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Post by re:Admin on March 5th 2015, 8:46 pm

Elements List:
Light, Darkness, Nothingness,
Space, Illusion, Time, Moon, Ink, Cure,
Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Rose/Flower
Lightning, Ice, Metal, Molten

Element of raw bright energy pushing away darkness kindred to hearts willing to give of themselves for the well being of others, often honest, and forthcoming in nature.

Element of what is hidden, feeding on what lay around it, kindred to those hearts seeking isolation, with a narrow mindset or goal willing to sacrifice the well being of others for themselves.

Element spanning the space in between both light and darkness kindred to those without hearts, the shattered somebodies, and those who do not quite fit into other worlds both personal or otherwise.

Element of raw force and stability in both open space and in materials, gravity manipulation, spacial density alterations, and even minute material manipulations are all examples of the element space.

Element of phantasms, proxies, and falsehoods.  Magics that rely on purely mind altering conditions that are more raw in nature as opposed to physically reliant ones; creating visions dependent or independent of a active mind.

Element of the figurative idea of time and the alteration there of this element is a specialized one narrowly focused, but able to do more than simply speed up or slow the flow of time for a single individual or group.

Often referred to as the element of passion, of emotions allowed to run rampant, the sorrow of a love lost, the rage of a furious youth, and ironclad guardian nature of a parent all could call upon this strength set apart from the more primordial natures of say light, darkness, or nothingness.

Element of ideas made real through script and written characters.  With this element some could for example write “restrain” on a tree and activating the runes with a trigger have that tree bend to attempt to restrain someone or something.  Another example would be say “detonate” on written characters attached to a written surface that trigger when someone walks near even going as far as to be able to differentiate between those who pass by.

Element of forced anatomical correction and alteration, often used to quickly restore a living being after they have received injuries, or sickness.  The element also has the ability to alter a living body although the process is often rather more sudden than most bodies would prefer, this element relies on forced change rather than natural change.

Element of combustion and warmth, energy surviving off itself, it's life short or long.  Flowing wildly or simply used to start a camp fire this element has a way of warming the soul.  Often associated with those who exhibit great emotion this element just as well can describe the high consistent heat of coals resting at the base of a fire keeping the hearth a stable heat for its younger flames.

Element of the oceans, rivers, ponds, wherever moisture gathers this element is most likely present providing life to the billions of creatures reliant upon it.  

Element of unrefined minerals both common and valuable.  Stern, stable, and rough could also describe this element though the people who learn to master it var greatly.

Breath of the world, each gale, summer breeze, painful long storms bellowing voice reside within this element.  Control over the wind's bellows could be used to help a ships along the sea or even to slice through the air like a blade if that suits your fancy.

Element of nature, all thongs that grow, and all things that live in the biological sense at least.  One could command trees to sit for tea, speak to the grass, and even regenerate what has been lost through sickness or injury.  

Element of electrical phenomena connecting two points, often rather straightforward, though it in rare occasions has been known to be used by some crafty casters.

Element of the cold, absence of energy contrasting to the high energy of fire draining away activity from the environment and holding substances solidly in place; incidentally the most common use is with water hence the name.  

Element of the refined minerals as opposed to the rough variations.  This could prove especially useful in molding already set tools and weapons or even in attempts to harvest the metals.

Element focusing on materials in their molten high energy states. When effected by this type of magic substances often become liquid when they would otherwise be solid such as molten iron versus iron ore.

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