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Name: Olek Lestat

Age: Nineteen

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Monstro

Faceclaim: Satori - Haikyuu

General Appearance:
Olek wears a short sleeved shirt which varies in color between a pink or purple, his pants are green, brown, and red flannel colored pajama pants. For shoes he wears old running shoes with a blue trim. Thin metal balls are sometimes worn under his lips and on his ears. The boy's hair color could be defined as crimson in color and matches his eye color. The man has an unusually relaxed vibe to him, and moves about in an unpredictable way. Whether it be walking, fighting, or running. He represents a foolish young man trying to become a help to others, but is naturally neutral towards both good and evil upon first coming into the world. Which is evident in the atmosphere surrounding him. His hair stands up crazily, spiked in a way that makes one question if he cares about his appearance at all. Sometimes, if he really feels it, he'll done a zip-up jacket. Though this is only in colder environments such as Land of Dragons or even arctic caves or places similar.

           Space Paranoids/The Grid:
Olek is covered in a tight spandex suit which hugs his skin like scuba diver-- the suit is unlike other people's gear in this world who attain a metallic armor; possibly showing that the world's magic affects appearance based on more than just style, but also inner personality to grant the new clothing... The suit does however, come equipped with pulsing neon pink lights like all Grid-based attire, the lights radiate off the clothing in odd digitized symbols and shapes, the most notable being a triangle on his chest. The suit stops at the jaw line, in Space Paranoids/The Grid, Olek's hair pulses in a darker crimson color ever few minutes. Emulating his suits light-up effect at a slower rate.

           Halloween Town:
Though virtually the same as per usual, Olek gets a cheap vampire cape that ties around his neck loosely with a ribbon at the front, as if it came straight out of a dollar store. In addition, he dons a pretty impressive Michael Myers mask which doesn't appear to match the vampire cape at all. Sometimes you just gotta wonder, what the hell is this? Well... You just might never know!

           Christmas Town:
Olek grows antlers out of his head which actually weigh him down slightly, he also attains brown finger-less gloves, inspired by hoofs.

Olek turns into a turtle with a head, his shell has yellow flowers painted on the top, but the main color is dark blue. His fins are pink.

           Pride Lands:
Olek turns into a dark-red/light-pink bird, and is easily identifiable because of similar appearance to his true body. He gains flight in the Pridelands.



Olek is a boy with no home, no friends, and... What most would consider the most stalwart kind of willpower. The young man doesn't reject the idea of surrendering, but he vastly denies it to be the answer to his problems-- or anyone's really. Sometimes it doesn't even register as an option. Holding the classic mindset that anything can be achieved if one stays true to themselves. He can be mistaken for a lot of things due in part to this, usually bad or negative actually. But he knows that he isn't here to impress anyone.

Impressing others is just another old thing that can't be forced, one has to make the most out of any situation, it's the only way. No matter how hard you don't fit in, being yourself is the answer. At least, that's how he always viewed things. Not to say he's always been right, in fact, he's been alone most of his life. So for all it's worth, he's probably got a screw loose here or there.

Moving along though, Olek Lestat's goal in life would have be discovering the means to living and to find out whether it should be something to cherish or not. The young man has always seen it his personal calling to explore what it means to be fulfilled and happy with one's inner mantra, and to enjoy life to the fullest no matter what hits him in the forehead along the way. Despite his reasonably low intelligence due to a number of toppling reasons in his brief history, he always finds room to grow. Though, to many his 'chillaxed' demeanor can either make or break a good friendship right away. Since it's both a good quality, and a bad quality, respectively.

Speaking of which, the defining qualities that make up Olek are his mellow quirks. First off, when standing normally-- he's always kind of there in the back with a dumb grin. His eyes are never flared up, and the passive harmony he carries about himself is almost the perfect kind atmosphere you'd get and want upon meeting him. He can use this to great effect against other kind-centered roles, but not if he encounters his polar opposite. A gloomy, rude, or impressionable person. Meeting them can often throw his mood out of whack and make him come off less as happy, even angrier actually, because they represent every ideal he rejects.

To be unhappy with what you get or who you are... It's just ungrateful, no matter how edgy you might be, no matter how bad your background might sound... Life is a real blessing, it's about what you do with that blessing that should have the most impact on one's attitude. The Lestat boy can be described as a radical actually, when it comes to this type of thing. In pursuit of happiness, he often forgets that sadness is a person's crutch and escape. However, in his eyes, happiness equates to success. The irony in that philosophy is pretty funny though, since Olek has always failed in what he does-- at least up until this point.

Olek is quite the lazy one, often avoiding manual labor in spite of what needs to be done. Yes, even if the obstacle at hand is necessary task, it might turn his smile sluggish making him grow quiet. He'd much rather sloth around in a canopy, or drink milkshakes out on the sand with his bathing suit on. For this, Olek decides to play the more easier roles such as allowing others to belittle or be mean to him in order for them not be depend on him too strongly. Or if he's really lucky, put no responsibility on his person at all. While in all actuality, he's one of the more loyal types and is even open to helping out, so long as it doesn't make him struggle extensively. Though, his definition of work is not the same as everyone elses. Olek tends to dwell in the sin of laziness-- which would have to be his one true flaw. The boy just can't seem to shake off his disinterest which comes with being responsible.

Olek never did much fighting while he was imprisoned in the mouth of a whale, so his combat prowess is actually quite low. However, due to the fact sparring and battling is pretty fun, he's open to doing it whenever and wherever. He enjoys testing himself as well as others even if it seems impossible for himself to win out. He isn't annoying about combat or playing around, if rejected he simply sinks back into his vibes and lets the other people do their own thing, giving them his usual curly grin as a means to show that he understands. Olek represents the fool of the party, but is actually quite competent. Which many can pick up on after witnessing him work extensively over a large margin of time. However, even for the most talented at recognizing potential, it's challenging to accomplish at first site.

STRENGTH -------- 1
AGILITY --------- 1
SYNTHESIS ------- 2
MAGIC ----------- 0

It wasn't like Olek was special or anything, he thought to himself. Kicking rocks and carrying a bag on his back, filled with toys and not clothes mind you. His eyes scanned the dirt path as the evening sunlight illuminated his eight year old face. He was missing both his front teeth and only one strand of hair on his head stuck up. He looked like the spitting image of an anime alfalfa! Throwing his legs in front of himself he heaved up a large hill. The road getting here had been long and arborous. In his eyes, the glint of wonder; and on his brow, the sweat of a kid on a mission! He moved up towards the top of the hillside and down below he eyed what could only be described as the largest carnival, slash uh, damn... Oh! Theatre Park in the world.~ Prankster's Paradise.

To explain his story a little better, let's start from the beginning.

Olek didn't really get along well with the nanny back home, whom had raised him, plus his parents hadn't really been around much of his kid-hood. So he decided to ditch the mundane lifestyle for one of excitement and happiness, travelling to the greatest place in the land, for miles around the park was revered as the epitome of fun. How could little ol' Olly not want to be there?! After all, he'd never rode on a Ferris Wheel, or a Roller Coaster, heck! He hadn't even played a fair game in all his lifetime. But that would all change today, it would! He'd find a great lot of friends here and drink alcohol 'til he vomited like the adults! Yep, yep, yep!

Gripping his garbage bag of clothing he neared the gates, where two men with fat cigars and magazines that seemed have cascading pages from their centers; sat and laughed. Olek nigh immediately threw his bag on the ground and brought from his pocket, a large helping of wadded up bills. The men, without paying him much mind opened the gates and pocketed half the change. He grabbed the bag into his hands once again. Wowzers, those fellas sure were sketchy looking, thought lil' ol' Olley! But no matter, he came before a group of kids and they quickly pushed him down onto his rear. Noticing right away that these types might be older than him, he darted away. Having left his toy bag there by accident this time. He figured they'd still be waiting there later after realizing minutes after. Hmm, well... The other boys kinda wanted them toys too though, so to his dismay, after searching for friends to play with in the park all afternoon. The trash bag was empty upon his return to the spot.

Darn 'nabit! -- Thought Olek as he pounded his chest and repressed a tear. The sun was setting and it sure was getting creepy out here so he turned to head off, then, with a yelp from his throat. A grown man yanked him off the ground by the ankle. Dragging him off to a cell to be made a donkey, pitching him into a box with other boys. They were all drunk, assuming he'd have made friends with them, he might have been too. On the contrary though, he was glad he hadn't drank, the kids were suffering from potion effects it seemed. He was able to put the trap together quite easily. That liquor was turning the children into jackasses, starting from the ears to their feet. Olek watched in awe as they begged him to help, which he might've done had he been able too. But he just couldn't. When they became donkeys, he was there alone with 'em-- unable to speak their language. Olly was all alone. Now that he was doomed to be taken to wherever it is they sold stinky donkey children; he found himself regretting his escape from the Nanny! He heard the box-cell they were residing attach to some kind of a cart, Olek felt himself departing with bumps in the street at ever second.

Goodbye, Prankster's Paradise. --Thought the child, with an unamused facial expression.

Oh brother, this was really looking scary... He'd have said those words aloud himself if able. But before he managed a peep a word, a thunderbolt hit the street and reared whatever was pulling him and the donkey children off and out the road. Directly into the ocean which was surely the death of  the driver, well probably not... Back on track anyways, the box was heavy with metal, inescapable by normal means. And what with all the donkeys kicking about, one knocked him a hoof into his head, out cold underwater-- things weren't looking good at all. This is where the kiddo slowly met his fate 'n drowned... Never to be seen again .

Actually that's not true!

The boy thrashed himself upward sometime later, burping out sea-water, microbials, salt and more as he slid against a warm, tongue-like, flooring. The mouth of a whale... The donkeys weren't here, but... Fragments of ships and the like were to his surprise. Olek would spend the next eleven years of his life living inside the creature, using the resources the ships retained as his means of survival. Somehow, someway, there was a powerful magic to this thing. The young man managed to cook small fires in one of the boats, perhaps it operated via magical means? Either way he warmed up fish to eat and could de-salt the water to drink, however gross it might be to admit. He was unsure how the magic stoves and whatnot inside the ships worked, but he was grateful for their being with him.

Olek was forced to grow up in a hot, disgusting environment by normal standards. But truthfully, he liked it here. It was fun. There was so much to explore deep inside the caverns of the sea mammal he assumed was the infamous monster of his home world. Monstro. Years passed and his clothes had shrunken on him, but to his surprise. A gummi ship was eaten one day, inside the cockpit, a body was found. But it didn't appear to be alive. It was a pitch white, unmoving skeleton! Things just get weirder and weirder for old Olek Lestat. He flew the ship outside the whale when it opened it's mouth the next time that month, though with lots of difficulty. Escaping into a sea of stars and worlds-- his mind rocketed with dreams of seeing them all. He chose to land into one of these new, yet eerie, planets; and from there on he re-fitted himself with his clothing and a new lifestyle. It was time to begin his true story.


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I enjoyed the design and you have an interesting narrative voice.


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