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Alyssa vi Meredith
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Name: Alyssa vi Meredith

   Age: 17

   Appearance: Alyssa could not be seen in anything other than her red-trimmed black dress, the frilled skirt covering past her knees and showing off some red heels. She has red-and-white ribbons in her twin-tailed strawberry blonde hair that covers her right eye, of which both are pale blue in color. She wears a star-shaped pendant around her neck which looks similar to a Paopu Fruit.

   Sex: Female

   Species: Human (Presumably)

   Personality: Alyssa seems to have very little emotional range, though that's not her fault entirely. Being an amnesiac, Alyssa can't remember much of her past, including where she came from, so that kind of thing effected her personality as well.

   History: Alyssa is a curious girl that one day just appeared in Twilight Town, as if she had always been there, though everyone knew that that was not the case. Whenever someone asked where she came from, she would simply shrug and not reply any further than that. It's unclear to the other residents exactly who she really is, but the way she dresses definitely gives away that she wasn't from that world. If people asked about who her parents were or what she was doing roaming the Tram Common everyday, all she would say is that 'she couldn't remember'. Some would assume that maybe she's a Memory, but in reality she simply has no memory to lose. Of course, with the way the world's are, that may soon change...

   Abilities and Skills:   

  • Fragment: A spell of the Nothingness element, Fragment breaks things apart as though it was made of glass. This is a reflection on how Alyssa's memory is fragmented and shattered. However, the cost of this is that any memory that Alyssa had made currently shatters a little too, so she can be a bit forgetful for a moment, or in the long run depending on what she shatters

    Weapons and Equipment:

  • Alyssa has no weapon as of yet
  • Alyssa has no real armor yet.

   Supplementary Battle System  

  • Strength || 4   
  • Constitution || 6   
  • M. Affinity || 8   
  • M. Resistance || 8   
  • Dexterity || 6   
  • Speed || 5   
  • Stamina || 5

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