Character Template

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Character Template

Post by re:Admin on January 13th 2017, 9:40 pm

You do not have to follow the exact template as long as you include the information in it in an easily understood way.

Name: What is your character's real name?
      Aliases: Does your character have other titles or names they go by?
Age: How old is your character? This cannot be unknown, as it is from your character's perspective.
Sex: Male or Female? Specify if different gender.
Species: Human, Heartless, Nobody, or other?
Appearance: Your character's physical features and the clothes they wear. A picture is acceptable.
      Space Paranoids/The Grid:
      Halloween Town:
      Christmas Town:
      Pride Lands:
Personality: How does your character act around other people? What is their true nature? What are their flaws and strengths?
       STRENGTH -------- 0 How hard does your character hit?
       CONSTITUTION ---- 0 How many hits can your character take?
       SPEED ----------- 0 How fast does your character move?
       DEXTERITY ------- 0
       SYNTHESIS ------- 0 How skillful is your character at crafting items and weapons?
       MAGIC ----------- 0 How adept at magic are you?

History: This is optional for Original Characters, but you can earn an extra two stat points with the word count from your history. This is required for Canons without the stat point bonus.

      [u][i]Space Paranoids/The Grid:[/u][i][i][/i]
      [u][i]Halloween Town:[/u][i][i][/i]
      [u][i]Christmas Town:[/u][i][i][/i]
      [u][i]Pride Lands:[/u][i][i][/i]
[u][b]Heart Element:[/b][/u]
[font=Courier New]       [b]STRENGTH -------- 0 [/b]
       [b]CONSTITUTION ---- 0 [/b]
       [b]SPEED ----------- 0 [/b]
       [b]DEXTERITY ------- 0 [/b]
       [b]SYNTHESIS ------- 0 [/b]
       [b]MAGIC ----------- 0 [/b][/font]



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