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New Character, Assistance Needed

on January 19th 2016, 4:09 pm
Selfie game lookin' strong xD

↑ This is a close-up here of his FC. I'm thinking about putting him in polka-dot suits, or maybe colorful shirt-colars with unmatching pants... Something bizarre needs to be in place for his clothing apparel. Haven't fully decided on what that is yet. ↑

So I have this new character on the way, which I'll unveil sooner or later. Basically, he's something I have wanted to play for awhile, but with my time always being consumed, I never really did get to try it here. I didn't play with the idea on Mirage Hearts because I already had made multiple OCs and thought it would be annoying to keep changing over as soon as I got bored. However-- since most of my time is being redirected back to KHRPG I'd like to give it a whirl.

The FC I'll be using is Takumi Albini, and the characters will be a mostly lawful-evil/chaotic-neutral schemer at first. He'll be the one who end up dirtying his hands more than he would like to admit but has a sarcastic way of sgowing people what he thinks and does.~

He's from Disney Town and will operate his combat using cartoon physics and obnoxious comedic henchmen, who will probably be summons when he isn't in Disney Town. But with cartoon reality-warping I could probably make that work in the coolest of ways.~
(That's if I decide to go that route anyways though, might just do the solo act as usual since I primarily focus better when it's just one character being manned at a time. Then again, the idea of using two goofy screwball underlings is way to dope not to take-on. XD)

Also, he would probably have limited 4th Wall Awareness, for comedy's sake, as well as the use of tommy guns and classic 1930s style mobster connections. The character will represent all the "off-screen" or "behibd-the-curtain" type things in unique older media, even the childish cartoons people know and love had a bit of a hidden backstory in some form another. This character will be Disney Town's own personal manifestation of that-- metaphorically.

That would give me an awesome theme to enter with. On top of that, the character would be fascinated by all the hidden secrets he'd slowly collect, before ultimately sacrificing people to the heartless and observing the darkness in action. This would lead him down a dark path and eventually make him out to be a huge threat, since he'd catch the Seeker of Darkness archetype somewhere in the epicenter of it all.

My biggest issue right now is a name for him.

I was thinking something like Bennet Valentino or some kind of catchy eye-grabber. I'd love some suggestions; and I would definitely think them over if I was given them to work with. So please, throw some at me; maybe some suggestions for the character as well if you'd like!

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