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The Eldritch Horror
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Belal Arroyo

on January 7th 2017, 6:02 am


Name: Belal Arroyo
     Aliases: ???
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Species: Artificial [H]eartless
   Height: 6' 2"
   Weight: 195 lbs
   Eyes: Ocher


STR | 8
CON | 4
AGI | 8
MAG | 10
SYN | 0


    Sociable and flirtatious, Belal often finds himself amongst crowds of people. His love for adventure and new experiences have netted him quite the resumé. He has many contacts to call on, but they aren’t always so inclined to answer. While he may have a penchant for first impressions, he excels at making plans he doesn’t intend to keep. And, even worse, he tends to flake on plans he did intend to keep — a testament to his changeability.

    If you find yourself able to look past his unreliable nature, you might find his spontaneity endearing. And fondness deterred is an unsurprising conclusion for the modern day recluse. Belal is known to drag the unwilling through his self-interested escapades, but is quick to abandon others when he finds an off-hand whim or meager interest more desirable. At the very least, you'll enjoy his company, however short it may be.

    Not one to complain, Belal fills the air with conversation. If a person is unresponsive, whether they're uncomfortable or not one to talk, he doesn't mind the silence. Anything's better than being alone. He isn't afraid to be, but shared memories eclipse an individual experience. A conversation can only be had by two people. Life rewards company.

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Keeper of the Abbey
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Re: Belal Arroyo

on February 7th 2017, 6:51 am

The Eldritch Horror
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Re: Belal Arroyo

on March 8th 2017, 8:01 pm
Dropped, but I will be posting on this account until all of my current RPs are resolved.

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Black Bishop
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Re: Belal Arroyo

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