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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Misu Ningyo
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Name: Misu Ningyo

[Physically] Fourteen
[Actually] Twenty-Seven
[Chronologically] Newborn

Wears a black polka-dot dress; large yellow hat; long white hair and pale rubberish skin. Her eyes are a shaded scarlet color, and her body is fairly petite. Her exact height is five-foot, two inches. Her exact weight is 95 lbs.

Sex: Female

Species: Puppet [Somebody]

This character has little experience with human emotion so her personality is kind of bland. She is curious to the new world, and her attitude is aggravated because she can't seem to be like or understand humans. Their actions confuse her and she doesn't need what they have to offer her. She doesn't have to eat like they do, or requires none of the health benefits they get from exercise. She is different from the monsters of Halloween Town, because she doesn't crave the actions of Halloween, but adventure and excitement.


Abilities and Skills:

  • Without Tendons: The user can manipulate their joints and move their bodies in obscure ways, such as whirling their heads around rapidly, or breaking their back in a vomitile bend, with no sort of pain implicated from it.
  • Body's Resolve: The user requires no food or water to survive, and questions why humans have to eat. They can however, eat to blend in, or for fun, since they still technically retain their sense of taste.
  • Grave Robber: The user can reattach their limbs or the limbs of other dead bodies via cemetery or stolen carcass.
  • Sewing Expertise: The user can sew with top expertise, it is a skill learned and passed down among all the women from Halloween Town.


    • Puppet Threads: The user possess the ability to mentally control, and detach/reattach, thin metal wires from any point of her body. This allows her to easily latch onto objects and/or pull things towards her, as well as a number of other peculiar abilities not listed here. This ability manipulates the element of space, but is not a spell due to the need of the wires in her body.
    • Body Stuffing: Instead of liquid blood, the user is filled with animal stuffing. If she loses to much stuffing, she will go unconscious, and she may die.
    • Angelo-- Frog Follower: A small green frog that accompanies the girl,  usually without her knowing it. He cannot talk, and hides in remote locations when he isn't on her shoulder. He seems derpy at first glance, but study of this frog may lead to one figuring out that he is more than he appears. As most things are never as they appear.~

    Supplementary Battle System

    Strength || 5
    Constitution || 5
    M. Affinity || 6
    M. Resistance || 7
    Dexterity || 6
    Speed || 7
    Stamina || 6

    A Lost Page wrote:Dear Diary,
    Hello? Who am I? It feels like a life I can't remember. Or just a life I never had. I just woke from the darkness. It was like sense just slapped me and I gained control. I know not where I am, but this book seems to have other entries from another person. A scientist it seems, most of them involving  failed experiments, that or notes on how to keep someone inside a tower. Seems strange enough, but why am I here. I have no name, I have no thoughts. Whoever this belongs to has to know something, but how do I get out of this cell? I've tried screaming, all I get is the cold hard silence. Where am I? I think I might be dead or something. Maybe this is hell, the true hell, the one that truly punishes you but what did I do, I'm a goo-

    HELP! It happened so fast. I was writing and suddenly I was knocked to the wall with a brutal kick. Doesn't help my body is so fragile, I could've probably fought back. A man with an abnormal mouth and a tin head screeched with glee. "A PUPPET! A LIVING PUPPET!" He happily howled. All I could do is limp, but it didn't hurt, at all. I tried to run from the man but it was useless. If I dared move he would use what he has behind his back. So he took me to a table, where I was put to rest with shots. I woke up and he had drills on, saws on, screaming devilishly. I quickly tried to escape, I chewed at the leather around my arms till I broke free. He chased me of course, and then here I am. Hiding under the stairs. I wish I wasn't here. I don't know what they want out of me, why I'm so important, but on the way he is acting, he isn't going to forget about me that easily. I am now alive, and I am going to stay alive. Whatever miracle brought me here will soon be thanked.

    I know I've wrote a lot today, but let's be honest, I just came into this world five hours ago so I am going to want to write down my insights. I guess I now write of my first act of kindness. While hiding under the stairs, I sat under the umbrellas, hoping that my white hair would blend in with them. I sat there for about an hour when the door creaked open. I sat still, to scared to move. I didn't know who it was, but it wasn't the scientist. She was all patchy, another experiment, and had long red hair. She stared blankly at the sight of me. "He didn't give you any clothes?" She asked. She was beautiful if you get past the different ranges of skin. But I have a feeling that is normal somehow. I tried to speak but it sounded horrid. Like a bird squawking and a dog barking, but at the same time.  She giggled a little and told me to try again. "NAWK!" I howled. She didn't stop telling me to try again until my voice came out perfectly. "No." I said. My voice was odd. High pitched, unrealistic. But I wasn't real, so whose to blame? She marched me to her room, it was small, and at the top of a tower. "You must be the first, the first girl before he made me. He refers to you as the Lost Puppet sometimes. But you aren't lost are you? No, you aren't. So why are you here?" She said. She threw a black dress with white polka-dots. "I-I-I don't K-k-know." I stutter. "You have to be sure on what you want to say, otherwise you will sound like that." She said, giving me her usual grin.The dress was perfect, and she even had a yellow hat for it. "Now, say my name," She said, ", it's Sally"
    I was out the door in no time. The world was dark and scary, but I AM NOT SPENDING MY LIFE IN THAT FACTORY! I want to alive, I want to thrive. For this life, is all I shall ever have. I am a puppet, I am Misu Ningyo. I'll write when I find somewhere to stay, which is hopefully fast.

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