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Iraeika Empty Iraeika

Post by Iraeika on January 19th 2017, 10:27 pm

Name: Iraeika Solstace
     Aliases: Fey-blood, Ira
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Species: Nelimus (Succubus)/Faerie (Half-breed)
Appearance: Iraeika looks as this image depicts, save for the features listed below the image:

Iraeika 38ec7110

She has weak and somewhat underdeveloped wings that don't generally offer flight. They are part of her, but given her origins, they don't work as they should. Her eyes are also dichromatic (each is a different color), with her left eye being a violet-blue, and her right looking like the image depicts. She's 4'0".
     Space Paranoids/The Grid: Now she dons a blue jumpsuit lined with white trim. Her hair floats gently (static electricity), and her wings take on a digital appearance.
     Halloween Town: Here her flowery clothing is largely replaced by wilting roses, dying thorny vines, and her skin becomes a shade of pale white, akin to a corpse.
     Christmas Town: Here her flowery coverings are replaced with red and green ribbons and bows, though she is otherwise unaltered.
     Atlantica: Her lower body becomes standard fare mermaid, with her tail taking on a violet color. Her upper body is only covered by a pair of silver dollar seashells. Her wings don't change, though they do help with steering ever so slightly.
     Pride Lands: She becomes a silver lioness, with the tips of her paws and tail taking on a purple color.
Personality: Iraeika is an emotionally detached being. Her past has caused her to lose faith in people, and she clammed up, locking her feelings away. Her feelings of isolation have led to her projecting herself as a hollow and uncaring entity. She wants to love and be loved more than anything, but is far too afraid to allow attachment. She decries her own Succubus heritage, and at one point actively rebelled against it, but now she uses it as a way to escape her past.
Elements: Gravity (T1), Cure (T2), Time (T2), Thunder (T1)
      STRENGTH -------- 1
      CONSTITUTION ---- 1
      AGILITY --------- 1
      SYNTHESIS ------- 1
      MAGIC ----------- 1

History: Iraeika is the bastard child of a Nelimus and an enslaved faerie. The Nelim are a people that have often been branded demons (Often called succubus) by most other species, because they feast on the energies of other living beings. While they don't explicitly need to seduce people and devouring their energy to survive, it is their best source of energy. Generally speaking, Nelim tend to be small group hunters. Keeping close to nature to keep themselves hidden from other species, and preying on their strays as needed. Their antitheses and usual mates are the Nari, also known as incubus. While the two species are technically the same genetically, they are not on good terms. Nari find and force themselves on Nelim women, often violently, and then leave them when they're done. It is possible to birth a Nari into their society, and in a fit of vengeance they are often left to rot in the woods. Sometimes they are found, sometimes they are not. In this violent and pseudo symbiotic way the species has survived.

Iraeika is one of a subset of children born to a non-Nari father, which can happen, though rarely (Nelim fertility is actually pretty bad by contrast, a female is lucky to ever birth even one). Nelim have the trait of being able to alter their forms subtly to match their partner's biology and desires (Nari do this too). Still, sexual energies are a source of nourishment and power for Nelim, and they do often partake in this action for the purpose of feeding. While this can kill the target, it is often only done to a point of weakness.

Iraeika rejected her lineage, finding the harm they inflicted on people to be immoral. In an effort to fight against her heritage, she started by abstaining from feeding through sexual means. While lesser, she could still get energy from the meat of an already dead creature (They do still have to eat anyways). This didn't dissuade her peers, who kept trying to push the idea on her. In a fit of revolt she declared herself a lesbian, completely unattracted to men, and made her way away from the family for a time in a fit of rebellion.

In the woods, she met an outcast Nari, one abandoned by the Nelim before. Partly out of pity, and partly out of spite, she decided to take care of the young Nari for a time. At first he was vulgar, distasteful, and obviously childish. Still, he was strong to have survived the woods all but alone for so long. It was really akin to a miracle, as an infant would have no way to survive the woods alone. The actuality of it was that the infant wasn't all that old, only very recently left there. She lived with him for 7 years, before he began to reach young maturity. She managed to successfully coexist with a Nari alone, and was going to demonstrate that there was another way to both of her peoples, to show them that there was a way to work together to become a single species.

It wasn't meant to be. Upon bringing the male back, he was overcome with his urges, and assailed her sisters. In her fear and grief, she fled once more, never to return...
Some time later, she was found by one of the Nari, and failed to escape. He forced himself on her, the monster taking glee in her suffering. Upon finishing, he left her, never to be seen again. She only noticed afterwards that it was the child she raised in the woods. There was no hope after all, love was a lie, family a farce. It was use, or be used. All of her youthful hope rended from her, she soon started taking her revenge on males of other species. She drained a few of their energy, killing them, and became enthralled with the powers it offered her. Rather than be the prey, she was now the predator. It wouldn't be long before her world was engulfed in darkness though, and she was absorbed by it. Despite her powers, and a fairly valiant struggle against creatures she could hardly touch, the consuming darkness took her to a new world...

((Note to mods; will make any of the "Abilities" listed in the history into actual abilities for approval if needed. Can also tone down the dark story if necessary))

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Iraeika Empty Re: Iraeika

Post by Olek on February 1st 2017, 6:11 am

Hey, sorry, you have the old stats in there, I was told inform you that DEX and SPE were joined to make Agility. If you could just make that quick edit, you'll be ready for approval.


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Iraeika Empty Re: Iraeika

Post by Iraeika on February 1st 2017, 6:22 pm

Oh sorry, I was still WIP. I meant to put that in the title, guess I forgot. I'm done now tho, fixd.

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Iraeika Empty Re: Iraeika

Post by Olek on February 1st 2017, 8:19 pm



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Iraeika Empty Re: Iraeika

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