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Name: NovaShadow

Age: One Day

Appearance: [Image] This particular NovaShadow, like all others, has a dark brown body bulging with muscles and red veins. This gives the appearance of thin, inky flesh and instability within. Atop its head, the NovaShadow has two very long crooked antennae that fall behind it. Its eyes are two yellow orbs which lack detail. The hands of the NovaShadow are very large, while its feet are without digits.

Sex: Non-Gendered

Species: Heartless (Pureblood)

Personality: The NovaShadow seems to be driven by feral impulses. This animal-like behavior is driven by a few key desires, such as hunger for sustenance in the form of hearts, a need for survival, and the influence of those with power over it. Internally, it is unknown what conscious or subconscious notions are present.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Shadow Slip: The NovaShadow can slip into its own shadow, rendering it an intangible image on the ground. Movement within this state is possible. In addition, movement can be made on any solid surface, regardless of the direction of gravity. The only way this technique would not be possible is if the NovaShadow is in a position without a shadow.

  • Shockwave: The NovaShadow is able to use the shadows around it or augment its own shadow in order to create a shockwave of Darkness that spreads outwards at a rapid speed. The size and damage of the attack depends on factors such as the momentum of the Heartless.

  • Heartless Senses: As any Heartless, the NovaShadow can feel the presence of things without seeing them. Things detectable to the Heartless include Hearts, Keyblades, Concentrations of Light or Darkness, and objects with heavy emotional or spiritual weight.

  • Corridor of Darkness: As a being of Darkness, the NovaShadow can use the Corridors of Darkness to travel between and within the worlds.

Weapons and Equipment:

  • Natural Claws: The NovaShadow is equipped with sharp claws that are seeping with Darkness and can cut through most materials, such as cloth, denim, leather, etc.

  • Thick Skin: The NovaShadow's natural flesh is around the thickness of hard leather, providing decent defense from many things.

Supplementary Battle System

Strength || 7
Constitution || 5
M. Affinity || 5
M. Resistance || 2
Dexterity || 2
Speed || 6
Stamina ||4

History: All Pureblood Heartless are born from the Darkness in peoples' hearts. This NovaShadow is absolutely no different. Its history is indistinguishable from the countless multitudes of other Heartless.


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