An Enchanted Beginning ((open))

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An Enchanted Beginning ((open))

Post by Xamanthas on March 16th 2015, 11:27 pm

Perpetual twilight it seemed to be that fateful day,  a day which will forever be embedded within Xamanthas lost mind. Clouds rolled by ever so gently, the wind among the trees playing celestial symphonies; the branches downward bent, like keys of some great instrument.
A strange being in black wandered through the woods surrounded by mystical creatures of many shapes and sizes, until it stopped to admire it's surroundings.

"Something...feels different here since my last visit. I no longer feel a warm pleasant aura like I did when I meet that blond woman. " the hooded figure said with such peace and beauty in her voice.

 She removed her hood, letting loose her long blue hair. Her ocean blue eyes glistened with the twilight as did her alabaster skin.
 Time slowly passed as did the orange sky into a beautiful blue hue, miniscule wisps glided across a small pond as if stuck in a never ending walts.

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Re: An Enchanted Beginning ((open))

Post by Yima on March 18th 2015, 12:34 am

A sudden flash of light among the tall twisted trees of the damp enchanted wood burst from the forest floor and began to accumulate upward in a seven foot stall spike never truly still. The energy rustled away leaves and rotting undergrowth in the small space the mass occupied stabilizing. This peaceful section of the wood would no longer be free of human alteration as a man drab in a grey leather trench coat over light snow fabrics slowly stepped from the gateway.

He was a tall man almost a head over the portal he created from Twilight Town here in search of a place to lay his rear down and ponder some thoughts. "Perhaps now I might have a moment or two to myself", Yima said to himself it would seem taking a look around for where indeed he was and who might be about.

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