Lethe | Peddler, Hunter, Philanthropist

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Lethe | Peddler, Hunter, Philanthropist

Post by Lethe on January 28th 2016, 11:49 pm

Name: Jinx Jitters / Lethe

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Personality: Cynical, Manipulative, Trickster, Con-Artist, Wise, Aware of the things around him, flirtatious, opportunist. Will help people, but begrudgingly does so even if it isn't hard to get him to do some good. Mostly commits crime for money and sport.

Appearance: Lethe



History: Born and raised as a criminal in Port Royal, he was seen as an odd creature as most were human. Generally his life has been about swindling and finding the next best deal while establishing connections across the worlds. He hasn't had a very intense life aside from the consequences of criminal action. Lethe doesn't want to tell you more than that.

Lethe | Level 1
STR -|- 5
END -|- 3
MAG. AFF -|- 4
MAG RES -|- 4
SPE -|- 10
AGI -|- 10
STAM -|- 6


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