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♚ Resurgence ♚ : Organization Sign-Ups

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♚ Resurgence ♚ : Organization Sign-Ups Empty ♚ Resurgence ♚ : Organization Sign-Ups

Post by Paul:) on April 15th 2016, 7:57 pm

♚ Resurgence ♚ : Organization Sign-Ups OClOlBk


Resurgence is an organization formed by select members hoping to make up for past mistakes by traveling the worlds and looking into strange cases. They're led in part by Joseph Cage who decided that adventuring alone would get dangerous. The group will partake in missions and stay in the same home together, they will all sign a contract and grow together, meaning they all travel on the same gummi ship and will try to all join the same topics to keep up with consistency. Above all else, these characters will be good-guys. Their role isn't to harm, but to help. Whatever treasures they get along the way will only contribute to their success. For now the base of operations is a three bedroom apartment in Disney Town, owned and vacated by Joseph. To join this organization simply post here, and he'll meet you in character and start your transaction into a member. Upon joining members gain titles, and can work themselves up in the ranks. This group was, and is, intended to do forces of justice-- but as time has shown, members themselves bend and break things down as their own. So let's get right into and describe the basics:

Why Join?

Well-- You should be asking yourself, why not? You get to make friends, live with those friends, share experiences, and even form love affairs and rivalries among the group if that's your desire! Plus you'll get stronger with your buddies and on top of that you're a force designed for justice. Though, with each member representing the group, one slip up of an evil act and the group will tilt slightly in that outlook. The more bad deeds done, the more the group looks dark. The more good deeds done, the more benevolent the group looks. Get in on the action and make a real name for yourself!

Is There Anything For You To Reap?

Yes actually, with foes defeated members can help design drops for each other, and we may even possibly bring a dice roll or something into it to decide who gets the drops! There's also the bonus of sparring and training the members, strengthening not only yourself, but the guy/gal next to ya. With more money brought in from good deeds or more money stolen via bad deeds, the group can afford more expensive HQs. HQs will be small homes among worlds, that way you have somewhere to crash if you aren't able to get home or contact the others. With the addition of World Leaders this could also severely be beneficial to protecting yourself from attacks or call arms to attack places yourself. The possibilities are up to you, just remember that some members might not always help you. If you don't have real relationships with your fellow organization members, then you'll be outta luck! It takes real alliances to pull members into helping after all.

The Cast of Resurgence:

Joseph Cage [WL status: None]
Kia Miyamoto [WL status: None]

Dead Members / Old Members:

Upcoming Mission Board:

    Main-Quests: No current events are unfolding, just meets and greets for now.

    Sub-Quests: Members are to receive letters to meet in Twilight Town June 14th, there they will be asked to split into groups and do odd jobs around town. No further things are planned-- this is purely to increase a good reputation around town.

Group History:

    Act One-- Arc One: Group started by Joseph and Kia in Destiny Islands.

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♚ Resurgence ♚ : Organization Sign-Ups Empty Re: ♚ Resurgence ♚ : Organization Sign-Ups

Post by Paul:) on April 27th 2016, 11:40 am


    Kia Miyamoto & Joseph Cage added.

    Group Logo Created.

    Mission Board Updated~


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