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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Name: Wez Kultz

Age: 16

Appearance: Wez, a kid who looks older than he would like to, and likes to keep his fashion sense bland as a lumberjack in plaid.  Skin has a grayish tint to it, his beady eyes are a nearly black off brown color, and he usually is somewhere between a smile and concerned flat line.  He usually wears a solo color coat with a hood covering up his black curly locks of hair and usually adds one or two small plants to his hood like a four leaf clover or small.. like really small flower.  Oh, he is a kinda tall guy about 5' 8'' and is a healthy weight for that height having a medium body type.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Wez is a pragmatic personality, he tends to hope for the best, and prep for something less awesome happening.  He tends to observe stuff before taking actions, being a good listening, and analytic helped him get through school faster than most so he has more free time now.  Overall he is a good person and helps out once he get's to know you if you have problems or need an ear, when he get's excited though he can really get into a subject.  

Attributes: Level 1
Strength || 6
Constitution || 6
M. Affinity || 6
M. Resistance || 6
Dexterity || 6
Speed || 6
Stamina || 6

Abilities and Skills:

Name: Fire

Element(s): Fire

Effect: Wez calls upon the lively magic of the fire element creating a ball of fire in his hand that can deal moderate damage to other people or himself if he is to close to the explosion which will happen if the ball makes contact with a surface.  The explosion is about 3 feet in diameter, most of the damage is caused by burning not pressure so stone, and other stuff doesn't get more than scorch marks.  He can chuck the ball a short distance before it fizzles out, he can also hold it in his hand to create light like a lantern for awhile before it fizzles out getting weaker the whole time.

History: Started as a simple spell to start fires taught in the advanced classes at the school Wez went to and has since been made larger and more dangerous with experimentation (using it a lot ad getting a better idea of how to make it bigger).

Delayed Blast (Insert Element Here) Bomb:
Name: Delayed Blast (Insert Element Here) Bomb

Element(s): Ink + Another Element (Unless only ink is used)

Effect: Scribing onto a surface the conditions for the explosion is necessary as well as what elemental magic will be drawn from to provide the explosive force for the detonation, proximity, time, can be applied though it cannot tell very well who who is unless they are present when the spell is being scribed.  Sensory is very short range but the explosion is about 6 feet in diameter with a special affinity for destroying terrain in addition to the variety of damage which is pretty moderate; this spell can be used to great effect to freeze lakes.

History: Shortly before finishing school Wez had to make a useful spell for his advanced classes and he was thinking of something practical like a time detonation for getting ride of the old buildings in town that were gonna be replaced with new business.  The idea was to use the commanding nature of this ink magic to set an explosion to go off for a certain condition like time, certain person getting nearby, etc.  The spell never got finished until after school taking to long to make it safe so he had to get by with his fire spell working like a lantern.

Name: Stick

Element: Ink

Effects: Allows the user to maintain the command “stick” connecting two things with magic ink written as “stick” continuously maintained by the person using it draining away a small amount of stamina while they use it.  This ability was meant to allow Wez to crawl up buildings, stick to small objects together in a pinch like if his spatula broke during breakfast, and it was his last one; attempting to do more than that would drain Wez considerably more depending on the amount and honestly may not work out at all while still taking the effort.

History: Ink magic was quickly identified as Wez's strong suit able to draw power into the words and utilize the powers those words implied reliably, later he will assuredly expand on this sort of thing, but for now it is his most used skill.

Weapons and Equipment:

History: There was a day like any other in which many children were born, such a day Wez was born, but his history was not singular.  Growing up was a little rough but that builds character right?  The struggle Wez had to go through was like most people trying to make clever use of his personal resources while getting help from his parents who weren't gonna let him have freedom like an adult has until he got through school.  That goal is one of the main reasons he got himself focused really early on knowing he wanted what he thought adults did, go out when they wanted, buy things they wanted, be in charge of what they were doing; he found out later that it really wasn't like that of course but he still wanted freedom.  Part of that freedom was getting a job so he could save up for things he wanted like lessons in martial arts which both parents helped him with until he got out of school not because they didn't want him to have those skills but they wanted him to feel like he really earned “freedom”.  

The reason he wanted “those skills” was that somewhere in his early years his parents decided it was better when they understood each other, their paths diverged is a kind way of putting it, and Wez had to go from home to home through town.  There wasn't a lot of carriages here except the trolley which didn't run to late so he had to concern himself with the gangs between point a and point b aka mom and dad's.  He was glad they could stand each other, Wez had seen other families have much worse break ups, but that was a bridge down that wasn't going back up all the same something he had to accept  that had a big impact on him.  Both of his parents worked graveyard shifts consistently so he would see them in the morning before school but not much else so he made the best of it.  On the other hand that let him hang out with friends, practice what they would teach students of magic (light the candle for me etc.), music, walk down to the beach, or play games near the old mansion on account of all the woods.

After school though Wez has gotten a lot more time on his hands to figure out how to pay for his own place though his parents let him use his old rooms for his stuff or to stay over it is Wez's expectation to transition.  He doesn't get to see his friends nearly as much anymore since their times are only after school, so he has been expanding on what he knew before, and can borrow from the library on the “art”.  He has become noticeably more concerned with it recently though after he was getting corned by the Rat-heads street gang, which has happened before granted where they beat you down until you can't stand, take your stuff, and leave you.  What got to him was the dark little imp of a man with is emotionless glowing yellow eyes that happened upon them out from under a dumpster.  When the gang tried to kick it the thing seemed to ignore them and launched itself upon the offender soon causing a heart to pop from his chest and him to fad away like he was getting eaten by nothing...

Suffice to say Wez used the opportunity to scribe stick to both of his hands, planted them on the building next to him hoping they would support his weight, and climbed to safety at the top of the five story apartment building.  As he looked out into the weak glow of the town he called home all his life he thought of where to go that that wouldn't follow him if it was gonna, there were still crude remarks coming from below so he poked his head over the edge watching curious and a little terrified.  Another person was missing, maybe they had gotten away, the living shade had cut cleanly through one of their guts, they should run Wez thought looking around for something he could drop panicking.  There was a loose brick he grasped hearing another voice go silently made his sweat go cold as he feverishly tried to scribe another mark this time on the brick meaning firebomb.  Nearly tripping on his way to the edge he saw the thing lung at another person and thrust the brick at it hoping his aim was good enough, the brick didn't hit the shadow head on but the blast might as well have singeing the hair on the gang's arms and gifting first degree burns all around.  They ran and the hungry thing followed them into the streets where Wez lost track of all of them, he stayed there for a long while collecting himself.  

He returned home later than he wanted to that night and slept hard enough to crack boulders of stone.  His dreams were blank though when he woke up the markings on his hands were still there meaning what had happened really happened, he looked into missing people that morning, and sure enough some families were looking.   The martial arts he had taken had always seemed to him a necessity but magic ow seemed very much a necessity as well if there were more of those things out there.  Those thoughts led to others nursing a fascination and vested interest in these oddities he has become determined to uncover.

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Nice application. Looking forward to seeing how you will use this character in an RP setting.

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I am and thank you.

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