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A Sweet Treat

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A Sweet Treat Empty A Sweet Treat

Post by Karahito on January 8th 2015, 8:35 pm

The ear-piercing scream of a child shattered the calm afternoon of our small home the day I noticed the change that began to morph us. I was only eight at the time, when it happened. I remember... being so frozen in fear that I couldn't move, and yet that didn't stop the uncontrollable shaking. I was quickly shifting my eyes between my hands and my sister that lay on the ground before me, staring up in shock.

“F-Felicity, I-I...”

With the clumsy nimblness of a child our age, she got to her feet and dusted her pants. A large chunk of her silvery hair was missing, fluttering about in the air. But despite the fact that I... She still...

There was a gentle patting on the top of my head. “I'm sorry, Surrie. I didn't mean to scream. You just scared me was all,” Felicity had a soft smile on her face as always. “Besides, I don't think you meant to throw a weird dark ball at me. Good think you can't aim, huh? Aheheh.”

How could she smile at a time like this? How could she be laughing when I almost hurt her. Behind her, I could see the oak tree that was the victim of my outburst. There was a hazy black steam wafting off a dent in the bark.


She sighed, attempting to push back the memories that had risen once again. Opening eyes that had been closed, Karahito let her eyes drop to her feet. There had been far to many occasions where she debated deleting the memory clean out of its existence. But time and time again she opted to keep it, despite how it haunted her. It was an important memory that dictated who she would become when she grew up, and who she was at that day. There was no escaping the harsh truth.

From where she sat atop the sun-kissed buildings, there wasn't much she couldn't see. People came and went, more going than coming the further the sun fell in the sky. But the colors that setting sun left in the sky was a sight to behold, beautiful no matter how many times her eyes seen it. Sitting on the ledge of the world's clock tower, she was overcome with a sense of serenity. In her hands was a melting ice-cream bar, dark red in color. The shop owner had attempted to sell her some salty blue knock-off as though it were a usual thing and seemed shocked that it wasn't the one she wanted. It was her favorite flavor, cherry, and was the only flavor she was ever interested in eating anymore. There used to be a time where she was adventurous and tried everything. But those days were long gone, her partner in crime no longer being there to cheer her on.

She sighed and placed the bar to her lips with a downcast expression. Realizing the face she was making made her smile. How could someone be so sad while eating ice cream? Besides, she had other things to worry about than the past. Like the present. She was here for a reason after all, and that was to meet someone.

"You're late, 'Pestilence'," Karahito said, not moving to greet the newcomer.

"It's not my fault you picked such an impossible place to get to," he retorted, taking a seat beside her on the ledge.

"You said you wanted secluded and that's exactly what ya got. Deal with it," she said, handing him a rectangular white package. The man looked at it for a moment, eyeing it and then her. This caused her to sigh in irritation. "It's going to melt more than it already is if you don't eat it soon."

With a great amount of suspicion, he plucked it from her hand and unwrapped it to see what was inside. "You got me ice cream?" There was a humored tone of disbelief embedded in his words as he looked at her.

"It's boysenberry. I thought... that you might like it," Karahito mumbled, looking off to the side to hide her raising blush. On her other side, she could feel the smirk forming on his lips. That feeling, that image in her head...irritated her. Flipping back around, Karahito reached for the dessert in his hand shouting, "B-But if you don't want it, I'll take it back!" Which Kuro promptly pulled away and out of her reach. Which resulted in her leaning across him in an attempt to grab it.

"Not a chance. It's mine, now," he chuckled, allowing her to take hold of the ice cream before clamping his hand over hers. His free hand pinned the one she was using for support to the cement they sat on and a mischievous look came over him. "Just like you."

"Like hell I am. Let me go," she growled at him, struggling to free her arm. But the precariousness of where they sat didn't allow for too much wiggling. That, and she didn't want to dirty her own ice cream in the process.



"I think I'll keep you just. Like. This," he said, the grip on her hand tightened as he forced it closer to his lips. "How kind of you," he said, licking the tip of the red-ish pink ice cream bar he had forced her to bring closer.

Her face scrunched up in anger, a fierce redness flaring up on her cheeks. Her eyes flashed down for a moment, only to look back up at him. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you enjoy licking... ahem... 'things'," Karahito said, a coy grin crossing her lips. Immediately, Kuro released her hand and looked down at the ice cream and a look of disgust replaced the 'cock'y smirk.

"You! You did that on purpose didn't you!?" Kuro stood and pointed an accusative finger at her as he spoke before turning to walk away. "Gah! I can't believe you. I should've just stayed home like I wanted to. Stupid gorilla..." He rounded the corner and vanished from Karahito's sight, mumbling all the while.

Blinking in minor confusion, that wasn't the reaction Karahito was expecting out of him. She was half expecting another cocky remark, half expecting a brash defiance of her suggestion and to prove her otherwise. Feeling a bit guilty, she turned back around to face the city before her with popsicles in either hand. Her plan for a casual da- er... day...out... were thrown into the wind. The same wind, which had suddenly picked up out of nowhere and blew one of the ice cream bars out of her hand and spiraling down to the plaza below.

"Ah... No no no!" Karahito just barely missed catching it, leaning forward slightly to see just where the ice cream landed. "Oops."

"Oops what? What'd you do now?"

The sudden voice behind her made Karahito jump slightly, twisting the upper half of her body to face the source. Her arms were still raised as though she were holding two ice creams, but the one hand was empty. Standing there was Kuro, arms crossed with an unamused expression. As he looked down at her hands, he answered his own question.

"What? Got mad at me and dropped my ice cream?"

"N-No! It just-"

"Fell? Likely story."

"But it really did!"

"Uh-huh. And I'm still scared of the boogeyman," the sneer in his voice was reflected on his face as he took the few steps that would take to close the distance between them.

Karahito, no longer feeling guilty, turned forward once again with a defiant look and nose upturned. "I thought you were going home. Why are you still here?"

"I was going to say sorry, but you can forget about it now. Not like I need to apologize to you anyways. You don't really deserve that kind of thing," said Kuro, nonchalant in both tone and mannerisms. Even after he sat down beside her, he didn't seem the least bit interested.

"Heh," Karahito turned her gaze downwards to the ice cream in her hand with a small smile. "Sorry a lowly peasant like me doesn't make the cut. Here. You can have mine, since I dropped yours and all."

She held out the treat to him, no longer interested in eating it. Taking it without a word, Kuro didn't seem like he was very interested either, holding it with a limp grip. That was oddly generous of her, giving it up so easily, without a fight. He glanced at Karahito from the corner of his eye, watching her. The black haired woman was staring silently out into the distance, most likely at the setting sun. It escape him what she found so interesting about something that happened everyday on every world. Then again, he didn't really understand women very well either. Nor did he want to. But this woman... she was different. In the two years he had to get to know her, he surmised that she was better than the average peasant, if only just a little.

The long black hair that fell like silk against her body shimmered in the light. More times than none, he found himself wanting to hold it in his hands, pull it until she screamed. She smelled nice, too. Sweet, but not so much so that it was sickening. Like a black flower that thrives in darkness. Her body shape was rather acceptable as well. Her bust, as always, seemed like it was nothing but weightless air in the crop top her wore. Kuro often wondered if it really was air, wanting to see with his own eyes. But the weight that was sometimes placed upon his head, albeit irritating, gave him no reason to further investigate the wonder. That, and she was fully capable of getting by on her own. She wasn't baggage that he needed worry about. She was indeed different.

"If you didn't make the cut, I wouldn't be sitting here, you stupid woman," Kuro said, a hint of annoyance in his voice. He turned his red eyes away from her as her silver-blue ones looked at him, then down at the hand that was stretched out to her. "You can have it back. I don't need your peasant donations. If I want another one, I'll get it myself."

Reaching out and taking the ice cream, Karahito smiled to herself. By this time, the treat had nearly melted all away, only a little remained on the stick. "Thank you, Kuro," her words were soft and gentle, but were almost inaudible. Hearing Karahito's words, he watched her as she stuck the remainder of the frozen treat in her mouth and pulled out a clean stick, tinted red from the dye. There was a satisfied grin on her face, and it showed in her eyes. But it'd be rude of me if I didn't share, huh? How silly of me.

The satisfaction she wore shifted unto that of allure, a mischievous grin gracing her lips as she leaned towards him. It took Kuro a moment to register the expression she had and leaned back the more she crept forward.

"The hell is wrong with you?" he asked, concern and disgust building in his voice. But she didn't respond, only continued to lean in with that smirk. She creeped until there was no where left for him to lean. And then planted her lips against his. Kuro's eyes widened in disbelief. Or was it disgust..? But either way, the tarty taste of cherries suddenly flooded the inside of his mouth. And as much as he wanted to tear away and ask what the hell was going on, he found himself leaning toward her, taking more of the sweet tartness for himself. When there was nothing left to take, their lips parted. “You're really asking for it, you know.”

“Asking for what?” The coy giggle and matching grin didn't hide at all the fact that she knew exactly what he was talking about. When all she received was a cocked eyebrow and a 'really?' expression, she laughed and took off.

“Don't think you're gonna get very far!” Kuro smirked as he made chase. He'd show her just what it was she was asking for.

"I-I'm not doing it for you, you know. I have my own reasons..."

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