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Bronson Field
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Name: Bronson Field

Age: 34

Appearance: Bronson is a lumpy, hunched man towering at four inches above the sixth foot. His jawline is littered with a cloud of facial hair and on his head lie looming, drooping curls. With curious eyes and a wide, dopey smile, Bronson's features are always open, honest, and kind. His attire varies greatly depending on the weather and occasion, but most clothes are relaxed and comfortable, as with his hair (it's either down or tied back in a loose topknot).

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Always a little spaced out, Bronson is a man with his head in the clouds. He's generally oblivious to the dangers of the universe - the dopey woodsman hasn't ever encountered a creature like a Heartless or Nobody or Memory, and admits their existence to be limited in the realms of fantasy. Field likes to find enjoyment in things that humans normally find enjoyable - baseball, television, board games, or just having a beer. He tries to avoid conflict as he realizes he's a bit... flabby and sad, physically... at best. He doesn't like the bizarre or magical, and tries to avoid the mystical at all costs. He's willing to (barely) overcome his cowardice in order to do something morally right, but Bronson will probably be complaining the whole time.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Simple Image: The user is able to passively conjure images no larger than an icebox, but they present no sound nor can they move.
  • Shifted Image: The user can exude an aura that warps his image so that when viewed, from any angle or sensory enchantment, he appears to be a foot closer than he actually is.
  • Split Image: The user is able to project a moving image of himself anywhere in a five foot radius of himself. It copies his movements exactly.
  • Sheer Image: The user is able to blend in with his background like the yellow-belly chameleon. His image is slightly distorted upon inspection, the focus of whatever background he's emulating not matching his surroundings.

Supplementary Battle System

Strength || 7
Constitution || 8
M. Affinity || 5 (+2 Simple, +3 Illusion, -2 Complex)
M. Resistance || 6 (+2 Fire : -2 Water, -3 Space)
Dexterity || 4
Speed || 4
Stamina || 8

(+2 Simple, +3 Illusion, -2 Complex)

(+2 Fire : -2 Water, -3 Space)

History: Bronson was born n' raised as a (self-described) rough rumbler in Traverse Town, the wimpy but massive man taking his profession in minor woodcraft. He currently makes a living by selling trinkets, decorations, and small furniture in his town of with a patchwork of citizens that made one colorful demographic for his business; his target audience is, honestly, the lonely and bored. His life is rather mundane and indifferent from anyone else's - he isn't even aware of his natural magical talent, and prefers to do work with his hands rather than with fancy devices or incantations, anyways. Currently saving up Munny to buy a Gummi Ship and escape the dreary boredom of Traverse Town and do something more exciting - selling Intergalactic Birdhouses!

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