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Name: Chaeon

Age: 16

Appearance: A tall teenager with blazing orange hair, he wears a red shirt and a blue jacket. He isn't very muscular but has been training with his Hammergun ever since he found it.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: An adventure loving boy, he will do anything for adventure. He's been living on his own so he does give off a cold shoulder to strangers, but with some time he'll come to trust some people. He doesn't remember his parents and doesn't care that he doesn't.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Weaponal Switch: Chaeon switches between the three modes on his hammer
  • Hammer Spin: Chaeon spins across an area with his Hammer, effective on large groups of foes
  • Bullet Storm: Chaeon unloads a surge of bullets around him and then releases them, effective on crowds directly around him

    Weapons and Equipment:

    • Name: Obelisk

      Type of Weapon: Hammergun

      Elemental Alignment: Metal, alignment changes when charged with spells

      Spell Charge: Chaeon can charge spells he knows around his hammer to give special abilities, such as when he casts a fire spell, it will give the ability to light enemies on fire, as well as cause a burning path when using Hammer Spin.

      Description: A hammer with the end, the smashing part, being one sided, and has hand hold in it, it has holes at either end of it. It is the color black.

      History: It was found by Chaeon in the back of his house hidden in Radiant Garden. He has trained with it since then, only recently learning he could charge it with spells.

    • Armour Name: Desrosis Gloves
      Armour Description: Skin tight gloves with runes covering them, gives a small boost in defense but not by much.

    Supplementary Battle System[b][b]

    Strength ||  5 (+2 when using Seasonal Hammer Ability, -2 when using twin gun mode)
    Constitution || 5 (+1 when using twin gun mode, -1 when in sniper mode)
    M. Affinity || 7
    M. Resistance || 5
    Dexterity || 7
    Speed || 7
    Stamina || 6

    Chaeon, lived on his own for most of his life in Radiant Garden, due to his parents being gone. That was until he found Obelisk hidden in the back of his house with a note on it saying use this only when needed. Since then he has trained with it, hoping to finally adventure on his own. He doesn't remember anything about his family, but he doesn't really care, he's just hoping to find some fun and adventure.

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