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Kira Tamohara
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Name: Kira Tamohara

Age: Appears to be 20/ Unknown

Gender: Male

Home World: Heaven, but since he came to the world, he resides in The World that Never Was

Race/Species: Fallen Angel (Fallen as in becoming more human)

Appearance: Kira wears mostly black overcoats and short white tee shirts that expose his stomach, which is fairly muscular. He is somewhat lean and slender. He has silver eyes and dark blue hair that has strips of white in it near the front of his head. He also wears black jeans and belts that cross and hold his daggers. He stands at 5’9”. His left eye changes from silver to lavender when he is being overly emotional or casting a spell. He has dark silver wings that span six feet across when they are spread out. He can shrink his wings into his back so that he can wear normal clothes.

Alignment: Neutral with a touch of a Chaotic nature, but mostly Neutral

Elemental Mastery:

Primary: Nothingness

Secondary: Metal

Tertiary: Cure

Personality: Kira is very much neutral in about every aspect of the word. If he shows emotion at all, it is normally when he is struggling with some very personal things, but even these outbursts are kept to a minimum, because he has just recently learned how to feel human emotions. He may come off as distant, but this is only because he does not know how to act around others and therefore keeps to himself a lot. Once he finds friends worth protecting, he will protect them no matter what the cost.

Weapons: Daggers

Fighting Style: Kira mostly sticks to close combat with his daggers and magic attacks. He is very methodical in how he attacks, but he is also good at thinking on his feet. He will use the surroundings and the opponent’s body to his advantage whenever possible. He is a bit devious in his warfare, so he will also pull sly/dirty tricks when necessary.

Affinities: Kira sticks to the matter at hand with clear thought, drowns out his personal feelings about the matter. He is good at logical thought and setting traps on the go. He’s very good at blocking out pain and coming up with complex spells. He knows the basics of aikido as well. He has slightly above average strength, a strong magic affinity, average speed, slightly above average agility, strong accuracy, and incredible stamina.

Weaknesses: Kira is bad at making friends, showing emotion, and defending against attacks, as he would rather use his body as a shield. He is weak against water, ice, and light. He is rather stubborn and will stick to his beliefs even if the risk is high. He has a low defense, both to physical attacks and to magic. He also has very little luck and relies mostly on skill.

History: Kira Tamohara was an angel in heaven, until one day when he was banished to earth simply for doing his job. He found a girl who was quite insane and on the verge of death. While the human rambled on about a “Gaea” and a “lost love”, she threatened to kill Kira, mistaken about what he was. Regardless of this confusion, Kira returned to heaven with strange feelings in his chest and one lavender eye. Horrified at what he was becoming, the other angels kicked him out of the realm.

When Kira was falling to The World that Never Was, he remembered his father mentioning to his mother something about a possible brother on the world of men. After that, Kira never saw his father again. A violent heat entered his heart, and evil thoughts of rage entered his mind and turned his pure white wings to dark silver.

Kira awoke with pain spreading across his body. Rain was falling, and the world seemed to suit his mood, so he decided to stay there, even though these pesky white things kept attacking him. Heaven had armed him with some curved daggers which he took a liking to and practiced frequently with them. He later learned that the white things used his motion and body against him, so he started to learn similar movements. A week later, Kira discovered his magic powers and began to practice with them regularly.
All the while Kira’s thoughts were focused on his purpose, and to this day, that is what he has been searching for ever since, despite the crazy girl’s memories mixing with his own…

Name: Sandhya - The dagger of the Fallen

Type Of Weapon: Khukuri dagger

Primary/Secondary: Primary

Elemental Alignment: Metal

Ability/Function: The dagger is attuned to the element of metal, so it is hardier than most metals and will not break. Also, because of it's elemental alignment, the dagger will never lose its sharp edge.

Close/Long Range: Close Range

Appearance: Except it has a white dot dead center of the thicker part of the blade.

History: Sandhya was with Kira when he fell to The World that Never Was. The angels have promised to send him the twin to this dagger if they approve of how he has grown over time. He has used this weapon to train with the life that is indigenous to the World that Never was, ranging from Dusks early off to Samurai when he became more proficient with his skill at using Sandhya.

Name: Tenshi no Hikari

Type of Weapon: Khukuri dagger

Elemental Alignment: Metal

Ability/Function: Tenshi no Hikari is attuned to the element of metal, so it is hardier than most metals and will not break. Also, because of it's elemental alignment, the dagger will never lose its sharp edge.

Description: Tenshi no Hikari is curved almost like a boomerang, ensuring that the cuts it makes will be quick and have a kind of filleting effect. It is a pure white blade, save for a sole black dot in the middle of the blade.  The dagger has a faint white ethereal glow to it.

History: Tenshi no Hikari is a sacred weapon of heaven. It is a blade given to those who have fought their way back into the pure realm. Kira, however came in contact with this blade when he found it in his home in The World That Never Was. Since finding the blade, Kira has not seen his partner Nyx and feels that he is unworthy of the blade, even though he speculates that Nyx sacrificed himself to manifest the weapon in this world.

Name: Old Mythril Cloak

Elemental Alignment: Metal

Ability/Function: No

Protection: The Old Mythril Cloak protects Kira against hand to hand blows such as punches, kicks, and the like to an extent. After a while, he will start to feel the blows of his opponent. The armor also protects against some weapon slashes from a sword, spear, or something with a sharp edge. Again, over time, the sharp edges will cut through the cloak and leave Kira's body open for attack. The cloak minimalizes the impact pain wise of an attack from a gun or arrow, though the attack will pierce directly through the armor. Kira will still fell the pain of the attack, though slightly dulled. The cloak does not protect against magic. The cloak has reinforced protection around his rib cage, making attacks harder to penetrate through to his body.

Description: The Old Mythril Cloak is an Organization XIII cloak with gray ribbing at the upper midsection of the cloak, around where Kira's ribs are. The sleeves of the cloak are slightly frayed, given its age. The lining of the cloak is a light weight mythril mail that adds protection to the wearer without hindering movement.

History: Kira awoke from his fall to Earth with this cloak covering his body. Beside him was an equally old tattered messenger bag that seemed to go with the cloak. Kira found a mysterious note in the messenger bag that read: "This is a gift from Onii-chan. It was mine, and now, it is yours. I hope it protects you the way it did me." Kira has since worn this cloak every day and has taken quite a liking to it.

Name: Wings of the Angel

Magic Cost: Passive

Class: Supplementary

Element: N/A

Effects: This enchantment allows Kira to use his wings to fly. His flight speed cannot exceed 15mph, and if he is carrying something heavier or someone, his speed is halved and he can only carry the object for three posts. When one wing is damaged by either a weapon or a spell, his wings disappear and cannot return until a new RP topic is formed.

History: Kira was born with his wings, and they have been his preferred mode of transportation around The World that Never Was and other worlds that don't contain too many humans.

Name: Lithium Blast (small)

Magic Cost: 5 MP

Requirements: Slight concentration

Class: Offensive

Element(s): Metal and Nothingness

Effect: Kira takes a very small amount of lithium from nature and wraps a sphere of nothingness around it quickly. He releases the nothingness, which pressurized the lithium, and thereby creates a very minor explosion that is about three inches in diameter. The blast causes minor burning and other minor injuries that would be caused by shrapnel, such as shallow cuts and small gashes. This spell is mainly meant to be a diversion, but as Kira’s magic abilities strengthen, his blasts will increase in size and strength, but this increase will be made into different versions of the spell and will not effect this version.

Name: Improved Lithium Blast

Element(s): Metal and Nothingness

Effect: Kira takes a medium sized amount of lithium from nature and wraps a bigger sphere of nothingness around it quickly. He releases the nothingness, which pressurized the lithium and creates a medium sized explosion, with a blast diameter of roughly thirty feet. The shrapnel will cause moderate puncture wounds, medium gashes and cuts as well as first to second degree burns, depending on where the target is in relation to the ammunition's origin point. Kira can only cast two of these blasts at once, not to exceed four blasts of this size per topic. He also cannot have an Improved Lithium Blast and a regular Lithium Blast ready to detonate on the field at the same time, the blasts must be created separately.

History:Upon meeting Ace in Agrabah, Kira realized that while his Lithium Blasts were effective diversions, he needed a blast with more firing power and trained his ability until he could create a blast of medium size.

Name: Divine Healing

Element(s): Cure

Effect: Divine Healing is a spell that heals moderate wounds, such as deeper cuts, gashes, puncture wounds and the like. It can heal up to second degree burns and restore a little of the caster's fatigue from battle. It cannot heal broken bones or missing limbs or severe neurological impairments, such as blindness or paralysis. Kira can only cast this spell on himself.

History: Kira, being an angel, has access to some healing arts, although his is less pronounced than other angels, given his former occupation of Angel of Death, though he would sometimes try and heal the dying, only to find he could not do much for them but ease their pain. He decided to see if he was able to use his healing on himself, and this spell was the result of that experiment.

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