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Name: Wisdom

Age: 23

Appearance: Wisdom is a white Caucasian male with a slightly youthful look. His hair is a curly brown. His eyes are an odd color or white. Not milky white, like blind eyes, but just white eyes. He is about 5 feet and 8 inches, and he weighs 144 lbs. He wears a white undershirt under a black leather coat with two pockets on each side. He wears black shorts that hold what weapons he holds. He also wears white tennis shoes with blue lines running through in a pattern.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Wisdom remains kind and compassionate for the most part, though, at times, he can be a little awkward. He can also be a bit unstable at times. Some things can easily send him into a raging fit. Even so, he's rather hard to hit in the feels, unless it was a rather horrific tragedy. When he's angry, he puts up a mental wall that blocks out all reasoning from the outside world. It will take him a bit to calm and collect himself. He is also inflicted with autism.

Abilities and Skills:
[*]Blind: The user shoots a brief flash of light at the foe's head. This light is very small, but visible (if it weren't so fast), and effective. This can temporarily blind them for a post, and decrease their accuracy and Defense. However, the foe must be within a radius of at least 5 feet for the spell to be effective. The closer the range, though, the higher the effect.
[*]Double Team: The user will form 6 ethereal clones of itself. They can move independently, and act freely. The clones cannot harm or be harmed. However, when a clone is met with physical or magical contact, it will disappear. Their distance is limited to a moderately far distance. The point of the spell is to hide the user among the clones, giving him or her a chance to escape or attack.

[*]Shining Wave: The user will bring their hand up like a wave. Then, from about 5 inches from the user, a straight "wave" of searing light will home in toward the opponent. The wave is a straight line about 9 feet tall. This wave will home in on the target just barely, but moving out of the path of the wave can prevent it from hitting you. This wave travels a moderate distance before it disappears.
[*]Aeroga: The user will mutter the word "Aeroga" before putting his/her hand out. From the palm of the hand, a small little light will be cast, and will land on an area in a choice of between 1-5 feet. This spell can land in any direction you choose, as long as it is within 1-5 feet. Where the light will land, an EF-2 tornado will appear, dealing moderate wind damage to whatever enemy it landed near. The maximum distance it can be to deal damage is about 2 feet from the target.
[*]Hard Light Aura: Wisdom becomes cloaked in some form of hard light. The enchantment cloaks Wisdom in a centimeter thick blue hard light shield that provides defense; very small defense addition to Magic Defense, and moderate addition to physical Defense. The shield illuminates a tiny bit, but only enough to make it visible in the dark. The shield cannot break, but whatever damage is dealt to it will be transferred to Wisdom. So, say you stabbed Wisdom during the enchantment. The shield has a consistency of leather, so damage will be dealt, but damage will be decreased, be it magical or physical. The hard light shield does not effect Wisdom's weight.
[*]Ascension: Wisdom will burst out a pair of entirely white, feathery wings. When they first emerge from his back, they shine briefly and spread out to a wingspan of 8 feet. The wings are, as most wings are, fragile, so they can be destroyed. However, with these wings, Wisdom can move fairly quickly, like a robin or any other common bird. Maneuvering is second nature, as long as the wind is being fair...

Weapons and Equipment:

  • Holy War: Wisdom's previous primary weapon. Used in the left hand. Almost looks like it belonged to another...

  • True Light's Flight: Wisdom's Keyblade. Enhances Defense.

  • Clothes: Wisdom's default clothes.

Supplementary Battle System[b][b][b][b]

Strength || 6 (+2 on Darkness)
Constitution || 6 (+2 from Keyblade Ability) (-4 from Darkness)
M. Affinity || 6 (+2 with Light) (+2 on Darkness)
M. Resistance || 6 (-2 from Darkness)
Dexterity || 6
Speed || 6
Stamina || 6


History: Wisdom was born in a small cottage with his loving mother and odd father. He also lived with his envious brother, who would, in years to come, seek out the darkness. One day, when Wisdom was only 7, he woke up in his cottage to the strange smell of smoke, so on instinct, he ran out of the house in a panic. He escaped, and slowly watched as his home collapsed in flames. Neither of his parents escaped the fire. His brother, Feisu, survived, whom Wisdom blamed the disaster on. The child beat his brother into a bloody pulp, before running away, leaving his brother for dead. For years he ran, until he came across a portal, that took him straight to the Keyblade Graveyard. He suffers amnesia from crossing worlds. That was over 2 years ago. Now, Wisdom is a good Light mage, who has taken upon his Dive Into Heart, received his Keyblade, and now starts to look toward his new journey...

"Hold on to that light. You'll need it."

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