden areas.

Wilhelm does have a dark greed inside him. Something that clawed its way to the surface but never truly reached, pushing him to study more forbidden subjects. This also contributed to a selfishness which in this case it means he is the epitome of someone who disregards others for their own wealth. Wilhelm was always a man of complex taste across all genres; whether it be food or otherwise.

Wilhelm is also a lover of animals, despite utilizing them for necromantic studies. The only two he shant not sacrifice are his ageless pet Raven and Rat, always idly watching him at his desk. He cares for them, casting aside his selfishness and conniving nature. If people were to truly know them, they'd come face to face with the deeply rooted cynicism within him. Some might even call the necromancer...sinister. But for now, he is merely a professor preaching wonder.

♇ower. Discovery. Enchantment.




The grim and dull beginnings of one’s childhood is irrelevant. The dreary and drab is often an extra detail, but for some, it is the greatest detail. While what lies ahead is likely not to be of any use as to why Hollrage came to become a part of Wilhelm, it will still be present.

Wilhelm was born into magic and creation. A baby of ingenuity and wonder. His parents spent night and day brewing wild potions and mad machinery, often leaving him to the nanny. They were a wealthy family, but that didn’t stop the pressure from his parents to get his gears going. At a young age, he began participating and even attend a College for magic and craft, being more invested in the former.

Through his years, he had met many a scholar and learned of the sea of skies. Taking his travels abroad, he decided to see all the different flavors of existence and mana across all the pieces. It would be in there that he would discover the sinister underside of the Realm. That of darkness and the hollow shells left behind. The spiderweb of curiosity led him to learn so many things from this. That of keyblades, the heart, and even artifacts scattered across the world.

One of the primary nodes of noteworthy information was an object of many names. The Philosopher’s Stone. The Kalasha. Murgleys. Velificatio. So many names, and every bit of culture led him to discover the more powerful worlds held artifacts all over them with some sort of ambiguous goal to their existence. Making it his duty to collect these artifacts, he came to find out that some held darker truths and directions for a dimensional summoning.

Unable to figure out how to trigger the summoning, Wilhelm spent years residing in Radiant Garden and slowly experimenting with necromantic magic as well as mystical oddities. Becoming a professor, he was a figure of respect to many. While there would be the occasional….permanent borrowing of a student for experiments, he kept at his research. Eventually, experimenting with summoning, he conjured a raven he named Edgar and a rat he named Arnold.

Until he could figure out the summoning, he continued his studies as a professor. Training students in the ways of magic and teaching them the wonders of alchemy and synthesis. For many, he became like a grandfather filled to the brim with wisdom. Little did they know the sinister core. Magic, however, kept him invigorated in order to allow himself to carry out his goal.

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Re: Serin (Legacy - Full 60k) Done

on February 1st 2017, 6:55 am
Nice history, loved the read.

However, you have the old stats. Dexterity and speed were combined into agility, once the appropriate change has been made, this'll be done.

Professor Serin
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Re: Serin (Legacy - Full 60k) Done

on February 1st 2017, 2:28 pm
Fixed, it was just the five stats but I get why you'd want me to change the abbreviation used

added elements btw
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Re: Serin (Legacy - Full 60k) Done

on February 1st 2017, 2:47 pm
All good here.


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Re: Serin (Legacy - Full 60k) Done

on February 4th 2017, 10:01 pm
Merely changed the elements
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Re: Serin (Legacy - Full 60k) Done

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