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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Name: Tyler Saikou

Age: 18

Appearance: Tyler Saikou, in spite of his years of aging, has only gained a few inches into his height, standing at five feet and eleven inches. His jet black, wavy, messy hair has retained its length, coming down to just above his chin. However, due to his development of a heart of Darkness, his body has warped slightly. With this change, His ears have become more pointed, resembling an Elves, while his incisors have become sharper and more pronounced, though his fair skin has remained fair, his appearance has become far less dark, being owed to his change into wearing clothes of all colors and types.

Sex: Male

Species: Human (Somebody)

Personality: Once a child who took many things seriously, his surprising arrival back in his origin universe has leveled his personality out relatively well. Unfortunately, due to all of his mistakes and the consequences of those mistakes, he is still affected by them, remaining somewhat serious. Because of the return to his point of Origin, he seems to have leveled out, the fact that something caused his mother to still be alive, with his Father and Sister still living with them serving to allow him to feel again, opening himself to his more potent emotions, something he still grapples with despite having cynicism beyond his years. He has also dropped all pretenses of knowing what he's doing, taking every day a step at a time, just trying his best to make his way in his original home.


  • Light || Darkness
  • Electricity
  • Wind
  • Earth
  • Moon
  • Cure (Forced Mutation)

Supplementary Battle System

Level || 5
Strength || 9
Constitution || 8
M. Affinity || 6
M. Resistance || 6
Dexterity || 4
Speed || 5
Stamina || 4


Filled with Light (+2) || (-2)

Through his travels, Tyler has not only become attuned to the element of light, he has become a physical embodiment of it, enhancing his endurance against those who utilize the "heart" elements of Darkness or Nothingness, while decreasing his endurance against fellow users of light.

The Astute Mind, The Foolish Heart (+4) || (-4)

Throughout his Journeys, Tyler has been exposed to a great deal of elements. However, no elements affect him as weakly and as strongly as the elements of Illusion and Moon. When encountering Illusions, Tyler gains an increase to his magic resistance. However, the heart is more pliable than the mind. In few other cases is this as obvious. When going against spells aligned to the moon, Tyler suffers a debuff to his magic resistance.

4 years ago Tyler was just an ordinary person who liked to travel. But then he heard about the other worlds from one of his friends, then he decided to learn as much as he possibly could about them. The first thing he learned he learned accidentally, the existence of heartless.
He was walking home from the library at about his normal time six, seven o'clock at night when he heard a strange noise, he followed it and eventually it lead him into an alley where it took form as a shadow about the height of his thigh. He thought that although it was a strange thing he thought he could take it and kicked it, and his foot went right through it!
He yelled after he saw that and he was thinking that he should run, when a knife buried itself in the shadows head he knew just from the angle that it came from behind him and he looked and saw one of his friends. From then on he went looking for a weapon he could use and one day he went downstairs at home and found a naginata laid out on his table alongside a dagger. There were notes on each the naginata said, "for when you travel" the dagger said, "for whenever you leave the house." he disregarded the notes and he flipped them around carrying the naginata around every day and taking the dagger as well for when he went exploring the forest. Then one day, while he was exploring the forest he came across a group of taller shadows ambushing a little girl.

He rushed at them and they looked at him and ran off before he could get any of them after that he decided that anything that would willingly attempt to hurt a little girl was evil and a risk to the worlds so he decided that he would ask his friend how to get from world to world and his friend gave him his first gummi ship. So now he travels the worlds making friends and trying to help keep the worlds safe from the heartless." This was the history that started off Tyler Saikou, The Blade of Fortune, on his journeys. In that time he found love, lost it, built up several groups that failed to meet their goals, fell prey to the darkness on multiple occasions, became a nobody, worked to restore his love to her former self, and even fathered two children! However, a great shift happened to him, and everyone he knew. At first, he didn't recognize it, nor did anyone else. But, over time, more and more memories of his past self flooded his mind. Eventually, he came to realize that everyone he knew in these realms were not who they proclaimed to be. It drove him crazy, and quickly caused him to seek out a master of the magics of time and space. And, after a nigh-impossible battle, forced her to send him back to his original self, to start over. She begrudgingly did so. So he started over as The Blade of Fortune, in possession of his original body, and his original path once more. He intended to make that go around on the wheel of fortune better than his last. Even if that meant going down a different path than what he once did. Unfortunately, that very difference in path did happen, causing him to not only alienate the very woman he cared for, but in the process annihilated Disney Town, at least indirectly.

This ended up depressing him, to the point that he pushed all others away, focusing on keeping the world he presided over at the time-Halloween Town-safe and the citizens happy. This slowly drove him further and further into depression. Strangely, one night, after sleeping in his bed in Halloween Town, he woke in a location that was all too familiar: His home in twilight town. He looked out the window, having heard rumors of most of Twilight Town being destroyed..only to find that it was entirely normal. He ran through the town, his feet leading him through the place he called home for many years, Tears streaming down his face as he returned home...for one final shock. Aria, his mother Aika, and his father, apparently named James..all living in the same home. It was then that something clicked. Somehow, he had been returned home. He spent a large amount of time testing himself, looking for new skills while refining the old ones that he had used in this realm, finding that he was able to call upon many of his abilities from all of his time adventuring. He has been and will continue to be surprised by the things he is bound to find, and is eager to keep looking for more.

Random Chat Stuff:
Etzolix wrote:[19:52:18 10/09/13] @ Etzolix : I LOVE DICK
[19:52:19 10/09/13] @ Etzolix : wait FUCK.

Kia wrote:[19:15:02] Kia : What do you expect Cool?
[19:15:11] Kia : We are SAIKOUS after all.

Yima (Talking about The site) wrote:As for the place I perceive it as a zombie; it's never truly dead xD.

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Bulwark of Promise:

Name: Bulwark of Promise

Elemental Alignment: Light/Darkness

Keyblade Armor: Being Tyler's Keyblade armor from the other universe, Bulwark of Promise is made of Orichalcum, making it as indestructible as a keyblade, while increasing his magical resistance while worn by 3, only while worn.

Activation Segment: A small segment of the right gauntlet of Tyler's keyblade armor acts as the armor's inactive form, allowing him to activate or deactivate the armor at will.

Protection: Medium in terms of weight, Heavy in terms of Protection


History: With each Keyblade comes a set of least, in some universes. Bulwark of Promise is one such set of armor, brought from an alternate version of this universe. It has lost some of its powers, in order to become more balanced with Tyler's origin universe, but it retains its effectiveness as an armor piece in battle, and is Tyler's favored Armor when in a serious combative situation.


Returning Gale:

Name: Returning Gale

Type of Weapon: Naginata (Japanese Polearm)

Elemental Alignment: Wind


Razor Wind: Returning Gale is capable of unleashing a blast of Razor Wind once every three posts, which scales in power with Tyler's Magic Prowess.


History: The Naginata that was given to Tyler at the start of his Journey Three years ago, It has since shattered, and been reforged, giving it a new name and a new ability to work with.

Random Chat Stuff:
Etzolix wrote:[19:52:18 10/09/13] @ Etzolix : I LOVE DICK
[19:52:19 10/09/13] @ Etzolix : wait FUCK.

Kia wrote:[19:15:02] Kia : What do you expect Cool?
[19:15:11] Kia : We are SAIKOUS after all.

Yima (Talking about The site) wrote:As for the place I perceive it as a zombie; it's never truly dead xD.

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