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Eisuundar [OPEN]

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Eisuundar [OPEN] Empty Eisuundar [OPEN]

Post by Jensen on April 10th 2015, 5:15 pm

Trudging through the brisk, eternal winters of China's mountains, Jensen had been on the hunt for more information on the demons hiding in the white wasteland. He wasn't just there for the demons, he had come to learn more about his abilities. It had been some time since he had fought the shepherd of darkness. With assistance, he was able to barely escape. The shepherd had taken his people from him, and now he had nothing. Sir Nic was nowhere to be found. Ikara was missing. Even the pyro he hardly spoke to was gone. He was alone, feeling the hair on his body wave in reaction to the wind. He looked into the void and saw his heart. Now, what he could do at the very least, was build anew. Build for himself. Build a guild that would bring him the power he needed to fight the shepherd once more.

Jensen took slow steps, feeling his feet sink deep into the snow. He had a shield in his left hand and the accompanying sword in the right. The tip made a trail in the snow that was quickly smothered by the powder falling. The crackling of bone from underneath could be heard, low snarls indicating that something was coming for him. The Imagined had rose from the snow, their rotten flesh torn away to reveal the deteriorated skeleton underneath. Stopping, Jensen watched as several Imagine surrounded him. Crouching down, he rested in his shield with his sword held low. "I pray upon thee, Eisundar, to give me passage unto your favor. I ask for guidance and light. The light to burn down the wretched before me." A white energy engulfed Jensen's body, steam rolling off as he felt a slight burn. Jolting to a stand, the hunter lifted his sword into the air and a blinding light enveloped the whole area. From below the mountains, a brilliant gleam could possibly be seen.

As the light cleared, it would be revealed that the Imagined were no more. Memories floated around, collecting into the holy blade. Continuing forth, Jensen knew he would have to fight some sort of beast. It was a much needed trek, a pilgrimage of information to find himself. A lone wolf, quite literally, that needed a cause. The Monster Hunters don't exist anymore, so he must build anew. He is not welcome in the Church of Eisuundar, so he lacked all kinds of allies. To save the town would give him the influence to call upon the clerics and the warriors. To get people to rise, to fight the threat ignored in the wake of darkness and nothingness. Heartless. Nobodies. They were no different from the monsters that tainted the worlds. These memories, even. They were false creatures that needed to be released. Entering a much more open area from before, Jensen saw the weapons of war partially masked with snow. Axes, swords, bows and arrows, all of it seemingly too recent to be covered in so little snow.

Again, the undead rose from their grave and took up arms. The Imagined were not the enemy this time, seemingly real undead had been possessed. Thrusting his hand forward, Jensen turned the spirits of the undead back unto the world they belonged in, a wave of white energy radiating from his hand. Larger shadows hidden by the snow had emerged, and a plume of green energy burst from the middle of the field of snow. Phasing into the world, a seemingly undead creature wearing a Lich's robe had entered. Three of The Feared entered, most apparently under control of the being before Jensen. "Ah, so you've come to hunt me down. Wolf of Eisuundar. You've killed my pets. You and that damn Cleric killed my brother. I shall let these abominations deal with you...and maybe have a surprise at the end." Jensen tightened the grip on his sword, a silhouette of the cleric appearing over him, displaced to the left.

The Lich laughed in amusement, snapping his fingers and disappearing into a brief vortex of green flame. The Feared slowly crept forward, increasing their pace to attack the hunter. Jensen felt his body convulse to a minor degree, his muscle morphing as his Wolf side wanted to take control. Tossing aside his shield, he held up his left hand as a bright light collected within. A holy, white flame formed and his blade became engulfed in this flame as well. Swinging his arm in the motion of a back-hand, a field of white fire glided along the snow. While the snow came into contact, the fire did nothing until it glided along the legs of the Feared. They all roared in pain, coming to their knees as the flame briefly rose to torch their entire lower halves. Walking up to one, Jensen began hacking away at its heads. One by one, they slowly came off. Thrusting his hand to another Feared's chest, a glowing rune engraved itself.

The Feared began developing glowing cracks and ruptures all along its body before it eventually became consumed in the white fire. The third Feared absorbed the two memories, becoming much larger. Jensen took a roaring position, using his Resonant Roar to send a burst of the holy energy into the Feared. Its body became visibly scarred and burned, low yelps indicating its pain. "I will guide you from this world...and into the next." Jensen held his blade horizontally, a hand on the tip. The white flame condensed into the blade, turning into a cyan glow shaping around Eisingar. "This technique was once called the White Lion. To purify a blade and bestow upon it the might of holy flame. Give it magic, and it become the Blue Tiger." Jensen slashed diagonally once, barely scratching the surface. Coming back and striking the same line formed along the Feared's body, the wound entangled the memory in holy energy. It became consumed, deteriorating and eventually being destroyed. A wisp of memory had replaced it, entering Eisingar like the Imagined.

Jensen looked to the distance, and from the winter storm came a massive beast. It was glorious and beautiful. However, as it neared, that beauty faded as it had revealed itself as a possessed Bipherem. Jensen didn't know what to do, simply looking into the blank expression of the colossal beast. In an epic pose, the hunter summoned his shield into his hand and the Bipherem rose for attack.It's do or die, Jensen. Run to survive. Fight to keep your pride. Which is it? Jensen would not be able to defeat the beast before him, only survive.

DESCRIPTION | The Lich is an undead creature capable of utilizing dark magics to accomplish its goals. Whether it be necromancy or similar, the Lich is deeply rooted in the undead community. The Lich is unpredictable as what it sacrifices its life for is completely subjective. Usually mages become liches. Due to their variety they have two sets of research data. The Personal Data and the General Data. These are difficult to study as they have magically enhanced senses as well as a plethora of fail safes.
PERSONAL DATA | If One piece of data is obtained, they have -1 END when hunted.
If two pieces of data are obtained, they have -1 M. RES and -1 END on top of the previous debuff from research.
If three pieces of data are obtained, there is a -2 MAG.

GENERAL DATA | If one piece of data is obtained, they have -1 SPD when encounters.
-1 SPD and -1 AGI if two pieces.
-1 SPD and -1 AGI extra if three pieces.

DANGER LEVEL | 4/5[/b]

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Eisuundar [OPEN] Empty Re: Eisuundar [OPEN]

Post by Yima on April 18th 2015, 10:53 pm

Bursts of frosty air violently trust about the hairs between two black canine ears barely covered by a grey leather hood.  The creature's frame was bent forward, shoulder's upright, tongue freezing as it tasted the air its owner hoping to find something his sight cut off by the blizzard billowing about him.  Quasi Spirit state was in place on this man granting him traits of a mummy, vampire, and werewolf originally bestowed to him by Halloween town he now exhibited fur, bandages down his arms now concealed by a grey leather trench coat accompanied by a strap bag, and ears which now cold would help him in his search.  

Keeping low and flat helped keep some of the wind from hitting him displaced as it was by the rolling hills of snow though it also kept him matted again the chilly substance.  Perhaps he could hollow some out, grab some sticks from his pack, start a fire, and melt his own home a bit... That was something he would have done with Etzolix when they were kids... gosh it wasn't that long ago was it... better get to it he thought diving into a mound of the stuff.  Now he was getting colder faster but he writhed in the snow using his strength to press the lighter material about forming walls to accompany his grunts rubbing his hands together in a vain attempt at warming them.  "Now how soon will I make that fire", he said to none other than himself calling to his magic once again manifesting light out from himself allowing him to see more than white or black for the first time since he got here which incidentally also illuminated the mound some.

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