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Sir Nicholas
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Name: Antares Dragur.

Age: 38. (Birthday is October 25th)

Appearance: Antares is a tall, well built man with a shaved head and blue eyes. Across his face are numerous small scars - hinting at numerous battles in the past. Normally he wears a suit of thick-weaved armor and overlapping metal plates.

Gender: Male.

Species: Human.

Alignment: Neutral Evil.

Personality: Antares is intelligent, calculating, ruthless and utterly without scruples in pursuit of his mysterious goals. A a man of few words in actual conversation - he only speaks when he feels it necessary, which gives his words great weight. He is incredibly cunning and quick to learn from his mistakes - aggressively targeting people or things that have proven a hindrance to him so they cannot be used against him again.

To him, the ends always justify the means - and even if it involves loss of life, he will make that choice.

Before his descent into his villainy, Antares had a joyful life with his family. He genuinely loved his wife, Maria. Before her death, she was the only person he showed visible emotion and happiness towards, and most often it was simply her smile that drove away his dark moods. Suffice to say that she remains the only person besides their son, Damian that Antares has ever truly cared for.

After Maria passed away, Antares was driven mad with grief and vowed he would never remarry and turned his back on emotion.

Aside from his vast intellect and incredible power, Antares is also a master manipulator, demagogue and can give quite passionate speeches off the top of his head.

In battle, Antares approaches his opponents with a silent, deathlike stare - a gaze that is rumored to be so cold it could freeze a forge. A vicious pragmatist by nature - he will take the easy road to victory without exception. If his opponent shows any weakness at any time, he will immediately exploit it.

In other matters, Antares has a strong adversarial relationship with Nicolas Jameson - a man that he views as the single greatest threat to his plans. The reason behind their rivalry is as yet unknown, though it may have something to do with the fact Jameson constantly interferes with Antares' plans. Likewise, it may also be because the two are dark reflections of each other, something he has pointed out to Nicolas' face. Throughout their many battles, each has tried to kill the other, though outside forces have always prevented them from delivering a finishing blow.

Oddly enough, Jameson never has displayed any hostility to Antares' son, Damian, and indeed - the two have been known to pause their feud if ever he is involved.

Several times, Nicolas has attempted to reason with his nemesis; to try and turn him away from his evil path and instead focus solely on his relationship with Damian, but each time, Antares has refused.

Abilities and Skills:

-Master Swordsman.
-Exceptional Martial Artist.
-Expert Wizard. (Master Illusionist).
-Genius Intellect.

Spells List:

  • Clones - By harnessing his Magic, Antares can create clones of himself that are identical to him in nearly every way. Only those familiar with him, or those with sufficient Magic Resistance can truly see them for what they are. He can create up to five clones using this ability - and though they cannot attack or be harmed, they are incredibly lifelike and can fool the unwary. Antares also possesses the ability to disguise people as himself - thus allowing him to fool opponents into attacking each other.

  • Gale Force - By manipulating the Wind, Antares can create miniature cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes and other storm effects. The intensity of the wind increases the more he focuses the spell, allowing him to blow away his opponents. Those with sufficient Magic Resistance are unaffected by it, and those with great enough strength can root themselves in place and may negate the attack.

  • Graviga -  Antares can manipulate the gravitational field of his foes - either increasing it tremendously, crushing the opponent, or decreasing it - causing them to float in the air, rendering their mobility almost useless. The weakness in this spell is that those of sufficient Magic resistance can resist the effects, or alternately, those of high enough Dexterity and Endurance can adapt to the pressure.

  • Event Horizon - By far his most powerful spell, Antares combines his control of gravity and wind and creates a vortex that sucks everything around it in. Those caught in the attack's radius are either torn apart or simply pulverized by the sheer crushing pressure. Although powerful, this attack is limited in its range and can be resisted if the opponent has enough raw power and endurance to weather the storm. Another weakness is that this spell requires a tremendous amount of Magic Power and leaves him temporarily vulnerable to attack.

Weapons and Equipment:

[*]Scorpius - An enchanted longsword that Antares has stated easily rivals Jameson's blade in power. This weapon enhances its users' magical abilities.

Supplementary Battle System

[*]Level 5 Fighter.

Strength || 6
Constitution || 5
M. Affinity || 9
M. Resistance || 5
Dexterity || 5
Speed || 7
Stamina || 5

Fighting Style:

First and foremost, Antares relies on his masterful swordplay to win battles. His particular style revolves around his speed, cunning and extremely precise strikes to slay his opponents. Every blow he makes is lethal - aiming for the head or heart. Not as strong or as durable as his nemesis, he instead relies on his Magical abilities to give him the edge in their battles. In terms of overall combative skill they are comparable. Jameson holds the advantage in raw power and durability, while Antares is faster and far more Magically adept.

Exceptionally proficient in Elemental Magic, his abilities are just shy of the level of a true Wizard. His particular specialties lie in Illusion and Gravity. A favorite tactic of his is to create vortexes, cyclones and whirlwinds that can rip opponents apart with the wind.

Alternately, Antares possesses above average skill in several Martial Arts. On several occasions he has been able to go toe-to-toe with his nemesis in barehanded combat. He is a Black Belt in Jujitsu, Judo, Karate and Kickboxing.

History: To be added later.

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