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Name: Maric Exo (Pronounced Marr-ik Ayy-So)

Age: 19

Appearance:  A Short, Young Man, about 5' 7" and 170 lbs Stands Maric Exo with Dark Green Eyes, and Black Hair. He could seem Handsome from afar; However, with all of his scars it is doubtful anyone would think that from close up, despite all of his scars his eyes are an average size, his nose is slightly larger than average, and his lips are about a normal size as well. He seems slightly muscular, however he is more slim than muscular. His scars are placed accordingly on his face: nose to lower right jaw, top left part of forehead to his left eye, and a scar on the left side of his cheek. His armor is very thin yet has good protection;  It is obvious that he is an assassin from the sleek black color and the slim fitting armor.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Maric does not have any regard for anyone he meets, he could careless about them and thinks it would be better if they were dead. His very dark personality turns many people away, and has gotten him suspected for killings he did. His Personality does not help him as an Assassin, however, it shows he is not to be messed with.


  • Darkness

  • Shadows

Abilities and Skills:

Blade Shift: This Abilty changes how the matter of his weapon is arranged, this allows it to change into any shape as long as it keeps the same matter it starts with.
Shadow Image: This abilty puts a Shadow over Maric and creates and after image whenever he moves, this can confuse the enemy on his whereabouts.
Internal Darkness: Shadows Appear in his hand and move around his body acting as a defense ability and an offense ability.
Shadow | Darkness Combine : His Two weapons shift together to give more variations to Blade Shift.

Weapons and Equipment:

Weapon Name: Kage no Ken
Weapon Name: Yami no ha
Armor Name: Yaminoyoroi
Item Name: No Item

Supplementary Battle System Example

Strength || 5
Constitution || 5
M. Affinity || 3
M. Resistance || 3
Dexterity || 7
Speed || 8
Stamina || 4

Speed (+1)  1H Weapons Stamina(-2)
Speed (-1) 2H Weapons Stamina(+2)

Age(5) A child who sees their parents raped and murdered in front of them will tend to have darker thoughts than any human being. After all the events that played out on that horrific night, Maric began living in the streets, scavenging for food like a rabid animal. He spent all his nights shivering from the everlasting frost from the chilling nights of the northern city he lived in. Nightmares lurked his mind, all he could see was death,'yes, everything must die.' Feeling so abandoned, darkness haunted over him, so dark that the deepest depths of hell could no longer compare. The Devil was horrified after seeing the boy and ran beyond the horizon.

Age(6) 'Fights are now a part of everyday, a six year old fighting adults, what the hell has this world come to.' he thought as a 26 year old man lies on the floor next to him. Maric had beat up the man, and the gang he was in ran off away from Maric. They were all horrified beyond thought. 'The sound that the blade makes as it punctures the flesh is a wonderful sound. I get food from it.' The 26 year old man murdered, and stabbed beyond recognition.
...Will Continue on later.

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