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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Ace Kageki
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Ace Kageki
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Spells & Abilities

Name: Outburst Tattoo

Element(s): Ink

Effect: The user's hand generates what appears to be a black tattoo. We'll call these tattoos Outburst Tattoos for easier clarification. After taking a hand with an outburst tattoo on it, the user may plant the hand upon an object or target. Once done, the tattoo that was once on the hand sticks to the object and sinks into it. They are now marked for detonation. If used on a player character, they may remove the ink-tattoos by disposing of limbs or flesh in which the tattoo was placed upon. Time Magic may also be used to hold the duration off for longer, and in the case of an MP system in place, the target can pay equal MP of what this spell costed to negate the effect. Which will then wash away their mark leaving only flesh. The explosion is strong enough to tear a small hole through a brick wall, or blow up an arm or a leg for example. If planted on the chest, it would cause high damage and blow the target backwards several feet, but not kill them in a single use.

Tattoo Symbol

History: Ace Kageki attained his mastery of Ink from simply the yearn to create the perfect piece of art. It represents him as a thinker, a visionary. The explosive forces represent him as being flamboyant, or simply a showstopper. He is the encore, the last thing you'd see and remember. These were all traits that went through his train of thought as he designed and desired to create this spell. Where did he design this spell you may ask? Well, Ace Kageki learned of the powers of ink in Wonderland; where the imagination runs wild. HE was a natural, so it might not be correct to say he learned Ink, but perhaps that Ink learned of Ace Kageki; the finest user of Ink to ever live!

Name: Columns of Valhalla

Element(s): Earth, Darkness

Effect: Nine large, twenty foot tall pillars of sheer rock and earth, rise from the earth or the floors of chambers creating two rows. These rows create a thin walkway similar to a hall, by using parallel lines of four pillars. Darkness will then create thin sheets on each vertical longitude of these pillars, these will be resembling black smoky walls, with purple sparks of dark runic magic picking up along these walls. Anything that touches a wall will be instantly be open a stab wound by solidified black needles unless dodged nigh immediately. The Ninth pillar will have raised behind the target cornering them inwards, as the sheets would interconnect like a triangle based on the arrival of their last pillar. The roof of these pillars will also have created it's own ceiling of darkness. This spell doesn't do anything of enduring effect besides a cornering mechanism to trap an enemy. Behind the castor is an exit, and the spell takes approximately twenty seconds to be brought up, though, it needs nothing but the title of the spell shouted to activate. The sheets of black darkness last for the spell they were used in only, but the pillars remain in the area after the post's effect. The spell doesn't come into fruition until the very next post after triggering it via spell title, "Columns of Valhalla!"

History: Whispers from the darkness told Ace of a spell long since retired by the Black Magus of old Hollow Bastion. While it does relatively nothing besides cornering the opposition, it consumes a fairly large amount of their MP/Stamina or whatever energy they pull from to use magic. It took an entire month to learn, and the only way Ace could really get in touch with the darkness in order to learn it was from his dreams. Dreams of Darkness bring fortune for those with Hearts ready to offer up their humanity for perfection.~

Name: Fulmination

Element(s): Ink

Effect: The user simply sends forth a powerful punch of fury, in addition to his punch, a large Ink-based arm of dripping black liquid solidifies into a fist at the end magically. The fist is approximately the size of a basketball; with the resemblance of cartoon physics taking place in mid-air. When the fist interconnects with someone's face, they will feel it as if it's a regular fist-- only much bigger! The inky arm will full on swallow the user's regular arm all the way up to the user's shoulder! The inky arm has a max girth itself of fattening degrees, and can become as large in thickness as twelve inches in width. The arm stretches forth at varying proportions that cannot exceed six feet in outward reach, but may reach out farther than his regular arm easily by high expanded margins... After a single arm is shot out, the Ink then pulls itself back into Ace's body, as if he yoyo-ed it outward in the first place. It's of noteworthy information, that whatever this large fist connected with is now spattered upon with blinding inky goo, ruining clothes, and requiring the target to bathe afterwards if they catch the bad end of the stick against this attack.

History: Ace was doing drugs like LSD or some shit one night while staying in Disney Town, there was this child program about an Octopus who got angry and spewed out ink when his friends jerked his chain too much. Ace thought this was both funny AND relatable.  Immediately after the program ended, Ace watched a wrestling paper-view where a short man, with oddly long arms for his body size planted a fist in his enemy's face; the other guy instantly. This inspired Ace somehow, and he put the pieces together starting with cartoons, to ink, to fist, to anger... Needless to say something clicked in his head during his hallucinatory state, which spawned Fulmination, one of his classic abilities that while basic, is also incredibly effective at close ranges.

Name: Save-File Tattoos'

Element(s): Ink

Effect: The user presses an object against their skin and the object sinks in like pushing something through a large inky portal. the ink released upon the push ruins clothes, but Ace usually wears black shirts anyways. The size of the object doesn't matter either, because objects turned into tattoos for safe keeping shrink to his desired size and room. Though, the tattoo emulates whatever it was that was pressed into him. For example, Ravenous is the tattoo of a spear on his pelvic hip bone. He can summon the weapon forth at any time, and his body acts as the perfect vault for his items. He can also use this to house unconscious or dead bodies as well as treasures that he picks up along the way. In a way, Mr. Kageki has turned his body into his own personal bank to keep things of his desires or significant importance.

History: The Uncrowned Perfectionist mastered this odd ability simply because he was forced to learn his own type of weapon summoning. He noticed others in the universe could call on their items via magic, so he attempted it himself. Unfortunately for him, he was incapable of emulating it, so he devised a way to do more with such a concept. He created these tattoos to sneak things through worlds, treasure hunt, and keep armors and weapons on him in a pinch. It later proved to be brilliant; and he uses it regularly now, constantly adding things to his repertoire and bragging about his unique talent for body art.~

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Ace Kageki
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Arsenal & Collectives

Name: The Ravenous

Type of Weapon: Polearm

Elemental Alignment: Fire

Ability/Function: The spear is a basic one taken from a fire monster, however it only reacts with the current wielder. If someone beside the wielder would attempt to grab or touch the weapon's shaft or length, it would catch fire in that spot immediately, though the ability can be toggled on or off by the manipulator. Flames released by this weapon effect are capable, if not definitely, able to leave burns of a maximum level being third degree if the enemy has low magical resistances or no armors to block such things.

Description: Ravenous

History: After meeting Lenneth and setting off a booby trap, the two were forced to stop themselves from suffering a fiery fate of death. When it was clear the two would be fine; they were taken back to Beast's Castle, it was in the Great Room that the events that led to obtaining this weapon unfolded... At the top, a monster that had been brought up from fire under the Castle Chamber. The monster had sensed Lenneth's mighty power and created an infantry of lancers to fight him, as the boss-monster sought a true challenge in attacking the legendary La Vaes, fresh from his return of darkness... The first lancer, however, ran at Ace instead, and was easily brought to the ground by a wicked kick to the face-- defeated instantly. The teenager proceeded to snatch the lance out of mid-air and quickly began eliminating other lancers using their fallen comrades own weapon... Ace kept the weapon as a tattoo on his hip ever since then, call it a souvenir, or memory for him to think back over. Nowadays he can be found ready to pull the spear out of his skin at a moment's notice... When he isn't using his fists, he's using his Ravenous.

Darkness, Ink, Earth

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