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Putting Pieces together for KH3 *Spoilers*

on May 4th 2015, 5:25 pm
Credits goes to KH Insiders

Origination Article

KH Insider wrote:All four episodes of Kingdom Hearts Mysteries, our collaborative series with GameTrailers.com, have now aired and you can watch all of them right here below.

Back in 2013, GameTrailers released an hour long video called Kingdom Hearts Timeline, which some of KHInsider staff helped out with. Although it managed to successfully summarize the entire series plot, some of us felt there was still more to tell.

Thus, we decided to work closely together in order to create a number of episodes which delved into the more complicated aspects of the series thus far, in preparation for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

In these episodes, we focus on time travel, Sora's connection to people such as Ventus, Roxas, Naminé & Xion, Xehanort's plans during the entire series and what you need to know from Kingdom Hearts χ [chi].

Episode 1: Time Travel in Kingdom Hearts

Episode 2: Sora's Connections to Others

Episode 3: Xehanort's Ambitions

Episode 4: The Foretellers' Prophecy
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