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Post by Zex'es on May 10th 2015, 4:33 pm




Home World:The World That Never Was




Elemental Mastery:

Supplementary Battle System

Strength || 7
Constitution || 5
M. Affinity || 7
M. Resistance || 4
Dexterity || 6
Speed || 7
Stamina || 6


Weapon: Reforged Moon:

Name: Reforged Moon

Type of Weapon: Magic Weapon

Elemental Alignment: Molten/Metal/Moon

Ability/Function: A weapon which cann be shaped into any kind of combat weapon.

Description: It is usually a scythe but if it needs to be it can be forged into a sword,kunai,ringblades and varius other weapons.

History: As a Nobody it is not exactly known to him how he optained it. But i can tell you since i m the creator. He optained it while an encounter with a heartless. The scythe manifested in his hands and since then he learned to forge the weapon into other shapes with his Elements.


Armor: Nothingness Cloak:


Name: Nothingness Cloak

Elemental Alignment: Nobody

Ability/Function: Lets the one who wears it pass trough the world in between.

Protection: Magic Res +1 Stamina -1

Description: Is shown in the pictures above.

History: It just was there. How ironic.


Spell/Technique: Forge Work:


Name: Forge Work

Element(s): Moon/Molten/Metal

Effect: It forges a weapon from Metal in any kind of form.

History: It has the same history that the weapon has.

Spell/Technique: Metal Sphere:


Name: Resonanz Sphere

Element(s): Moon/Molten/Metal

Effect: A sphere shaped fluid metal ball that vibrates at high frequency and damages foes.

History: Learning by doing.


Form: Infinite Forge Works:


Name: Infinite Forge Works

Element: Moon/Molten/Metal

Duration: As long as the stamina allows it to.

Drawbacks: Mostly AOE damage attacks/spells so it would be dangerous for allies to. He cann aweak it by thinking about pure emotions so if the emotions are more hate related then love his behavior might change drasticly.

Advantages: He cann Forge/Manifest high tech weapons and create machiene like wings that let him fly.

Description: The Mark on his Face glows red and he surrounds himself with maschienes and weapons manifested/forged from metal.

History: He was forced to aweaken this power while fighting against the Heartsless which allowed him to exist in the first place.

Personality: He has a free mind and is open to meet new people to adventure with. His goals are to free those who want to be free. That's becous freedom is very importand for him. Zex'es loves to chit chat and prefer to know how the people around him are in person. He considers heartless as threats but lets the lower tear ones live becous they are not worth the time killing them.

Affinities: He specialized in magic,strength and speed to switch quikly between magic and physical attacks.

Weaknesses: He is not good at magic res. and constitution so he is kinda like a glascannon.

History: Zex'es woke up in the World That Never Was and was immediately forced to battle his heartless or so he thought. After the immense fight against his so thought counter part he tried to remember why he woke up here at all.


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