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Name: Felonix

Age: Physically 25, Mentally 34


Felonix is approximately 6 foot 2 inches. He has two different colored eyes (the right is Amber, the left is Black), with a long scar running down the side of his face over his left eye. He has long silver hair which is only matched in color by his jacket. The jacket contains many hidden pockets on the inside, and has a slightly tattered flame design on the bottom, making it look as though the base of it is on fire. He has a muscular build, his entire outfit is slightly torn and tattered showing his multiple battles. On his right hand ring finger is the Signet Ring of Castle Oblivion.

Sex: Male

Species: Nobody

Personality: As a nobody, Felonix is generally cold to many, although some have befriended him. He is extremely loyal to his friends and usually respects other authority figures, but sometimes makes bad decisions and often acts of his own accord. Felonix is often very sarcastic, but will snap in an instant, switching to his military instincts. Due to recent events bringing Felonix into the current Universe, he has very little trust left to give to anyone he meets.

Abilities and Skills:

Zephyr's Breeze:

  • Name: Zephyr's Breeze

    Requirements: To be wearing Zephyr's Mark

    Class: Defense, Supplementary

    Element: Wind

    Effect: Zephyr's Mark offers no standard protection against any sort of attacks, however, when combined with Zephyr's Breeze, it does offer it offers protection from a single physical attack to one dedicated area of the body.

Flame Salvo:

  • Name: Flame Salvo

    Requirements: None

    Class: Offense

    Element Fire

    Primary Element: Fire

    Effect: Felonix launches 5 medium sized, auto-locking, homing fireballs (that can be defended against) from the edge of his sword, locking onto the closest foe. Can go no more than 50 feet away from Felonix and no faster than 15 mph. Individual hits can cause first degree burns. 4 or more can cause second degree burns.

Ignus Ventorum:

  • Name: Ignus Ventorum

    Requirements: None

    Class:  Offensive

    Element(s): Fire, Wind, Darkness

    Effect: Felonix summons a medium sized tornado of wind and fire large enough to surround himself and an opponent for 2 posts. Tendrils of darkness whip around inside the tornado, with enough force to cause moderate damage. The tendrils can be blocked by swords or armor, but blocking with an arm for example will still cause damage. Inside the tornado, the heat of the tornado combined with the gust of the wind may cause opponents to become disorientated without either wind or fire (not both) as an element.

    The tornado itself is not powerful to draw any items around it in; however once inside, the wind is powerful enough to keep Felonix and the opponent captive until the spell is over. The walls of the tornado can be breached either in or out, but passing through the wall causes severe wind and fire damage due to the strength of the winds and flames.

Everything to Take:

  • Name: Everything to Take

    Requirements: N/A

    Class: Offense

    Element(s): Darkness, Nothingness

    Effect: Felonix can summon 6 pillars of Darkness, no more than 15 feet tall, that travel forward in as a "wall", moving farther apart as they move. The pillars are wrapped in Thorns of Cruelty (Nothingness) that connect the 6 pillars as they scatter. The "wall" travels no more than 30 feet away from Felonix.

    (The spell itself is similar to Roxas' "Event Horizon" attack from the games, but with Darkness instead of light and beefed up a small bit)

Zephyr's Flight:

  • Name: Zephyr's Flight

    Class: Supplementary

    Element: Wind

    Effects: The ring allows Felonix to summon a small gust of wind that allows him to "fly" short distances (such as to the top of the clock tower in Traverse Town or across the Great Maw in Hollow Bastion). He can manipulate the wind to put himself no more than a 500 feet off the ground and can move through the air no faster than 20 mph.

Chain of Memories:

  • Name: Chain of Memories

    Elemental Alignment: Nothingness

    Ability/Function: While inside the walls of Castle Oblivion, Felonix has the capability to see all Chains that link a persons heart using technology granted by Azmot in the previous universe. This information includes, but is not limited to, memories, friendships, alliances, and moral standings (Unless a person has specifically RP'd a reason as to why he would not be able to (ex.: Binding of the Heart, Protection Spell, etc.)).

    (NOTE: This ability is only valid while in Castle Oblivion, and while this may grant Felonix knowledge of a person's past and the ability to change a room in Castle Oblivion to fit that persons past, he may not use this information to hurt or manipulate a character without express consent from the character's owner in the form of an OoC post or PM granting permission.)

Weapons and Equipment:

Lingering Darkness:

  • Name: Lingering Darkness

    Type of Weapon: Sword

    Primary/Secondary: Second

    Elemental Alignment: Darkness

    Ability/Function: Lightweight design allowing for more strength from Felonix

    Close/long range: Close


    History: The evolved form of Felonix's old sword, Dark Blood, given to him by Trickster. In battle, the sword broke in half. Unable to part with one of his favorite blades however, Felonix concentrated a high amount of darkness into the already darkness-infused sword, causing it to repair and evolve into Lingering Darkness.

Burning Rage:

  • Name: Burning Rage

    Type of Weapon: Sword

    Primary/Secondary: Primary

    Elemental Alignment: Fire (Slight Darkness as well)

    Ability/Function: When on his back and in anyone else's hands, the blade looks like a normal sword. However when Felonix holds it, the sword glows bright and becomes covered in fire. Engravings and markings of darkness cover the sword. Although giving off the presence of being covered with an intense heat, it does not effect Felonix (meaning it feels like any other sword to Felonix) or those it is used against.

    Close/long range: Close


    History: In a search to try and remember who he was, Felonix returned to the village where he once lived as a person. The town was desolate and destroyed, not a soul could be seen. Walking through the buildings, he eventually came to one small house that had been missing parts of it's walls and the roof had caved in. Walking inside and brushing aside cobwebs from years of being deserted, Felonix found a door that led into a basement. Walking inside and down the stairs, he came to find a picture of himself as a human and a mysterious sword. With no other evidence of his existance there, Felonix broke the picture frame on the wall and walked over to the massive blade. Upon picking it up, it glowed and caught fire in his hands. Felonix smiled as he stabbed it into the picture, destroying the last physical memory of his original self, and proceeded to place the blade on his back.

Hollow Scavenger:

  • Name: Hollow Scavenger

    Type of Equipment:  Twin Bladed Sword/ Two swords dual wielded (Synthesized)

    Primary/Secondary:  Secondary

    Elemental Alignment:  Nothingness (Hollow)/Darkness (Scavenger)

    When Combined as One Blade:

    Fight as One (Trigger words to combine the two swords when separated): When Hollow and Scavenger are combined, the Darkness and Nothingness in the two blades clash with each other, creating the appearance similar to electricity traveling up between two rods. The dark energy of the two reacts with large sparks when hit against another weapon or surface. (Aesthetic)

    Ravage: When combined, the sword can cause a slightly higher amount of damage due to the Dark and Nothing energy flowing through it (Mod becomes Mod High). When used against an opponent with Light as the heart element, the blade can cause greater damage (Mod becomes High).These effects only last for 2 consecutive posts, separate from We Stand Apart

    When Separated:
    We Stand Apart: Trigger word to split the two blades down the middle, creating Hollow (Nothingness) and Scavenger (Darkness), allowing them to be duel-wielded. While separated, the two blades lose the stats listed above, however grant a small boost in speed to Felonix's attacks (Character speed of Mod Low becomes Mod). These effects only last for 2 consecutive posts, separate from Ravage

    Hollow (Nothingness): Wielded in Felonix's left hand, Hollow crackles with the empty energy of Nothingness. The blade itself takes on a white hue (Due to being separated from Scavenger).

    Scavenger (Darkness): Wielded in Felonix's right hand, Scavenger emits a low aura of Darkness. The blade itself remains pitch black, however loses the energy of Nothingness (Due to being separated from Hollow)


Zephyr's Mark:

  • Name: Zephyr's Mark

    Elemental Alignment: Wind

    Ability/Function: See Zephyr's Flight (Below)

    Protection: See Zephyr's Breeze (Below)


Strength || 9
Constitution || 8
M. Affinity || 3
M. Resistance || 3
Dexterity || 5
Speed || 6
Stamina || 8

Price to Pay (Magic Offense (+2)) || Pay the Price (Magic Defense (-2))
Through the powers of Darkness, Felonix is able to tap into a pool of Dark Mana, increasing the effectiveness and power of all Attack Spells. This, however, comes at a price, and drains him of any effective Magic Defense while Offensive Spells are active. (NOTE: This does not apply to supplemental, non-hostile spells (such as flight)).

Sacrificium Fortitudo (Speed (+3)) ||  (Strength (-3))
In extreme circumstances, Felonix can sacrifice his great strength in order to become much faster. Typically useful while Dual-Wielding, but occasionally used with other weapons.

Nimble Force (Dexterity (+3))  || Magus Infirmitas (Magic Affinity (-3))
While active, Felonix sacrifices his ability to use any spells, including supplemental, in exchange for increasing Dexterity and Weapon Proficiency.

Original History:
Growing up without a family was rough. Elonif would know. His family was mother and father were murdered when he was 7 by a group of thieves who came through his village. He was one of the few survivors. Three years after the thieves, a sole man wielding a weird weapon came to his town, offering help. He had seen the now 10 year old Elonif practicing and training alone, and took him in offering assistance. For 13 years, the Master stayed in the village, and each day Elonif got stronger and stronger. However, when he was 23, the master became corrupt with darkness and was banished from the village. In order to save himself, Elonif proved he had not followed his master and was allowed to stay as the town guardian. He hated watching the Master leave, and began drinking to quench both his guilt and his rage. When he was 25, the Master came back and attacked with revenge. The sole guardian, Elonif stood to fight back. Not wanting to injure his formal friend and Master, he accidentally let his guard down, and paid the price. A slash across his face and a strong wind spell forced Elonif off a cliff. Felonix woke at the bottom, with a Keyblade laying next to him. A note was on it. ("Take it. You've earned it. May you come to find the same darkness I once knew.") With no memory of what had happened or where he was, Felonix grabbed the mysterious blade and walked away, finding an old hermit who explained where he was and what his weapon was.

Moving on, Felonix soon joined in a war in Hollow Bastion (I think, lol). A few wrong moves, though, left him facing off Three against one, with Riku being one of the three. Through a painful series of events, Felonix lost his left had, and fled via Gummi Ship. His hand was replaced with a prosthetic, and he waited out the days until the battles were over. Later on, he moved from Hollow Bastion to the Realm of Darkness, befriending Lenneth, and later on, Xeremij. Deceived by promises of wealth and power, Felonix betrayed Xeremij and many others by helping Trickster with the destruction of Disney Castle. With many out to kill him and Trickster deceiving him, Felonix hid in the Realm of Darkness before apologizing to Xeremij in person and offering to help rebuild his empire any way possible. Working to regain his status, Felonix joined the Guardians of Restoration, befriending Leo in the process. But after a mysterious battle rendering him unconcious, Felonix disappeared for many months. After awaking after a mysterious battle aboard his Gummi Ship, Felonix attempted to send a distress signal to his homeland, but to no avail. Upon re-entry, his ship was shot out of the sky, the explosion throwing Felonix into the sea of darkness below him. With nearly no strength left in his body, Felonix climbed aboard a piece of the ship's wreckage, and passed out as he drifted to shore.

Current History:
After being found by previous friend and mentor Lenneth, Felonix was able to regain partial memory of who he was, but felt as though he didn't belong. Eventually, he happened upon Castle Oblivion, where his old friend Xeremij (Now Jeremi) had taken over as World Leader. With his permission, Felonix was allowed to stay within the halls of the Castle.

Fast forward a few unimportant events to Onyx's War, where Steward Jeremi sacrificed his position to Felonix in an attempt for peace. The attempt was successful, and Steward Felonix rebuilt Castle Oblivion with the help of Azmot through a treaty between Castle Oblivion and Space Paranoids. After loosing contact with Azmot for a year, a Mysterious Figure attacked Castle Oblivion, tricking everyone to an excape route Felonix's lead adviser and scientist Anse had created. Trapped in BF12 of Castle Oblivion, Felonix was forced through to the new universe, leaving all of his citizens and soldiers behind.

Now, The Empty Lord of Castle Oblivion has returned, concealing himself inside the walls and shadows of Castle Oblivion, in an attempt to seek redemption by killing the Mysterious Man who laid waste to his Castle and slaughtered his people.

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