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Post by Renzenku on May 14th 2016, 6:41 pm

It had been so long. The horizon stretched across the sky, bleeding orange over the vibrant landscape. So long. If it was possible to feel emotions explode it was what Renzenku felt looking over his old land. So long. Decades may have well have passed, it was impossible to know anymore, years at least. Who ruled it? Who kept it safe? Were the people still as excited as they always were? Were the sellers and buyers always yelling still? Were people even still around to enjoy the landscape of the beautiful mosaic buildings. Stones couldn't rust. Stones could crumble. But... Renzenku didn't feel like he was falling apart, his every movement felt indicative of rust. So slow. So long.

Every step hurt, every sight stung, every touch burned. Every moment dragged on. The stone had not changed, his Empire had. Power would always flow through the glorious building that always held an Emperor, but it was no longer his to wield. Years. So long.

At what point was abandoning this place, that had given him so much, the smartest decision? An empty moment of movement that echoed of decisions made in lieu of a connection. Renzenku had left this land, sure, but the impact would always be permanent. And now, visiting, with the sting of the rain on his skin, torrential. Rain was always one of the loved earthly elements for Renzenku; in water he felt weighty, he felt the pressure of life and decisions on his shoulders. There would be no relief from this rain. This rain, so gravis... Renzenku knew that "his" land could no longer be associated with him; years without him meant that the people wouldn't even remember him effectively. To much time away. So much time. So long.

He could not stay. The clouds that pressed up against the nearby mountains crackled ominously in his presence, distaste for his disappointing disappearance. There were choices that had to be made, this final visit to his old home, where family would not be found, was one filled with nostalgia that masked all honest emotion. So much had happened that changed Renzenku, the Land held so much impact, but eventually everyone had to move on. Right?

Did there need to be warning? Did there have to be reason? Like any relationship, sometimes things happen, right?

So long.

So long, thought the old Emperor, his white hair drooping around his face, tinged with darker shades indicative of his new past, my old home filled with old friends.

The years had changed his opinion on the place. Once a beautiful, sprawling land with winding rivers and gorgeous mountains that framed the ever-present camps of soldiers that tried so staunchly to defend against an unending threat. Are those who now defend this place, and its people, as just and right as I?

There was no way to think of this Land without thinking of what Renzenku thought he brought to it. The constant warring often didn't process as something that damaged the Land. Perhaps the presence of the Angelic Emperor was one that warranted combat, warranted death, warranted aggression. Warranted challenge. Like so many others, Renzenku could never be satisfied, and, looking over the land, changed, his thoughts were no longer pure. A new history changed everyone. New responsibilities. New interests. A new wife. Too much between him and his old history.

Renzenku could never forget what he bore from this Land, all of the effort and learning as a growing teenager, but now... It had been so long...

Excess water, bubbling over the river's edge from the rain, slid over Renzenku's feet, cooling them. I must not be leashed here any longer... No one was around to stop him, anyone that was wouldn't understand it. Moving on meant something to the Emperor. Moving on, officially. A glimmer of steel in Renzenku's right hand couldn't pierce through the veil of rain. There was no beauty able to penetrate the rain. But, closing his eyes, Renzenku could see it as it once was. Beautiful. Lush, verdant green trees. Brilliant blue streams. Mineral rich mountains. The occasional firework show. His courtyard. His past. His friends...

                                                          So long...

The steel tried to gleam, it tried to make itself known, but it would not be recognized. The blade was only given its recognition when Renzenku opened his eyes once more, with his blade buried deep in the ground, his last connection to this world. This universe. The water coursing around his feet was quickly washing away the red. The deep, crimson red. A red so rich and unknown. The rain bled the wound quickly, the pain enormous but ignored.

Renzenku closed his eyes for the final time, teetering on his feet. He wanted his final moments on this planet to reflect the stoicism with which he recalled his past there. But the reality matched much more closely to the true history. An involuntary sound escaped his mouth as he fell, one that would scare even the most heartless individual. Perhaps a groan, perhaps a scream. To much was muffled to understand the noise specifically, to much, to much finality.

The blade, buried deep in the ground, caught on the second blade that was buried in Renzenku's chest as he fell. His left hand. Yes, his left hand, how could that be forgotten? It had held a blade, one more intrinsic to his link to this world, more important for his history, more important for his morality, for his pain... While his right buried a blade into his old Land, his left buried a blade into his old body.

As the blade caught, it spun the Emperor to face sky-high. His eyes never opened again. There was nothing to see for them anymore, a new history required him to move on in a new way. The waterfall swept the oozing blood from his body, toward his old home, toward his new grave.

It had been so long. Nothing could fix it.

So... Long...

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The sudden plunge on the sullen swell, ten fathoms deep on the road to hell.
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