Spells Template

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Spells Template

Post by re:Admin on January 13th 2017, 9:41 pm

A spell has three levels, with each level allowing a new effect for that spell. With each new effect, the spell can be more powerful as well as take more MP to cast it. You will also have access to previous effects.

MP Cost:

[u][b]MP Cost:[/b][/u]

MAG 0 - 0MP
MAG 1 - 25MP
MAG 2 - 50MP (equivalent to a STR 10 raw attack)
MAG 3 - 75MP
MAG 4 - 100MP
MAG 5 - 125MP
MAG 6 - 150MP
MAG 7 - 175MP
MAG 8 - 200MP
MAG 9 - 225MP
MAG 10 - 250MP


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